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Publication numberUS2004088 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 11, 1935
Filing dateJan 14, 1932
Priority dateJan 14, 1932
Publication numberUS 2004088 A, US 2004088A, US-A-2004088, US2004088 A, US2004088A
InventorsBertha S Alsop
Original AssigneeBertha S Alsop
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US 2004088 A
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June 11, 1935.

B. S.-AL SOP HOLDER Filed Jan. 14, 1932 3' Sheets-Sheet 1- INVENTOR B. S. ALSOP June M 1935.

HOLDER Filed Jan. 14, 1952 5 Sheets-Sheet 2 3 Sheets-Sheet 3 HOLDER B. S. ALSOP Filed Jan. 14, 1932 June H, 1935.

J? lNg ENTOR i %RNEY Patented June 11, 1935 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2,004,088 'noman Bertha S. Alsop, Scarldale, N. Y.

Application January 14, 1932, Serial No. 580.528

2 Claims. (Cl. 128-284) My invention relates to holders for absorbent layer M. The ends 35 and 33 of the pad holding pads of the type set forth in my Patent 1,833,960 portion are stitched to the inner layer l so as and my application 504,469. to form an under-cut recess for holding an ab- The main object of the present invention is sorbent pad 36'. This pad holding portion 32 to provide a construction which can be made is the only part which is necessarily waterproof 5 more cheaply and which will be neat in appearalthough the inner layer Ill may in some cases be ance and comfortable, made of waterproof material;

Another object is to provide a construction It will be seen from the foregoing that the which will be likely to fit well on children of holder embodies a minimum amount of water- .0 diflerent sizes without requiring adjustment. pr f mat rial and may ntir ly av id the c n- In the drawings I have shown three modificatact of rubber with the skin.

tions of my present invention. The ga me t so des ed m y be of a minimum Fig. 1 is an inside view of the holder spread out. $126 d y b readily ade according t Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional view of the same. a d sizes o hi h garment Wi l fit com- 5 Fig. 3 is an inside view of another form of holdf r ably whether the child-is somewhat la e or er spread out and on a, smaller scale, smaller than the averag orlwhich the garment Figs. 4, 5 and 6 are detail views of parts of the i in holder of Fi 3, In the construction s own on Sheet 2 the inner Fig, 7 is a utsid vi of th f r of layer or main body l0 ofitheholder is formed of o holder spread o t, soft material such as silk or rayon which is some- Fig. 8 is an inside vi w f the hold r of Fig, 7, what elastic but not necessarily waterproof. The In th for shown i Fi 1 th i r layer In pocket 32' is formed of waterproof cloth or-rubis formed of a knitted or woven fabric such as Anchlalged P n 3233 of o eha fthe macotton or silk having a central opening II for the tcriai for the formation of this Pocket is shown 5 insertion of a b b t d, in Fig. 6. The edges 36:: are secured around one- The extensions l2 and I3 at the back and front f o the pe by s tch or in any suitrespectively are preferably formed of some openl ma n r as. f r stan y a ndi 34' work, meshed or ventilated type of fabric stitched Which s preferably waterp e edges 3 of along lines I 4 and I5, respectively, to the main the two halves are secured together along the cen- 0 inner layer I 0. These extensions are preferably l line 38- The ends 39 and 40 of each half 'of somewhat elastic and form waistband portions the Docket are folded together and united along whose ends are respectively fastened together in the lines 4| and respectively, at which poi a suitabl man r by using snaps r b kl or they are also sewed or otherwise secured to the the like. By using fastening devices such as the nn r a r 0- T c sp ndi d es 43 f 5 snap fasteners l6, l1, l3 I9, 20, 2|, :2 a d, 23, th the two halves are united along the line 44 and the ends may be separated for convenience in applycorresponding e es 45 of the two halves are ing the garment and for cleaning, The back and united along the line 45 so that a waterproof front edges are preferably provided with elastic p ket is provided for the absorbent p d t inserts such as 24 and 25 to constitute elastic 0 waistband portions. The side edges 26 and 21 The front and back edges are provided with are preferably concaved or cut on curved lines so asti P s nd and with fastening as to fit snugly around the legs when the fastendevices, as previously described, so as to form ing devices have been suitably connected, that is, elastic waistbands, or waistbands which at least when the snaps l6 and I 8 at one side engage with are elastic through substantial portions so as to the snaps I1 and I9, respectively, and the snaps fit snugly but without being too tight on the child 20 and 22 at the other side engage with the snaps and so as to fit different sizes of children. These 2| and 23, respectively. front and back edges may be permanently secured The ends of the waistband portions may be reto each other if desired. v

inforced by binding or tape as at 28, 29, 30 and On account of the fact that the fabric I0 is 0 3|. The side edges may be ornamented in any very soft and consequently does not hold its shape suitable manner as, for instance, by ruffles 3|. well, I prefer to provide a reinforcing member 41 The absorbent pad holding portion is formed of such as shown in Fig. 5, which may be of rubber waterproof material such as soft rubber 32 with or other suitable material. It will be seen that its side edges 33 turned inwardly and stitched at this has an opening 48, the edges of which are 34 around the edge of the opening I l in the inner supposed to be stitched or otherwise fastened to the edges of the i i in the main inner layer Ill. The outer edges or the reinforce 6'! are stitched to the layer it) as shown by the dotted lines 49 and. The rows of stitches 4i and 42 may also include the reinforce as well as the waterproof pocket.

In the form of construction illustrated on Sheet 3, the inner main body layer I" is formed of waterproof fabric and provided with elastic portions and opposite ends forming parts of the waistband, and fastening devices may be provided at the corners, as previously described. The waterproof pocket is formed of suitable material 32" which is sufficiently full to accommodate an absorbent pad inserted through theopening II". This pocket may be somewhat elastic and its ends are secured, for instance, along the dotted lines such as 53 and 54 so as to reinforce the main body of the holder. The opening in the pocket is secured along the edge 55 of the opening II". The portions 56 and 51 constitute the front and back sections of the waistband and the curved edges 58 and 59 constitute the elastic leg gripping portions for holding the garment snugly in place. The front and rear ends of the garment which fit around the body at and below the waist constitute the waistband portions and the cut-out side edges constitute the leg encircling portions.

It will be understood that other changes and details of construction may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of my invention.

I claim:

1. A holder of the character described comprising a main inner layer member provided with a central opening and having front and rear edges constituting parts of an elastic waistband portion and having curved sides constituting leg gripping portions, a waterproof pocket having a central opening whose edges are secured around the edges of the opening at the rear of the main body portion, extension portions formed of foraminous materiziv and disposed between the central opening and the edges of the body portion, and means for securing the ends of the pocket to the outside of the body portion, said pocket being longer and wider than said opening to form a pad-holding recess, the edges of the opening serving to overlap the edges of a pad in the pocket.

2. A holder of the character described comprising a fiat body portion formed of a single ply soft material and formed with a central opening, said body portion being formed with curved leg encircling portions, an extension portion at each end of said body portion, and a pocket for holding an absorbent pad at the rear of said body portion, said pocket having its edge stitched to the edge of the opening in the body portion and being provided with a fullness and having a portion overlapping the body portion at each end thereof, said overlapped portion being stitched to the end of said body portion and forming a restricted pocket portion for holding the ends of the pad.


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