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Publication numberUS20030121803 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberUS 09/961,548
Publication dateJul 3, 2003
Filing dateDec 31, 2001
Priority dateDec 31, 2001
Publication number09961548, 961548, US 2003/0121803 A1, US 2003/121803 A1, US 20030121803 A1, US 20030121803A1, US 2003121803 A1, US 2003121803A1, US-A1-20030121803, US-A1-2003121803, US2003/0121803A1, US2003/121803A1, US20030121803 A1, US20030121803A1, US2003121803 A1, US2003121803A1
InventorsKeegria Banks, Arianne Russ
Original AssigneeKeegria Banks, Arianne Russ
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Case for holding and rolling tobacco
US 20030121803 A1
This invention can be used to hold tobacco and to roll tobacco. It can also housed the rolled tobacco cigar or cigarettes.
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I claim
1. A container for housing and rolling tobacco.
a. The container will be rectangular in shape said container will be held together by lead two lead hinges on one side and a zipper that will run along the remaining three sides of the said container.
b. Inside the said container there will be a flap to divide the top and the bottom of said container.
c. On one side of said flap there will be a pocket for holding tobacco the other side of said flap will have an elastic band to secure cigars and cigarettes.
e. The bottom of said container will be used to roll tobacco.

[0001] Not Applicable.


[0002] 1. Field of Invention

[0003] This invention is a compact case designed to hold and roll tobacco products.

[0004] 2. Description of Prior Art

[0005] Not Applicable.


[0006] References Numerals In Drawings

1 top of case 2 top of latch
3 top of flap 4 side of netted pouch
5 bottom of case 6 hinges
7 bottom of latch 8 flap
9 netted pouch 10 spaces for hinges
12 elastic band 14 long hinge
15 where hinges 16 zipper

[0007]FIG. 1 This sketch shows a top view of the case 1. An elastic band 12 holds cigars in place inside the top of the case. There is a space 10 for two hinges that holds the case together. There is a latch 2 to keep the case closed.

[0008]FIG. 2 There is a flap 8 between the top and bottom of the case. The top of the flap 3 is a hard surface. The flap is connected 15 to the bottom part of the case.

[0009]FIG. 3 This sketch represents an elastic band 12 connected to the top of the case. (FIG. 1)

[0010]FIG. 4 A hinge 14 connects the flap and netted storage pouch 9 on the bottom side of the pouch. It is connected to the side in the bottom of the case.

[0011]FIG. 5 This sketch represents the netted storage pouch 9 on the bottom side of the flap. It has a zipper 16 to open and close with. The sides of the pouch are wide enough to allow room for tobacco.

[0012]FIG. 6 The hinges 6 connect the bottom of the case to the top. The bottom part of the latch 7 keeps the case closed. The flap and pouch are connected 15 to the bottom of the case. There is a small floor 5 on the case to roll tobacco on.

[0013]FIG. 7 This sketch represents the order in which all the components of the case will go. The top 1 of the case covers everything. The flap 3 separates the top and bottom of the case. There is a pouch 4 on the other side of the flap for storage. There is small floor 5 at the bottom for space to roll tobacco. The latch 7 for closing is at the bottom. The two hinges 6 hold the case together.


[0014] Operation—FIGS. 1-6

[0015] The case has a latch 2 at the top and bottom to open and close. (As shown in FIG. 1) The flap 8 separates the top from the bottom. (FIG. 2) The elastic band 12 holds cigars in place inside the top of the case. (FIG. 3) A long hinge 14 connects the flap and pouch to the bottom of the case. (FIG. 4) The pouch 9 is made of a net-like material and is used for storage. (FIG. 5) The bottom part of the latch 7 is used for opening and closing. (FIG. 6)

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U.S. Classification206/236
International ClassificationA24F23/00, A24C5/44
Cooperative ClassificationA24C5/44, A24F23/00
European ClassificationA24F23/00, A24C5/44