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Publication numberUS20020113099 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberUS 09/733,390
Publication dateAug 22, 2002
Filing dateFeb 22, 2001
Priority dateFeb 22, 2001
Publication number09733390, 733390, US 2002/0113099 A1, US 2002/113099 A1, US 20020113099 A1, US 20020113099A1, US 2002113099 A1, US 2002113099A1, US-A1-20020113099, US-A1-2002113099, US2002/0113099A1, US2002/113099A1, US20020113099 A1, US20020113099A1, US2002113099 A1, US2002113099A1
InventorsDomingo Kim
Original AssigneeKim Domingo Dan
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Shirt collar stay with support
US 20020113099 A1
The invention relates to a shirt collar stay with support designed in the collaboration of a front shirt collar stay and a neckband supporter. Said shirt collar stay with support is made in the form of a stiff yieldably flexible thin flat strip material from any sort of plastic, Vinyl, or PVC sheeting by the process of stamping or die cutting.
Said shirt collar stay with support has a conventional shape that resembles a “Flying Eagle's Expanded Wings”, which can be reached into the back portion of the shirt collar neckband.
The Said shirt collar stay with support is invented to keep the shirt's front collars and the back portion from buckling, creasing and wrinkling during the folding and packing process. An additional objective is to save time put in to insert the Said neck band supporter and the Said front shirt collar stay member while minimizing the cost of packing. The present invention of Said shirt collar stay with support mentioned is referred to as “Kollar Stays”.
I have named the present invention of Said shirt collar stay with support as “Kollar Stays”.
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Having thus described the invention, what I claim as new, is desired to be secured by Letters Patent of the United States is:
1. Said Kollar Stays has a particular shape of long elongated wing sections that reach outwardly to each side (right and left) of the Said collar neckband. Said expanded wing sections may have a U-shaped, -shaped, or V-shaped notch that is particularly for the anti-slip design. These notches prevent Said wing sections of Said Kollar Stays from slipping off the Said neckband, as described in FIGS. 1-4.
2. The center section of the horizontally oriented lower edge of Said Kollar Stays has an O-shaped slot for engaging with the front top button. This way, the Said Kollar stays will be positioned behind the front top button and the upper edge of the Ω-shaped slot for holding both the left and right sides of the front collar wings, as described in FIGS. 1-4.
3. As set forth in claim 1, Said Kollar Stays (which is in the form of a flexible resilient thin material) is in the configuration of a “Flying Eagle's Long Expanded Wing-Shape”. This configuration is from having the Said Kollar Stays' wings almost completely wrapped around the neck band and vertically oriented. The Left and right side of Said expanded wings section is specially designed for U-shaped, -shaped, or V-shaped notches which would help the Kollar Stays' wings to be positioned firmly between the neckband lines. Said Kollar Stays is lifting Said shirt's collars upwardly into the position of an erected collar-configuration by inserting each end of Said wing tips into the back portion of the Said neck band and centering on Said front-top button of the shirt, as described in FIGS. 1 and 4.
4. As set forth in claim 2, Said Kollar Stays is being divided into mirror image of the right and left halves by a symmetry axis where the center section further defines the Said O-shaped notch as the collar button slot and Said 0-shaped slot as the collar holder slot. Both Said collar button slot and Said collar holder slot is located on the symmetry axis of the center section of Said Kollar Stays.
5. The present invention Kollar Stays, as set forth in claim 4, has collar holder slots with its gaps slightly larger than the thickness of the shirt's collar. These slots are for additional security and can also be pushed back for extra support, as described in FIGS. 1-4.
6. Said Kollar Stays set forth in claim 2 and 4, the Said collar button slot has the configuration of an 0-shaped notch and a smooth round Λ-shaped notch therefore enabling the Said collar button slot to slide-in easily and engage firmly with Said front-top button as described in FIGS. 1-4.
7. Said Kollar Stays as set forth in claim 1 and 3, each end section of Said wings is defined as wing edges. Said wing edges is being disposed at an approximate angle of 30 degrees on the lower edge and 25 degrees on the upper edge of the Said wing edges. The point of Said wing edges will be placed upward from the point of inserting the Said collar button slot and a Said collar holder slot rested onto both Said front shirt's collars and Said front-top button.
8. Said Kollar Stays can be designed in various colors in accordance with the desirable matched color of the shirt that may be attractive to users and customers. Many various opaque color sheet materials are now available in the industry such as white, blue, yellow, red and neon colors. Another alternative design is having imprints such as custom compliment titles, company names, and so on.

