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Publication numberUS2001230 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 14, 1935
Filing dateDec 8, 1933
Priority dateDec 8, 1933
Publication numberUS 2001230 A, US 2001230A, US-A-2001230, US2001230 A, US2001230A
InventorsWayne Herbert N
Original AssigneeWayne Herbert N
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Drain pipe cleaning device
US 2001230 A
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May 14, 1935. H. N. WAYNE DRAIN PIPE CLEANING DEVICE Filed Dec. 8, 1933 firberijlf Wayne Patented May 14, 1935 f I I V y I 2,001,230 DRAIN PEPE CLEANING DEVICE 7 Herbert N. Wayne, Santa Monica, Calif. Application December 8, 1933, Serial No. 701,468

' 3 Claims. 01. 4-256) This invention relates to a device for cleaning cup A or bowl shaped wall, which serves the .doudrain pipes and more particularly pertains to a ble purpose of a shield and suction cup as will be. device which is especially adapted for use in relater described.

moving obstructions from the drain pipes of The tube 6 with its associated parts and the. Q

kitchen sinks, laundry trays, lavatories and the walls H and i2 are formediofrubber'or rubber 5 like. composition. In order'to render the portion of An object of the invention is to provide a device the tube contiguous the cup A' substantially stiif, of the above character which is adapted to be it may be reinforced asby embedding a metallic employed either in directing water under pressure tube l5 therein.

10 through a drain pipe from the usual faucet or be The portion of the enlargement l0 protruding I0 employed as a combined pressure and suction beyond'the groove H may be'of general hemi. drain pipe flusher apart from the faucet. spherical contour, as indicated at is in Figs. 1, Afurther object is to provide a drain pipe fiushand l, to adapt it for seating on the margin of ing device which is especially applicable for use the intake of a drain pipe ll of a sink, or the like. in flushing the drain pipes of lavatories, which However, in some instances, the protruding end 15 drain pipes are provided with a side opening adportion ofthe enlargement l0 may be formed with jacent their inlet ends communicating with an a cylindrical body portion ll? .of' an external dioverflow opening in the lavatory bowl; the invenameter less than the internal diameter of the tion contemplating forming the flushing device outlet I? and on which cylindricalportion maybe so that it will afiord a seal for the side opening formed a plurality of spaced annular resilient 20" in the drain pipe to prevent'the back flow of flanges [8 having. a diameter exceeding that of flushing water into the bowl through the overthe pipe H. v flow opening in the latter. The protrusion, consisting of the cylinder l8 With the foregoing objects in view together with and the flanges i9, is adapted to be inserted into such other objects and advantages as may subsethe intake end of the drain pipe with the flanges 25 quently appear the invention resides in the parts l9 turned upwardly by reason of their being and in the combination, construction and arflexed when inserted in the drain pipe. As a rangement of parts hereinafter described and means for sealing oil the overflow opening 20 in claimed, and illustrated by way of example in the the drain pipes of lavatories and the like the accompanying drawing in which: lower end of the protrusion is formed with a 30 Fig. 1 is a view of the flushing device as seen flexible cup-shaped wall 2| which extends downin elevation partly in vertical section with porwardly and has its outer margin of a diameter tions broken away, and depicting one embodiment slightly less than that of the internal diameter of the invention; oi the pipe l l and accordingly is of lesser diame- Fig. 2 is a detail in section and elevation showter than the flanges l9, so that the cup 2! may 35 ing another form of the invention; be readily introduced into the intake of the drain Fig. 3 is a view in section illustrating the applipipe and be caused to seat on the spider 22 with cation of the device as shown in Fig. 2; which the intake of the drain pipe is equipped.

