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Publication numberUS20040025219 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberUS 10/216,977
Publication dateFeb 12, 2004
Filing dateAug 12, 2002
Priority dateAug 12, 2002
Publication number10216977, 216977, US 2004/0025219 A1, US 2004/025219 A1, US 20040025219 A1, US 20040025219A1, US 2004025219 A1, US 2004025219A1, US-A1-20040025219, US-A1-2004025219, US2004/0025219A1, US2004/025219A1, US20040025219 A1, US20040025219A1, US2004025219 A1, US2004025219A1
InventorsBernice McQueen
Original AssigneeMcqueen Bernice Stephens
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Disposable panties for females
US 20040025219 A1
The abstract of my disclosure is new in the art of female underwear in this hurried society, namely Disposable Panties! Scented to eliminate odors, and to smell fresher thru the day. With this new technology, disposable panties can save time, frustration and make a more sanitary you, and bring ones confidence level to its maximum potential needed to feel fresher at anytime of the day, evening or night.
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What I claim as my invention is:
1. “disposable panties for females”, which is my design of a pair of panties with an elastic waistline and elastic around the legs, with the fabric/substance content written on back of panties and with the size of that particular pair of panties also written on back of panties, for example, fabric (sheer), & size (s=small etc.), with the lettering GIL on front part of panties in the designated area encased in a oblong somewhat circle design, to be worn in place of regular panties for more sanitary reasons and for all the other reasons mentioned in my specfication sheets for a designated period of time, for protection under regular clothes, covering the lower trunk and made with closed crotch and very short legs, which are disposable as key, scented to eliminate odors caused by body fluids and body natural changes, appealing to four sizes small, medium, large and extra large, with approximately 3 pairs of panties in a pack wrapped in see-thru thin paper with golden edges for beautification, with a large letter D on package with small lettering of ‘isposbale’, together spelling disposable, also with the panty size on the pack, and these panties are thrown in the receptable after its initial use, and the material suitable for this cause is soft, huggable, lightweight, degradable and durable enough for its use for a disposable matter that is recommended by my textile expert, my chemist, and seamtress and all necessary personnel to bring about one of the world's hottest invention that ever hit the face of this beautiful earth that we live in.

[0001] “Not Applicable”


[0002] “Not Applicable”


[0003] “Not Applicable”


[0004] The field of endeavor to which my invention pertains is females underwear, namely; deposable scented panties which promotes healthier and a more convenient living, feeling fresher and prettier, and saving time within our demanding society.

[0005] Panties are worn as an undergarment as protection under regular clothing, covering the lower trunk with closed crotch and very, very short legs.

[0006] A reference to a specific document is regular panties worn all day long and are not disposable but washable and re-worn. Sometimes leaving stains after wash.

[0007] The problem involved here is unsanitary (wearing same panty for such a long period of time (usually all day long with some long evenings/nights' wear, depending on one's timetable involved). Especially in summer, the normal sweat sometimes along causes for a change of undies in high temperature weather.. If there is a stain or bodily fluids being released during the day, these stains remain on the body until homegoing before a change. With these disposables, causing more confidence (less odor to deal with) you feel healthier, fresher, and time reduction during laundry on underwear.

[0008] The other problem is washing the regular panties over and over again with some time harsh chemcials used to remove the hard stains from panties, in which these chemical could be allergic to some, and cause irritation, rash, etc. to others.


[0009] The general idea of my invention is to help females (little girls to adults) to promote a healthier lifestyle, feel more confident about themselves, and to use a convenient product in this all-too fast economy.

[0010] The advantages of this invention are:

[0011] (1) Sanitary

[0012] (2) Disposable (no chemical used to wash or treat stains)

[0013] (3) Promotes healthier living

[0014] (4) Feeling Fresher

[0015] (5) Time Saver (while laudering underwear)

[0016] (6) Peace of Mind-Midday/Afernoon/Evening or Night change away from home)

[0017] (7) Hospital Stay a cinch( no soiled panties to bring home or no regular panties to bring with you

[0018] (8) Easy to carry in pocketbook

[0019] (9) Toddlers that are trained & make a mistake in public-bring out her disposable.

[0020] (10) Promotes confidence w/o living with a stain all day

[0021] The object of my invention is to make life healthier, more comfortable, easier, fresher and more convenient without causing any harm to anyone or discomfort.

[0022] Problems Solved:

[0023] By promoting healthier living

[0024] Promotes confidence that odor is not surfacing on the body via stains or normal body-releasing fluids over a long period of time.

[0025] Convenient to feel fresher/prettier

[0026] Eliminates sweaty underwear at playtime for children, exercise at gym time for all females, and ‘hot flash sweats’ for older females.


[0027] Front View of Panty

[0028] FIGURE A

[0029] My invention of this view shows the panty design with the lettering GIL encased on the front, with lines within the panties across the top signifying the elastic waistline at top of panty, with elastic around the legs. The material type is soft, huggable, lightweight, degradable, and scented for odor elimination purposes.

[0030] Back View of Panty

[0031] FIGURE B

[0032] My invention of this view shows the panty design with the lettering M, which stands for medium (example) and will print the type of material used. The lines across the top signifying elastic waistline, with elastic around around the legs. The material type is soft, huggable, lightweight, degradable, and scented for odor elimination purposes.


[0033] Disposable panties for females are my design of panties for young girls to Adults.

[0034] The process of making these panties are to hire my chemist/seamtress/textile person that are highly skillful in their field to bring forth the designated product and design in actual physical form and to use the material that is specified such as non-chemcal, breathable if possible, soft, huggable, scented, sanitary and pretty.

[0035] This invention is new, never before existed or heard of and is unobvious. The old regular panties are worn all day, and are not disposable, not scented to help eliminate odor, but are worn all day and sometime thru out parts of the night. Old regular panties are washed over and over, using harsh chemical, and sometime reinforcing these stains into the material because they can not delete them entirely. This is unsanitary and does not promote confidence, and the stains are causing odor to surface thru out the day.

[0036] The improvement is disposable. Disposable is key for my panties.. More sanitary, time reduction during underwear laundrying. Feeling fresher, scented to eliminate odors, using no chemical to keep clean, because they serve their purpose in its entirety while on your body and not washable for afteruse.

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U.S. Classification2/73
International ClassificationA41B9/04
Cooperative ClassificationA41B2400/52, A41B2400/36, A41B9/04
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