[0001] In these current industries, there are numerous kinds and shapes of shirt collar stays and collar supports designed and used over the years. The disadvantage of these current-supporting members is that they demand more than one application in order to keep the shirt collars in shape. As for these current shirt collar stays, without having numerous members to support a shirt's collar, the job would not be well accomplished. For instance, when using a collar stay (which is small in size) in the front of the shirt, there must be another member to support the neckband.

[0002] The present invention of Said Kollar Stays that is designed in a certain shape, length and width that should save both the time and the cost of the packing process in the utmost convenient way. Therefore protecting collars from being buckled, creased, or wrinkled to detriment of the appearance of the shirt.

[0003] Another objective of this invention is to encourage shirt manufacturers and commercial shirt launders to improve their shirt packaging methods and system more efficiently and attractively to their consumers, their customers and their workers.


[0004] Other objectives and advantages of this invention will be more apparent from the following detailed description taken in conjunction with the drawing in which:

[0005]FIG. 1 is a front perspective of the Said collar stay with support invention in operative engagement. In the diagram shown, the Said collar stay with support is positioned and secured onto the front top button, the top portion of the collar and around the neck band of the sample shirt folded upon the shirt board.

[0006]FIG. 2 presents the invention Said collar stay with support from a top view. This illustration points out more detailed descriptions of the operative sections and its functions.

[0007]FIG. 3 is an alternative top view illustrating the present invention Said collar stay with support in enlarged top plan views with operative engagement configurations.

[0008]FIG. 4 is a front view illustrating Said collar stay with support on display.


[0009] Referring now to the drawings, in similar characters denote similar elements throughout the several views.

[0010] FIGS. 1-4 illustrates the Said shirt collar with support (24 a and b) in various positions. The following diagrams also indicate different parts and their locations.

[0011]FIGS. 1 and 4 show how the Said collar stay with support (24) adapts/engages on a folded shirt (15) and a packed shirt (17).

[0012]FIGS. 2 and 3 show more of the present invention's (24) long expended wings (19) with anti-slips (30), an O-shaped button holder slot (14) with a easy entrance A-shaped notch (21), and a Ω-shaped collar holder slot (28).

[0013] Present invention (24) comprises a stiff yieldably flexible flat “Flying eagle's expanded wings” shaped material having to be vertically oriented with (14) and (28), and horizontally oriented in the upper and lower edges of (19) and (30).

[0014] Present invention (24) is provided with an anti-slip notch (30) on the upper and lower edges, a protective collar holder slot (28) and button holder slot (14) to maintain the shirt collar so that the shirt itself cannot to be buckled, creased, and/or wrinkled.

[0015] The gaps (29) between the edge of parts 24 and 28 are slightly larger than the thickness of the Said shirts collars (13), thereby firmly positioning the front collars.

[0016] Referring to in FIGS. 1 and 4, the present invention (24) is positioned in an upstanding attitude beneath the front portion of the collar. Thereby underlying around the neckband (11) and lifting front shirt's collars in an upwardly manner.

[0017] It will be appreciated that other arrangements may accomplish this result according to the present invention, such as modification in design and shape on wing sections, anti-slip notches and collar holder slot, and of the length/size. The Said collar holder slot may be designed in a bendable configuration of an inward or outward motion on the Said neckband.

[0018] Various modifications of the invention are contemplated within the scope of the appended claims.

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U.S. Classification223/81
International ClassificationB65D85/18
Cooperative ClassificationB65D85/182
European ClassificationB65D85/18B