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Publication numberUS20030111877 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberUS 10/324,380
Publication dateJun 19, 2003
Filing dateDec 19, 2002
Priority dateDec 19, 2001
Publication number10324380, 324380, US 2003/0111877 A1, US 2003/111877 A1, US 20030111877 A1, US 20030111877A1, US 2003111877 A1, US 2003111877A1, US-A1-20030111877, US-A1-2003111877, US2003/0111877A1, US2003/111877A1, US20030111877 A1, US20030111877A1, US2003111877 A1, US2003111877A1
InventorsAndrew Collins, Kenneth Ragland
Original AssigneeCollins Andrew Anderson, Ragland Kenneth Payne
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Cool hot hair dryer
US 20030111877 A1
The purpose of our invention is to use a cooling system i.e. an air conditioner compressor to enable cool air throughout various parts of a hair dryer unit and to reuse the exhausted heat from this cooling unit to provide additional heat to help dry the human hair on top of the head. This also make the cool hot hair dryer a very efficient apparatus.
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1. Our claim is to incorporate a fan and or air condition compressor unit under the base portion of a hair dryer chair unit in which a fan and or air conditioner compressor is either connected directly under the base part of a hair dryer base (seat) or cooled air is pumped through the base by an outside air conditioner source where the cool/cold air flows through the seat, back, arms and front bottom of the base of the hair dryer chair:
Note: see drawing page 10—cool hot hair dryer overview.

[0001] Provisional patent application No. 60/343,123; filing date Dec. 19, 2001

[0002] The cool hot hair dryer is a salon hair drying chair with a cooling system built under the bottom or feed from an external cooling source using hoses to carry the cool air to the hair drying chair.

[0003] The cooling system is used to keep people sitting in the hair drying chair to get their dry, cool and comfortable. the heat exhaust from the built in cooling unit will be recirculated throught the heat chamber to assist in drying the person's hair; making the unit very energy efficient and cost effective.


[0004] N/A


[0005] N/A


[0006] The cool hot hair dryer is intended to be used in the following manner/areas:

[0007] a) hair salons

[0008] b) cosmetology schools

[0009] c) at home for personal use

[0010] d) movie sets

[0011] e) or any place where a hair drying requirment (s) are necessary to dry the hair on the human head.

[0012] The purpose of the cool hot hair dryer is to keep the person who is getting their head hair dry; cool and comfortable during the process.

[0013] People who have to sit under a hooded hair dryer always complains about being hot.


[0014] The cool hot hair dryer utilizes an air conditioner compressor unit and or fan to pump cool air through vents in the back (a), seating (b), arms (e) and leg (c) areas of the hair dryer chair. The person using the cool hot hair dryer chair will have the ability to control the air flow as to having what vents they want on or off, or high or low. This will eliminate the person from becoming too hot on their body while getting their hair atop of their head dried. One other major advantage is that the exhausted heat energy given off by the air conditioner unit is recirculated through the heat chamber to help reduce the heat needed to dry the hair.


[0015] Page (10) overall view of the cool hot hair dryer showing various air flows.

[0016] Page (11) total dry chair sideview with arm rest showing the various air flows from back (a), seat (b) and legs (c) areas with the air conditioner compressor unit.

[0017] Page (12) shows the front view of the cool air flow in the back (a) area.

[0018] Page (13) shows the top view of the cool air flow in the seat (b) area.

[0019] Page (14) shows the front(c) leg section of the chair with the air flow to cool the legs and also the rollers the unit will be on.

[0020] Page (15) air conditioner compressor unit (d) to send cool air to the various areas of the cool hot hair drye chair.


[0021] What is it?

[0022] The cool hot hair dryer is a sit down hair dryer chair and air conditioner and fan used to keep people using it to dry their hair on their head cool while their hair is being dried inside the top heating dome.

[0023] How Does it Work?

[0024] The cool hot hair dryer utlizes an air conditioner and or a fan to pump cool or cold air throught the air vents in the back, seat, arms and leg areas of the a salon or sit down hair dryer chair. The person using the cool hot hair dryer will have the ability to control the air flow as to having what vents they want on or off, high or low.

[0025] How is it Constructed and Works?

[0026] The cool hot hair dryer can be constructed using any standard sit under hair dry chair, round or box. The chair will be customized to used the air conditioner unit installed under it. one or more units can be connected together side-by-side or in any combination the user wants; using one (1) or more of the air conditioner units under the dryer chair (see cool hot hair dryer overview).

[0027] The air conditioner hot exhaust air will be fed back into the heating chamber to assist in, and drying the hair.

[0028] The cool hot hair dryer is intended to be used in the following manner: cosmetology schools, hair salons, movie sets at home or any place, which requires a sitting hair dryer for drying of the hair on the human head.


[0029] Field of Invention

[0030] Technical Field

[0031] This invention pertains to the drying of hair on the head in the cosmetology industry.

[0032] Having and owning a hair salon since 1991, almost 100% of the complaints were related to hair dryers and how hot the clients were due to the heat generated to dry the hair. Constant complaints about having to sit under “hot” hair dryers. Information gathered from independent surveys taken at random from other salons and cosmetology schools revealed the same.

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