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Publication numberUS2002368 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 21, 1935
Filing dateJun 28, 1934
Priority dateJun 28, 1934
Publication numberUS 2002368 A, US 2002368A, US-A-2002368, US2002368 A, US2002368A
InventorsCharles L Fancher
Original AssigneeCharles L Fancher
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Diaper pad
US 2002368 A
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May .21, 1935- c. L. FANCHER 2,002,368

DIAPER PAD Filed June 28, 1934 INVENTOR.

mmwzab .4 ATTORNEYS Patented May 21, 1935 a V v UNITED STATES PATENT-OFFICE DIAPER PAD Charles L. Fancher, Cleveland, Ohio Application June 28, 1934, Serial No. 732,906

2 Claims. (Cl. 128-284) My invention is an improvement in diapers, are caused to adhere to the under surface of the and relates more particularly to diaper pads. sheet and the upper surface of the layer I. This It is one of the objects of my invention to protape is also preferably of a material similar to vide a diaper padwhich is quite simple of conthe material of the sheet 2 and is quite flexible. I 5 struction and inexpensive to manufacture, and have shown the parts I and 2 secured together 5 which is sanitary and comfortable to the infant at fourpoints, and this arrangement aids in in use. keeping the layers properly centered or posi- Another object of the invention is to provide tioned and enables easy handling when the layer a pad which may be put up and sold as a unit I is to be discarded. apart from the diaper. In Figure 3 I have illustrated the manner of 10 A further object is to provide a pad of highly discarding the layer I when it has been used. absorbent material backed by a sheet of water- The sheet 2 is grasped as indicated near its cenproof material to which it is secured whereby to ter and the pad is inverted as shown. The satpermit handling of the wet pad and its disposal urated layer I, due to the nature of the material without contact with the hands. of which it is made, will readily separate from Other objects and advantages of my invention the sheet 2 in the vicinity of the securing tapes will become more apparent as the following de-' 4, and may be deposited in any receptacle into scription of one embodiment thereof progresses, which it is allowed to drop. It is, therefore, unreference being made to the accompanying drawnecessary for the hands to contact the saturated ing, in which like reference characters are emlayer 2 while itis being disposed of. 20 ployed to designate like parts throughout the The device embodying my invention is'in the same. nature of a filler or pad for diapers and, due to In the drawing, its simplicity of construction and easy disposition Figure 1 is a plan view of my invention shown after use, is highly desirable. The diaper 5 may applied to a diaper; be used several times with new fillers or pads 25 Figure 2 is an enlarged section taken on the without the necessity of washing it, since by this line II-II of Figure 1, and inventionthe pad will take up all the moisture.

Figure 3 is a side elevation showing how the While I have described the illustrated embodidevice is gripped to permit the wet pad to become ment of my invention in some particularity, obdetached from the backing in disposing of the viously many others will readily occur to those former. skilled in this art, and I do not, therefore, limit In carrying out my invention, I provide a submyself to the precise details shown and destantially rectangular layer of a cellulose matescribed, but claim as my invention all embodirial which is characterized by high absorbent ments, variations and modifications thereof comqualities, and by its ability to easily and quickly ing within the scope of the appended claims. 35

disintegrate when wet, thereby rendering its dis- I claim: posal after use quite simple and sanitary. This 1. A sanitary diaper pad comprising a sheet layer is preferably of suflicient thickness to readof waterproof material. a layer of cellulose abily absorb a single discharge in use and is soft sorbent material characterized by its ability to and non-irritating to the tender skin of an indisintegrate when wet, and fastening means for 40 fant. securing the layer and sheet together at inter- The layer l is secured to a backing sheet 2 of vals but permitting said layer when wet to ,belight water-proof material of an acetate base. come detached from the sheet for disposal. This sheet is very flexible and will readily con- 2. A sanitary diaper pad comprising a sheet form to the body. Furthermore, it will be noted of waterproof material, a layer of cellulose abthat the sheet 2 underlies the peripheral edges sorbent material characterized by its ability to of the layer I as indicated at 3. In this manner disintegrate when wet, and non-metallic fastenthe edges of the sheet 2 are prevented from coming means for securing the layer and sheet toing into contact with the infants body. 7 ge'ther at intervals but permitting said layer The absorbent layer l and the backing sheet 2 when wet to become detached from the sheet for are secured together at one or more points, as disposal. shown at 4, by any suitable means. I prefer to CHARLES L. FANCHER.

employ short lengths of an adhesive tape 4 which

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U.S. Classification604/364, 604/374
International ClassificationA61F13/15
Cooperative ClassificationA61F13/505
European ClassificationA61F13/505