Fig. 4 is a view in elevation illustrating the In the application and operation of the invenmanner of applying the device shown in Fig. 1, tion, when it is desired to flush the drain pipe I! 40 when delivering water under pressure to the drain and to deliver Water under pressure thereto, the pipe of a lavatory bowl. sleeve l' is applied to the faucetfi and the protrud- Referring to the drawing more specifically, 6 ing end portion E6, or cylindrical. body portion l8,

indicates a flexible tube having a sleeve '5' formed is applied to the inlet of the drain pipe H. In

at one end thereof for connection with a faucet 8, eifecting connection with the drain pipe the cup 45 as shown in Fig. i. The sleeve is formed with a A may be disposed in a reverse position as shown series of spaced internal resilient ribs 9 extendin Fig. 4, which is accomplished by. turning the ing around its inner periphery for effecting friccup portion inside out, in which instance the tional engagement with the faucet. The other inverted cup A will serve as a shield or deflector end of the tube 6 is formed with an enlargement for such upwardly projected streams or jets of 50 ID provided with an annular groove H in which water as may escape from around the portion of is engaged the inner margin of a flexible annular the device seating on the margin of the drain wall l2 having an outwardly flared wall 14 formed pipe inlet. v in continuation with its outer portion, and which In some instances however the protruding end v walls I2 and I4 constitute collectively a flexible portion of the device may be applied to the drain 55 pipe without reversing the cup A in which event the margin of the latter will seat on the bottom wall of the sink or bowl around the drain pipe opening while the side walls l4 thereof together with its upper wall portion l2 will be flexed upwardly.

the drain pipe opening it will be retained in its seated position by the operator grasping the por-- tion of the tube 6 adjacent the enlargement II] and exerting sufiicient, downward pressure thereon to maintain the device in engagement with the margin of the opening of the drain pipe in opposition to back pressureof liquid in the latter.

Where the device is constructed as shown in Fig. 2 it is applied in the manner above set forth but in this instance the resilient flanges I9 will, 7 on being positioned within the drain pipe ll, be

compressed and upturned at their margins as shown in'Fig. 3 thereby effecting a tight sealing action since back pressure of liquid on the lower e'ndof the protrusion will tend to force the margins of the flanges tightly against the inner periphery of the drain pipe Ill.

The protrusionis of such length that when inserted in the drainpipe intake as shown in Fig. 3 the margin of the cup 2 l v will seat in the spider 22 and be caused to spread outwardly under downward pressure imposed on the tube 6 by the operator, and thereby cause the outer margin of the cup 2| to press against the inner periphery of the drain pipe and efiectively close the communication between the overflow opening 26 and the portion of the drain pipe beneath the spider 22 so that on directing water under pressure through the tube 6 into the drain pipe such Water will be prevented from flowing back through the opening 20. a

After having thus applied the device water under pressure is delivered to the drain pipe on opening the valve of the faucet 8.

By providing the sleeve 1 with its internal flexible or resilient ribs 9 a tight frictional en- Ineither mode of application of the device to gagement will be effected between the sleeve and the faucet.

When it is desired to apply the device as a combined suctionrancl pressure slusher the cup A is applied over the inlet of the drain pipe while in 7 its normal position as shown'in Fig. 1 and the tube 6 is folded upon itself to close the passage therethrough, whereuponthe cup A may be depressed and retracted by reciprocating the tube so asto efiect alternate pressurea'nd suction action onliquid contained in'the drain pipe [1, in the manner common to the use of ordinary drain pipe flushers.

I claim:

1. In a drain pipe flushing device, a tube, means :for attaching one end of said tube to a faucet,

a protuberance on the other end of said tube adapted to'be inserted in the intake end of a drain pipe, and a resilient cup-shaped wall on the lower end of said protuberance of a diameter less than that of the drain pipe adapted to'be spread to effect a sealing of the interior of the drain pipe.

2. In a drain pipe flushing device, a tube, means for attaching one end of said tube to a faucet, a protuberance on the other end of said tube adapted to be inserted in the intake end of a drain pipe, a resilient cup-shaped wall on the lower end of said protuberance of a diameter less than that of the drain pipe adapted to be spread to effect a sealing of the interior of the'drain pipe, and a resilient annular flange carried by said protuberance above said cup having a diameter exceeding that'of the drain pipe.

3. In a drain pipe flushing device,a tube, means for attaching one end of said tube to a faucet, a protuberance on the other end of said tube adapted to be inserted into the intake end of a drain pipe, means on said protuberance for effecting sealing of the drain pipe and a flexible cup, shape wall projecting from said protuberance above said sealing means, 1 1


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