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Publication numberUS20040232288 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberUS 10/334,967
Publication dateNov 25, 2004
Filing dateMay 5, 2003
Priority dateMay 5, 2003
Publication number10334967, 334967, US 2004/0232288 A1, US 2004/232288 A1, US 20040232288 A1, US 20040232288A1, US 2004232288 A1, US 2004232288A1, US-A1-20040232288, US-A1-2004232288, US2004/0232288A1, US2004/232288A1, US20040232288 A1, US20040232288A1, US2004232288 A1, US2004232288A1
InventorsLuke Kung
Original AssigneeKung Luke C.
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Shopping bag miser
US 20040232288 A1
In order to make reusing plastic shopping bags efficiently and free of nuisance, a simple and pliable device is offered to the public. This device, a pair of shopping bag holders, comprises an upper grip, horizontally set on the rim of a trash container, a jaw-shaped lower part and two linking limbs, each to integrate a trouble free device for plastic shopping bag mounting are designed. The simple, adjustable and economical characteristics clearly claim superior to the currently available tools in manufacturing and application.
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1. My invention is a simple solution to re-use plastic shopping bags in daily life to accomplish recycling of the material;
2. The application is extremely simple to use without complicated mechanic processes in installation, in avoidance of disassembling or a long process of reading instructions;
3. The said invention possesses the portability, e.g. being easy in transferring from garbage container to another one;
4. Since the material used in manufacturing is wire, my invention is characterized by its adjustability and flexibility, which enable users to mold over the rim tailoring to suit almost any shape of container and, to a certain extend, to adjust the length, whenever applicable;
5. Extended use in any plastic bag by creating a pair of holes adjacent to the opening of the bag, mimicking a shopping bag;
6. Due to the simple structure, freedom of requiring welding and uncomplicated process, in manufacturing, whereby, this device will be superior to the existing products of the same category in economic and affordability.
  • [0001]
    This invention relates to plastic shopping bag holders, specifically to such holders which are used for the purpose of reusing the plastic shopping bag in garbage collection, simply and efficiently.
  • [0002]
    Plastic shopping bags are frequently reused as garbage bags for trash collection. However, due to the limb status and/or mismatch of their sizes and shapes, this purpose is usually difficult. The inventor's vigorous search disclosed numerous available devices, which are complicated in manufacturing and application and at a higher cost. In addition, some of the cited devices even mandate lengthily mechanical instillation prior to application. Last, but not the least, they invariably lack portability, whereby are of nuisance in transportation.
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  • [0003]
    This claim provides an inexpensive and simple applicable way to resolve the above problems, inexpensively and efficiently, by mounting the plastic shopping bag to this invented wire-made device without welding, screws and nails.
  • [0004]
    Accordingly, due to its simple structure and convenience, my invention possesses the superiority to the existent products as listed in the following:
  • [0005]
    (A) To be manufactured in an inexpensive cost;
  • [0006]
    (B) To require no lengthy assembling and to offer instant usefulness;
  • [0007]
    (C) To be readily adjusted to tailor to garbage can in almost all shapes;
  • [0008]
    (D) Freedom of complexity in assembling in setup and in dissembling in transferring.
  • [0009]
    My invention comprises a pair of wire-made holders with two upper hooks in each member to hang on the rim of the unfit garbage can and the jaw-shaped lower single hook in each member, to maintain a plastic shopping bag open for garbage collection.
  • [0010]
    This invention consists of a pair of wire made pieces. Each piece with an S-shape comprises upper hooks, a lower hook, and a linking straight middle section. The sole and wide lower hook are uninterrupted and integrated by a horizontal segment. The convexity of this part is to design a secure traction to the bag handle. The flexibility of the wire used in manufacturing renders the nature of their suitability to various shapes of garbage cans or bins, and adjustability to hold handles of different shopping bags.
  • [0011]
    Furthermore, the said invention is readily utilized in holding a limp plastic bag without fenestration, if a pair of holes are cut adjacent to its upper portion for traction mimicking a shopping bag.
  • [0012]
    Descriptions of Drawings: (refer to pages 10-16 for drawings)
  • [0013]
    [0013]FIG. 1. Front Perspective View.
  • [0014]
    [0014]FIG. 2. Side Perspective View.
  • [0015]
    [0015]FIG. 3. Rear Perspective View.
  • [0016]
    FIG. A-1. Front Perspective View with labeled components:
  • [0017]
    1. Upper lever with a convex hook on each side;
  • [0018]
    2. Lower lever with a concave limb on each side;
  • [0019]
    3. Horizontal integrating limb to bind both side forming a jaw-shape grip.
  • [0020]
    FIG. A. The claimed devices are placed on the rim of a garbage can. (The garbage can is not part of this claim.)
  • [0021]
    FIG. B. The claimed devices hook to the garbage can, mounting a shopping bag and remain in an opened stage. (The garbage can and shopping bag are not part of the claim.)
  • [0022]
    FIG. C. Side view of the claimed devices (a) and the upper Portion of a plastic shopping bag (b) with an opening. This illustrates the operation and application. (d) indicates the direction to position the shopping bag to the jaw-shape hook in the lower limb of the said device. To facilitate the opposite side of the same device and in the same manner will assure the satisfactory opening of the bag, if the bag, in order to receive garbage collection.
  • Operation
  • [0023]
    In operation of the above said device, one can fully understand the setup from the illustrations below. Simply hang the upper hooks on the rim of a garbage can as shown (FIG. A.) and let the single jaw-shaped hook position in the inside of the can. If any adjustment is needed to match the shape of the can, gently bend the appropriate part(s) of the device. The handles of the plastic shopping bag should be hooked on to the jaw-shaped hooks (FIG. B and C).
  • [0024]
    Further extended use of this device is to cut two holes in the upper end of a plastic bag, mimicking a plastic shopping bag for the same utilization.
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