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Publication numberUS2000916 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 14, 1935
Filing dateMay 12, 1934
Priority dateMay 12, 1934
Publication numberUS 2000916 A, US 2000916A, US-A-2000916, US2000916 A, US2000916A
InventorsBloom Arvid S
Original AssigneeBloom Arvid S
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Ash tray and the like
US 2000916 A
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y 1935; A. s. BLOOM 1 2,000,916

ASH TRAY AND THE LIKE Filed llay 12. 1934 Patented May '14, 1935 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE f I s cm. This invention relates to an ash tray and a like structure, and particularly pertains to means associated with an article of furniture for accommodating an ash tray or other like receptacle. The use of ash trays and smoking accessories has become so prevalent that such-articles are common equipment in clubs, residences, and the like. When such structures are placed on a table or are built as a separate unit, such as in a stand, they appear unsightly, and when filled produce an odor which is undesirable. It is the principal object of the present invention to provide a concealed ash tray and container for smoking accessories which may be embodied in articles of furniture, such as the arm of a sofa or divan, and which may be readily drawn outwardly to a position where it is accessible andmay be easily moved back into a concealed position, at the same time insuring that the structure is fireproof, that it may be completely closed when not in use, and that the ash container therein may be readily removed, emptied and replaced.

The present invention contemplates the provision of a fireproof container adapted to be ining spring means by which it may be ejected and latch means tending to normally hold the drawer closed and to limit the outward movement thereof.

Theinvention is illustrated by way of example in the accompanying drawing in which:

Figure 1 is an article of furniture within which the structure is mounted.

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal view in central vertical section through the device showing the container and the sliding drawer therein.

Fig. 3 is a view in plan showing the container .and the drawer with the drawer in its extended position.

Fig. 4 is a view in perspective showing the removable receptacle for the drawer.

Referring more particularly to the drawing HI indicates an articleof furniture, such as an overstuffed chair, havingarms ll. Moimted in one of these arms is a housing II. This housing is formed with a bottom wall IS. a top wall ll, an

end wall i5, and side walls I. and I1, thus providing a rectangular container entirely closed except at its forward end. This container is formed of sheet metal and is fireproof. It may be secured to the skeleton frame work ofan article of furniture in anydesired manner, such for example as by the tangs l2. Slidably mounted within the housing and substantially agreeing with the dimensions thereof is a drawer l9. This drawer has a floor 20, side walls 2| and 22 and a front 5 wall 23., Midway the length of the drawer is a partition 24 secured at the sidewalls 2| and 22 I and in the rear of this partition is a brace member 25. Extending through the brace member and rigidly secured to it and the partition 24 is a rod 10 28 upon which '21 telescopes, and upon which rod the telescoping tube mayreciprocate.

The rear end of the tube is formed with an enlarged head 28. Disposed between the head 28 of the tube 21 and the transverse brace is a 15 structure may be divided into two compartments 25" as indicated at 3| and 32, one of said compartments being suitable for ashes and the other for smoking supplies and the like. A partition. 33 with a handle grip may be provided to permit the'member 20 to be readily'withdrawn from the drawer l9.

The drawer I9 is normally'held in its closed position by a spring catch 34 which yieldably projects from the side of the drawer as clearly shown in'l 'ig. 3 of the drawing. This catch is concealed 35 within the housing when the drawer is closed and projects outwardly into a slotted opening 35 in the side wall ll of the housing to hold the drawer in its closed position. A releasing device is mounted upon the housing to move the catch 40 to as released position. This comprises a rod 36 slidably mounted through bearings 31 and 32 and fitted at a point in its length with a collar 39 which engages the catch 34 depressing the same so that it will clear ,the opening 35 in the side wall of the. housing. A spring ll is disposed between the bearing 31 and the collar 3! to hold the rod and the collar in a normally inoperative position. The rod and the spring may be enclosed within a suitable housing if desired. In 50. order to prevent the drawer from being completely dislodged from the housing when it is released a catch ll is provided. This extends downwardly from the upper wall of the housing and engages the partition wall 24 when the drawer is in its uppermost position. The catch II is yieldably held in its obstructing position'and may be raised to permit the drawer to be completely released.

In operation of the present invention the housing is suitably positioned and fastened within the skeleton structure, after which the drawer is mounted therein with its movable container 30. When the drawer is closed the catch 34 will move to an interlocking position within the slot 35 and the spring 29 will be compressed as the tube 21 telescopes 'over the rod 26. When it is desired to open the drawer the knob 42 of the rod 36 is depressed; This will force the collar 39, which has an inclined face, against the catch ll forcing this catch inwardly and releasing the drawer. The release of the drawer will be accompanied by expansion of the spring 29. This will cause the drawer to .be forced outwardly which outward movement will continue until the partition 24 encounters the catch 4 Access may then be had to the container 30. It will be understood that the drawer may be concealed in any desired manner, such for example as being covered by the end piece 3 which is preferably part of the trim of the article of furniture.

It will thus be seen that the structure here disclosed may be readily embodied within the construction of an article of furniture, that it may be concealed and at the same time be fireproof, that it provides a drawer which is removable and with which the entire drawer operating mechanism is removed, and furthermore the structure may be cheaply made and easily operated without getting out of order.

While I have shown the preferred form of my invention, as now known to me, it will be understood that various changes may be made in the combination, construction, and arrangement of parts by those skilled in the art, without departing from the spirit of the invention as claimed.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

1. A fireproof receptacle for smokers accessories and the like, which comprises a rectangular sheet metal housing opened at one end and adapted to be embodied within the structure of an article of furniture, a sheet metal drawer slidably mounted within said housing having a floor, parallel side walls and a front wall, a partition wall within the drawer at a point intermediate its ends, a rod extending rearwardly therefrom, a tube telescoping over said rod, 9. spring holding said tube in its distended position with its rear end projecting beyond the rear end of the drawer to engage the end wall of the housing, and latch means holding the drawer in its closed position and compressing said spring to move the drawer brace means for the rod, a spring surrounding the rod and the tubular structure and interposed between the brace means and the head of the tube whereby the tube will normally project beyond the rear end of the drawer, a yieldable catch in the side wall of the drawer, a complementary catch member in the side wall of the housing and by which the yieldable catch is engaged and held when the drawer is in its closed'position, means on the housing adapted to be manipulated to move the yieldable catch from its locked position and to permit the spring to urge the drawer forwardly to an openedposition.

3. In combination with an article of furniture, a sheet metal housing of rectangular formation and opened at its forward end, a sheet metal drawer within the housing, said drawer being formed with a bottom wall, a front wall and two side walls,. a partition within the drawer at a point midway its endsiextending the width thereof, a rod secured to said partition structure and extending rearwardly thereof within the drawer, a tubular member slidable upon said rod and formed at its outer end with an enlarged head, brace means for the rod, a spring surrounding the rod and the tubularstructure and interposed between the brace means and the head of the tube whereby the tube will normally project beyond the rear end of the drawer, a yieldable catch in the side wall of the drawer, a complementary catch member in the side wall of the housing and by which the-yieldable catch is engaged and held when the drawer is in its closed position, means on the. housing adapted to be manipulated to move the yieldable catch from its locked position and to permit the spring to urge the drawer forwardly to 'an opened position, and a yieldable catch carried by the top wall of the housing and adapted to project downwardly to engage the partition of the drawer as the drawer moves to its outermost position to limit the same and to permit removal of the drawer when said catch is moved to a disengaging position.


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