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Publication numberUS2001330 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 14, 1935
Filing dateOct 3, 1934
Priority dateOct 3, 1934
Publication numberUS 2001330 A, US 2001330A, US-A-2001330, US2001330 A, US2001330A
InventorsHugh Mckeever
Original AssigneeHugh Mckeever
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Game apparatus
US 2001330 A
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2 Shets-Sheec. 1

Filed Oct. 3, 1934 Inventor Hwy/2 MKee vr By Attomey H. M KEEVER May 14, 1935.

GAME APPARATUS Filed Oct. 3, 1934 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 I nventm Attomey Patented May 14, 1935 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE,

GAME APPARATUS Hugh McKeever, Tulsa, Okla. Application October a, 1934, Serial No..'746,711

1 Claim.

improved game apparatus for use particularly in playing football in miniature, said apparatus being in the form of a rotary indicator or spinner of the type including a housing or'casing having Windows therein and a rotary chance controlled dial or disk mounted in said housing or casing and having indicia thereon which is observed through the windows. A

An important object of the present invention is to provide an indicator of the aforementioned character comprising a novel construction, combination and arrangement of parts through the medium of which the rotary disk ordial will be caused to stop at such positionsthat theindicia thereon will be in full View beneath the windows or openings.

Other objects of the invention are to provide an indicator or game apparatus of the character described which will be comparatively simple in construction, strong, durable, reliable in operation, compact, attractive in appearance and which may be manufactured at low cost.

All of the foregoing and still further objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent from a study of the following specification, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings wherein like characters of reference designate corresponding parts throughout the several views, and wherein:-

Figure 1 is a view in top plan of the invention.

Figure 2 is a View in side elevation of the device.

Figure 3 is a fragmentary view in vertical secwhich has been illustrated comprises a casing I.

of suitable material and dimensions, the top 2 of which has formed therein a plurality of aligned windows or openings3.

As illustrated to advantage in Figure 3 of the drawings, a base 4 of suitable material, such as wood, is mounted on the bottom 5 of the casing I.

The present invention relates to a new and Mounted in the base l is a thrust bearing or socket 6 in which the enlarged lower end 1 of a spindle 8 is journaled. The spindle8 extends rotatably through the top 2 of the casing i and has mounted on its upper end an operating knob or handle 9.

The base 4 has formed in its top depressions or sockets ii) in which balls I l'are rotatably mounted.

on shafts or rods 52. Fixed on the spindle 8 is a turntable l3 which rests on the shoulder which is provided on said spindle by the enlarged lower end portion 1 thereof. The'turntable l3 rotates on the balls H and has formed in its lower side the spindle 8 is provided with a threaded portion" for receiving a nut" I! for securing the elements 13 and I5 to said spindle for rotation therewith. A cleat or washer i8 is interposed between the nut H and the dial IS. A bushing I9 is provided between the spindle 8 and the top 2 of the cas-.

ing I.

- It is believed that the manner of using the device will be readily apparent. The operator or player spins the dial l5 through the medium of the knob or handle .9 which, of course, also rotates the turntable l3. When the turntable comes to a stop the balls I I enter a pair of the indentations M on opposie sides of the spindle 8 in a manner to cause the dial iii to stop only in such positions that the indicia thereon will be in full View beneath the windows or openings 3.

It is believed that the many advantages of a game apparatus constructed in accordance with the present invention will 'be readily understood, and although a preferred embodiment of the invention is as illustrated and described, it is to be understood thatchanges in the details of construction and in the combination and arranger ment of parts may be resorted to which will fall within the scope of the invention as claimed.

What is claimed is: r A game apparatus of the class described comprising a casing including a top having a plurality of windows therein, a base fixed on the bottom of 0 2,001,330 the casing, said base having recesses i t t tween the nut and the dial for securing the tumtable and the dial to the spindle for rotation therewith, said dial having indicia thereon observable through the windows, an actuating knob on the upper end of the spindle, the turntable having indentations in its lower side, shafts mounted in the base and traversing the recesses in said base, and rotary balls mounted on the shafts and engageable in the indentations for bringing the dial to a stop in predetermined positions.


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U.S. Classification273/142.00J
International ClassificationA63F5/04
Cooperative ClassificationA63F5/048
European ClassificationA63F5/04W