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Publication numberUS20040230565 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberUS 10/605,480
Publication dateNov 18, 2004
Filing dateOct 2, 2003
Priority dateOct 2, 2002
Also published asUS7254573, US20040133561
Publication number10605480, 605480, US 2004/0230565 A1, US 2004/230565 A1, US 20040230565 A1, US 20040230565A1, US 2004230565 A1, US 2004230565A1, US-A1-20040230565, US-A1-2004230565, US2004/0230565A1, US2004/230565A1, US20040230565 A1, US20040230565A1, US2004230565 A1, US2004230565A1
InventorsThomas Burke
Original AssigneeBurke Thomas Robert
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System and method for obtaining alternate contact information
US 20040230565 A1
A method and system for identifying alternate contact information of a specific type; particularly, by providing an inputted Email address in a query, one or more alternate Email addresses can be returned to the query, using an automated database. The system is queried using an entity's known Email address, which, in turn, is associated with other contact points for the entity, such as names and postal addresses, and the other contact points are then used to identify alternative Email addresses for the targeted entity either at the time of the query or in preparation of the database, and the alternative Email address(es) are then outputted to the requestor from the system. The method uses knowledge of contact points of different types Figures for the same Figuresentity to identify alternate contact points of a single type, within a database of contact information.
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1. A system for returning contact information of one type in response a query having differetn contatt information of the same type, for the amentint, comprising: a data storage means for storing data; a date ofabas contact infoion rmatfor a plurality of entities ion which resides in said data means; a first, means for receiving one or more queries, each comprising at ment ofone ele contact info for an mationcipient; a second means for accessing and searching said database that (pares the contactl contact information in said query to the of said databaidentifies contactal contact information sairelated to said entityd Recipient in said query, identifies alternate contactonal contact information of the same typrelated to the entity the Recipient; and, a third means for responding to queries that returns, in respquery, different contactersonal contact information of the same type, said different contact personal contact informang to torresponentitye same Recipient as said query.
  • [0001]
    This application dates to the filing of U.S. provisional patent application 60/415,099, filed Oct. 2, 2002, containing the same subject matter.
  • [0002]
    The present invention relates to the field of updating contact information, and more particularly to systems and methods for using databases of contact data and identifying alternate contact information for individuals, businesses, or households using relationships between contact data elements stored in the databases.
  • [0003]
    According to the present invention, a system for identifying alternative contact information preferably has the following components: a database which contains data records for a plurality of Recipients that include personally identifiable information (PII) for each Recipient for searching, cross-identification and decision-making; a receiver for inputting data into that database using an non-intrusive data-collecting means; an updating mechanism for merging identified updated contact data into the database; and a mechanism for receiving, processing, and responding to queries for alternate PII in the database.
  • [0004]
    [0004]FIG. 1 illustrates a contact information system according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention.
  • [0005]
    The preferred embodiment of the present invention may be used by businesses or persons (i.e., Senders) to find current, alternative PII for their customers, prospects, and contacts (i.e., Recipients).
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U.S. Classification1/1, 707/999.003
International ClassificationG06Q10/10, G06F7/00
Cooperative ClassificationY10S707/99943, Y10S707/99933, Y10S707/99931, Y10S707/99939, G06Q10/107