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Publication numberUS2000658 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 7, 1935
Filing dateJan 2, 1935
Priority dateJan 2, 1935
Publication numberUS 2000658 A, US 2000658A, US-A-2000658, US2000658 A, US2000658A
InventorsBushold Fred G
Original AssigneeBushold Fred G
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Water closet
US 2000658 A
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May 7, 1935 F. G, BUSHLD 0 2,000,658

WATER CLOSET Filed Jan. 2. 1935 Patented May 7, 1935 y j-UNITED STAT 1 WTER oLosE'r Fred GQ Bus'hold,

Lawrence, A

Application January 2, 19735, serial 910.50 Y

7 ol'aimai" This invention relates to ilush bowl and seat. of a water closet, and is intended primarilyto overcome the public health nuisance 'and unsanitary, conditions prevailing in womens public lavatories now in general use.

The invention is embodied in the improve-VV ments hereinafter described and. claimed.

Of the accompanying drawing forming apart of this specication,-

Figure 1 is a top plan viewof the and its seat. f

., vFigure`2 is a side view of the same. ,Y y Y' 4Figure 3 is an end View looking Ytoward the front end.

Figure 4 is a section on line 4-4 of Figure 3.

The j. same reference characters indicate the same parts in all of the figures.

The bowl includes a seat-supporting rear portion I2 and a basin portion I3 projecting forward from the rear portion; said portions are integral with each other and preferably made of porcelain.

A seat I4 of the bifurcated form shown by Figure l is connected by a hinge I5 with the inner end of the rear portion I2.

The basin portion I3 is formed to extend between, and project forward from the legs of a user occupying the seat.

The bowl has a continuous substantially horizontal oblong receiving mouth defining its upper margin, said mouth including the portions |20 and ISD, and preferably the inwardly curved intermediate portions I3! located under and projecting forward from the forward ends of the seat I4, as shown by Figure 1. The object of said curved portions, which are extended downward to the base of the bowl, is to accommodate the lower portions of the legs of a user occupying the seat.

The wall of the bowl has a continuous internal surfacer converging inwardly and downwardly flush bowl from the receiving mouth to an outlet I1 common to the bowl portions I2 and I3. The receiving area of the basin portion I3 is such that said portion is adapted to receive urine projected forward from a point between the ends of the seat I4, and matter such as gargle liquid, saliva or vomitus, projected downward from the mouth of a user occupying the seat, without permitting contact of such projected matter with the users legs and clothing, and without liability of the escape of any such matter outside the bowl.

The maximum internal width of the basin portion I3 on the line I-I, Figure 1 within the mouth portion I 30, is preferably about ten inches.

- the users mouth,^. into the center of the` basin (Cl- 4-93), Y

The maximum-projectionot the basin portion from a line 2,-2 extending between the ends of the 'seat I4, ii'iclicated by the line 3 3, is pref` erably aboutL twelve inches. The locationof the natural position of a users, mouth in the space above the basin' portion is approximately as indi- 5 cated by the kcircle 4, this location ensuring the downward projection of matter discharged from portion. .l f

The distance between the ends of the seat I4 is preferably approximately eight inches, Athis Vdistance or spacing and the elevation of the seat above the bowl beingsuch astoprevent liability of contact ofY any vital organ of the users body with either the seator the bowl.

The maximum internal length of the rear portion I2 on the line 5 5 is preferably approximately twelve inches.

The bowl isprovided with any suitable attaching base I8, and may be provided with any suitable vent such as that shown by Figure 4.

The described bowl and seat improvements have been invented by me to overcome a vicious public health nuisance and to alleviate anunsanitary condition in womens public lavatories. There has been a crying need for this reform for years, and my improvements ll such Want..

The improved structure is absolutely safe'and sanitary, because while seated on bowl no part of a womans vital organs comes in contact either with bowl or seat.

Women areafraid of contamination and ,contagion from the old bowl, and they have reason for this fear when using all structures hereto-V fore provided. The result is, that no woman will sit on the old type of bowl and use it normally. They either stand on the seat or stand up` and straddle the bowl to use it, with the result of spilled urine on seat, bowl, floor and their clothes.y This goes on all day long in public lavatories and results in a Vpublic health nuisance and an unsanitary condition of lavatories.

This may all be eliminated by installing my F improved structure in public female lavatories. A woman can use my bowl safely, and in comfort, both physically and mentally.

Salient features of my improved structure:

l. It is a public health remedy. 50

2. The ends of the seat are separated in front approximately eight inches to prevent contagion.

3. The length and width of the bowl are such that it absolutely prevent spilling of urine on a iloor.

4. The projecting basin portion of the bowl is large and wide enough to use as a vomitus and .gargle receptacle, or spitoon. It allows one to sit on bowl and vomit in comfort without spilling on oor or using urine and hand basins.

I claim:

1. A sanitary water closet including a rear evacuating portion, and a basin portion projecting forward therefrom; combined withpa bifurcated seat mounted in position toY supporta person over said rear portion; said basin portionv being formed to extend between and project forward from the legs of a user, said bowl having a con"- tinuous substantially horizontal oblong reeivr-l ing mouth defining the upper margin of both portions, the seat being substantially col-exten'-l sive with the margin of said: re ar portion;the basin portion being formed to receive urine pro jected forwardly from a point between theends cf'l the; seat, and matter projected downwardlyrfrom the mouthof. a.userf, without permitting contact.'v of:Y such projected matter with` the occupants legs andv clothing, and escape thereofV outside the. bowl. V- v 2. Av. sanitarywater closet. as, specied. by` claim-1, the longer sides of theoblongbowl hayn ingy inwardly curved-.portions accommodating1 the, lower` por-tions ofya'users legs", andlocatedfunder, the forward ends of the bifurcated seat.

3.. Av sanitary water; closetas specifiediby claim li, theV longer sides i off` the oblongbowlhaving ine-- wardly cur-ved` portions accommodatingv therlbwcr` portions of ausers legs',A andlocatedlunder thel forwardv ends of the bifurcated seat; said' ends"1 being spaced apart to prevent lcontact ofl vital organs of a user's body with either the bowl or the seat.

4. A water closet structure comprising a receiving bowl including a rear portion, and a basin portion projecting forward from the rear portion, in combination with a forked seat mounted in position to support a person over said rear portion; the basin portion being formed to extend between the legs of an occupant of the seat, saidfbasin portion being' located in position to receive discharges;irorrrtwo portions of. the occupants body, including the mouth, and formed toi prevent the accidental escape of either dis- Charge.

` l5E-A` 4 water closet structure as specified by claimfi; the bowl having a receiving mouth common to the rear and basin portions thereof, the

p'o'ntionofiA said mouth associated with the basin portionI being extended outward from the center thereof suiliciently to prevent the accidental escape ofi matter discharged;intopthelbasinportion.

64A; water closeti structure, as specifiedv by.A claimfl; thefbowlbeingoblong and. its .longensidesl recessed. at the.L junction; of.; the rear; andi basin'v portions to accommodateithe; legs: of: an occu-v pant'of: theiseatz..

7. A water. lcloset structure` as. specified` by. claim. 4;. thev bowli being oblong.` andv itsA l'onger sides recessed at the junction; of; thef rear and; basin pontionsxtofaccommodate thelegsof' au occupant of the seat, the forward ends of: the bi#` furcated seat" beinglocated immediately above said recessed sides', and spaced apart to prevent contact of a vital part of the occupants body withi o

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U.S. Classification4/421, 4/237, 236/68.00B
International ClassificationE03D11/02
Cooperative ClassificationE03D11/02
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