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Publication numberUS20040177430 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberUS 10/384,864
Publication dateSep 16, 2004
Filing dateMar 11, 2003
Priority dateMar 11, 2003
Publication number10384864, 384864, US 2004/0177430 A1, US 2004/177430 A1, US 20040177430 A1, US 20040177430A1, US 2004177430 A1, US 2004177430A1, US-A1-20040177430, US-A1-2004177430, US2004/0177430A1, US2004/177430A1, US20040177430 A1, US20040177430A1, US2004177430 A1, US2004177430A1
InventorsLansing Gordon
Original AssigneeGordon Lansing A.
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US 20040177430 A1
What is new: a second glove for the sport of golf that is presently played with only one glove. The introduction of a second glove demands (1) a new configuration and (2) provides certain benefits. The OthrGlov design (1) leaves the connecting fingers on the right hand (for right-handed golfers*) naked, to retain the correct ‘feel’ mandated by the sport. (2) The OthrGlov offers protection from blisters and abrasion not previously afforded the single-gloved golfer. The OthrGlov protects the thumb and first two fingers of the formerly ungloved hand from commonly occurring blistering and abrasion during long tournaments and prolonged practice sessions at the driving range, offers some warmth, and may improve the overall grip. The OthrGlov invention is a studied, original effort to provide the golfer with second-glove utility while maintaining a free third and fourth finger ‘feel’ in a sport that up until now has been played with only one glove.
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To complete the specification as prescribed by 35 U.S.C. 112 the following claim is articulated below:
1. What I claim as my invention is an alternate hand golf glove for the single-gloved golfer.
2. What I further claim as my invention is a three-fingered alternate hand golf glove design.

[0001] The OthrGlov golf glove invention was developed over a period of years by college professor Dr. Lansing Alexander Gordon.


[0002] The OthrGlov was invented for the initial purpose of devising a way to retain the natural swing of golf while protecting the thumb and first two fingers of the ungloved hand. The great improvement the glove provides is freedom from blistering and abrasion during prolonged practice sessions at the driving range while at the same time maintaining the natural ‘feel’ of the golfer's swing. The inventor also claims that the OthrGlov improves both golf club control and hitting power.


[0003] Drawing shows the top and bottom aspects of the OthrGlov product. The drawing shows the OthrGlov on the golfer's right hand. The illustration shows the thumb and first two fingers of the right hand covered by the leather glove material sewn in place, with the last two digits left uncovered. The photos accompanying this application show the OthrGlov joined in a traditional golf club grip. This displays the utility of contact among all fingers of the gloved hand and supports the drawing schmatic.


[0004] The OthrGlov provides a second glove or a right hand glove for the-right handed golfer (conversely a left-handed glove for left-hand golfers). The design of the OthrGlov provides free movement for the last two digits on the right hand. This allows for:

[0005] 1. Retention of the natural swing of the golfer while

[0006] 2. Protecting against blisters

[0007] 3. Allows for prolonged practice sessions at the driving range necessary for strengthening the golfers game, yet protects the right hand against blistering and abrasion often encountered by power hitters during extended practice sessions.

[0008] 4. Identified by golfers as a ‘practice glove’ that has made its way onto the links because it may provide:

[0009] a. better grip

[0010] b. more control and hitting power

[0011] 5. The OthrGlov is similar in many respects to the regular golf glove worn by golfers while playing the sport of golf. In this sport right-handed golfers wear one glove on the left hand. The OthrGlov breaks precedent by providing a utility glove for the unprotected hand of golfers.


[0012] The ‘OthrGlov’ features coverage for the thumb and first and second fingers of the right hand of right-handed golfers (those appendages most often prone to blistering and abrasion from contact with the club handle during the swing) and full uncovered freedom for the third and last fingers of the right hand. Referring to the illustration and photos, note that the unique stitching of this glove omit the third and last finger coverage allowing for the retention of the natural contact of these fingers in the ‘normal’ swing of golfers in the traditional club hold confirmation. The glove can be made of leather materials as well as cloth and has a Velcro-style closure standard to most golf gloves of the day.

[0013] Further submission to this Patent Application will contain complete measurements of the OthrGlov in small, medium, and large in male and female sizes as well as the materials of construction and Velcro-style and or metal snap closure.

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U.S. Classification2/161.2
International ClassificationA63B71/14
Cooperative ClassificationA63B71/146
European ClassificationA63B71/14G6