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Publication numberUS2003870 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 4, 1935
Filing dateJan 26, 1934
Priority dateJan 26, 1934
Publication numberUS 2003870 A, US 2003870A, US-A-2003870, US2003870 A, US2003870A
InventorsSt John Joseph F
Original AssigneeSt John Joseph F
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Match book
US 2003870 A
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J1me 1935. J. F; ST. JOHN 2,003,870

MATCH BOOK Fild Jan. 26, 1934 '1'- r?- if QM ..1 I 4 4 U FXW BY l ATTORNEY Patented June 4, 1935 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE MATCH BOOK Joseph F. St. John, Chicago, Ill.

Application January.26, 1934, Serial No. 708,467

2 Claims. (01. 206-29) This invention relates to certain new and use- Like numerals of reference indicate like parts ful improvements in match books of that genthroughout the several views. eral character which embodies a novel construc- Referring to the details of construction of my tion and arrangement of elements, and these so improved match book, with the understanding 5 disposed as to do away with the pinching, or that the invention is not to be limited to the de- 5 pressing, as well as avoiding pinching of the optails of construction-herein shown and now to posed faces of the match members against each be described, but intended to be capable of other, and also does away with the usual manner changes in construction so long as they come of lighting the match, in that the opposed faces within the scope of the appended claims.

of the material at one end of the book are perl designates he b ok, as a Wh l it Comprises 10 manently adhered together, the opposed faces at the portions 2, 3 and 4, of any suitable material, the other end being unattached to each other folded along the line 5, at one end, and a narso that the free end may be turned aside to perrower member 6, at the other end as seen clearmit ready access to the match to break it from y in Figure 1.

its body portion, after which, the head of the The member, or portion 4, may be secured to 15 match is inserted between the opposed portions the member or formed integral therewith, as and readily ignited by friction on the igniting may be thought'best, but, in either event, the material. construction is such that slight flexibility or move- Another advantage resides in the fact that the m nt should be provided at each end of the memignition material is entirely enclosed and pror 4 o a low lim ted movemen 'of the member 20 tected from dampness 'so that the matches can 4 when a. match is about to be ignited. In the b li upon as always kept which will be present instance only the ends are cut as will be found a great advantage over match holders of Seen Clearly n Figure 31 n y the end Port ons the known t are cut, the middle portion remaining uncut as The form of matchbook in question-broadly en best in Figure 3, and indicated Figures 25 embodies the following features, which when pres- 4 a d ent, lessen the cost of manufacture of the device: Adjacent portions of the members 4 and 2 at attractive appearance, as well as of such structhe closed end are DIOVided With y uitable tural n t as t permit t t b carried in t adhesiveas seen at the lower end of the folded 80 pocket with safety particularly against ignition. P tion of the adjacent e as n b st Other objects and advantages of my improved in igure 3. construction will be more fully hereinafter set It will be noted that by the arr n m nt and forth and defined in th laim disposition of parts as above described, the short The present i v t i clearly ill t t in severance of the adjacent ends of the elements 2 the accompanying drawing, which, with th and 4 provide sufficient space for the entry of the 35 m l of reference, will be found t readily match head end into the space between the opbring t t details upon which the claims r posed members. When the head of the match is based, and which form a part of this application inserted as seen in Figure 5 all that is necessary is in whi h I to give the match a pull and the contact of the 40 Figure 1 i perspective View of my improved head with the friction member insures lighting of 40 match book, with the backopen, and matches h matchshown in position to be broken off and the head The ignitlon material is entirely enclosed of th match th engaged t t igniting tween the cuts in the ends of the member 4,

materiaL hence dampness cannot affect the same, so that Figure 2 is an edge view of the book as placed the matches will always light readily and easily, 45 upon the market when inserted and pulled out. The members will Figure 3 is a face view of the match box open, always P r r their P p d f n n n h before the matches are inserted. match book will close tightly when not in use, Figure 4 is a face view of the book closed. whichwill be found to be a great advantage. Figure 5 is a view, showing the retainer, or Modifications in detail may be resorted to with- 50 book, open, and a match, with a portion of the out departing from the spirit of the invention, or

stem broken on, and the head of the match in sacrificing any of its advantages.

position to be drawn lengthwise of the abrasive What is claimed as new is:

member, by which movement thematch will be' 1. A safety match folder comprising a card of i ignited. matches and a cover encompassing said card.

to provide a back and overlapping front flaps, the lower front flap and said back embracing the lower edge of said card in fixed relation, the fold line portion between said back and said lower front flap being slit inwardly from the side edges thereof, the inner opposite portions bounding the said slits being surfaced with match-igniting material.


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U.S. Classification206/109, D09/701
International ClassificationA24F27/00, A24F27/12
Cooperative ClassificationA24F27/12
European ClassificationA24F27/12