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Publication numberUS2001820 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 21, 1935
Filing dateMay 29, 1934
Priority dateMay 29, 1934
Publication numberUS 2001820 A, US 2001820A, US-A-2001820, US2001820 A, US2001820A
InventorsEllison S Irelan, Roy J Krabbe
Original AssigneeIllinois Watch Case Co
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Display case
US 2001820 A
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2 Sheets-Sheet 2 E. S. IRELAN El' AL DISPLAY CASE Filed May 29, 1934 May 21, 1935.

Patented May 21, 1935 DISPLAY CASE p Ellison S. `llrelan and Roy J. Krabbe, Elgin, Ill., assignors to Illinois Watch Case Company, Elgin, Ill., a corporation of Illinois Application May 29, 1934, Serial No. 728,116

1 Claim.

This invention relates to a container adapted,

as desired, to serve as a shipping box, a display i case, a photo frame, etc. It is designed for the reception of small articles of ornamental nature, such as vanities, compacts, etc. It combines in its structure partswhich are so formed and related as to `serve the purposes mentioned, It is with objects, such as these, and with others which will hereinafter appear, that our invention is concerned.

In the accompanying drawings 1s shown an ex;- emplication of our invention in the manner fol- Figure l is a View iniperspectiveof the case having a cover applied thereto whereby it may serve as a shipping box;

Fig. 2 is a perspective View with the front cover removed to display an article which is rested within the sunken panel, the case being stood up upon one edge;

Fig. 3 is a similar view showing a glass substituted for the panel whereby a frame for exhibitingphotographs and the like is provided;

Fig. 4 is a detail Fig. 5 is a central line 5-5 of Fig. l;


in section on line 4 of Fig. 2; longitudinal section taken on Fig. 6 is a similar view in line 6-6 of Fig. 2;

Fig. 7 is a similar view on line 'I-1 of Fig. 3. Referring particularly to Figs. 5 and 6, We have shown a back piec turned through 90 I0 engaged by the e A the edges of which are to provide a marginal ange like flange II of a bezel B.

Formed in the bezel flange is an olset` I2 resting upon the edge of the back flange. The bezel is provided, asis usual, with a shoulder I3 forming a seat.

Fitted within the seat is a panel plate C which is recessed as at I4 to provide a pocket for the reception of an intended article D. Fitted over the case is a iront cover E having a downturned marginal flange I5 which iits over a portion of the marginal flange of the bezel whose offset serves as a stop to determine the final position of the cover.

` The parts forming ably be made of light cient flexibility to accommodation of If desired, a rece I'l formed on the bezel, respectively, fect The tting of the bezel of a watch cas a snap-connection between these parts.

panel plate within the bezel is vmuch the same as a crystal Within the e-it is securely yet releasably Aor storage box. For counter display purposes or be received therein. For example, we have shown in Fig. 2 a vanity case D of irregular yet symmetrical contour. The pocket is accordingly of generally like contour so as to better receive the article within the space thus provided. If desired, the pocket may be extended downwardly as at 20 to provide a well wherein the nger may enter to engage the edge of the article whereby to facilitate its removal from the pocket.

In the relationship of parts shown in Figs. 1 and 5, the article accommodated within the pocket provided in the planel plate is protected by the front cover when applied to the case. In this condition the case serves admirably as a shipping 25 otherwise, the cover is removed, and a tongue 2l integral with the back piece is then pulled out into angular position to serve as a rear support. The case with its support extended from the rear is thereupon adapted to be stood upon one edge in the manner of an easel. The depth and form of the pocket in the panel plate is such that the article while partially accommodated therein is yet retained in place even when the case is erect, as indicated in Figs. 2 and 6.

Should it be desired, the panel plate may be removed from the bezel permitting the substitution of a glass window, as indicated in Figs. 3 and '7. With such an arrangement of parts, a photograph, card or other article may be displayed to View behind the glass where it is held in place by a compressive light packing material. The case, in such circumstances, is adapted to serve as a photo frame.

The entire structure is simple in the extreme. It may be made highly ornamental so as to please the most discriminating. Small articles, such as Vanities, etc., may be packed in cases of this kind without requiring any supplementary or outside box of paste-board or the like. The possibilities growing out of the use of the case as a display container also enhance its value, particularly from the standpoint of the merchandiser.u And nnally, the purchaser, who is the ultimate user, has the option of using the case for protection of the article or for the display thereof or of other things, as he sees fit.

We claim:

A display case in which is comprised a back having a marginal ange, a bezel provided with an offset flange which is extended in part over the edge and outer sides of the back flange for engagement therewith, a panel plate mounted in and carried by the bezel, the panel plate having a recess extending inwardly of the case to 'form a

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U.S. Classification206/762, 206/564, 206/45.26, 206/804
International ClassificationA47F3/14
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