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Publication numberUS2004635 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 11, 1935
Filing dateMar 8, 1934
Priority dateMar 8, 1934
Publication numberUS 2004635 A, US 2004635A, US-A-2004635, US2004635 A, US2004635A
InventorsPrice Wilbur F
Original AssigneeL F Grammes & Sons Inc
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Emblem or sign
US 2004635 A
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w. F. PRICE EMBLEM OR SIGN June 11, 1935.

Filed March 8, 1934 WI TESSES:


tented June 11,

PATENT OFFICE EMBLEM on sros Wilbur I. Price, Allentown, Pa., assignor to L. F. Grammes 8: Sons, Inc., Allentown, Pa., a corn tation of Maryland Application 8, 1984, Serial No. 714,617


This invention relates to emblems or signs; and it has reference more particularly to club emblems'or signs such as are used on automobiles.

My invention has for its chief aim to render 5 automobile emblems or signs distinctly readable at night without entailing the use of associated illuminating means.

This desideratum I attain, as hereinafter fully disclosed, through incorporation in emblems or l signs of the kind referred,to,- of'meanswhereby light projected frgm the'headlamps of approaching or following'automobiles is deflected in such manner that the characters or figures of the em- 1 blem or sign are clearly and sharply defined.

invention will be manifestfrom the following detailed description of the typical embodiment illustrated in the attached drawing; wherein,

Fig. I shows the faceviewof an emblem or 20 sign conveniently embodying the present improvements.

Fig. II shows an edge view of'the emblem or sign.

Fig. III is a fragmentary vertical sectionalvlew 85 of the emblem or sign taken as indicated by the arrows III--III in Fig. I, and drawn to an enlarg'ed scale;- and,

V Fig. IV is a front elevation of a reflector elea ment forming a part of the emblem or sign struc 0 ture.

For the purpose of exempliflcation herein,.I'-

provided with an aperture 9 for passage of a screw or bolt'by which the emblem orv sign may be secured to a suitable supporting bracket.

In order to render such an emblem clearly readable at night, in accordance with my invention a reflector element Iii is overlaid upon the rear face of the frontal plate 5, with interposition betweenit andsaid plate, ofasheet n ofthin unbreakable transparent colored material like celluloid. Both the reflector element It and the in-' terposed transparent sheet. are made to ui tic form to correspond with the main or body per- 55 tion 0 of the frontal plate s. The reflector ele- Other objects and attendant advantages of this 1 The emblem proper 5,

ment in practice fashioned from reflective sheet metal, and, as shown in Fig. IV, has an embossed central area l2 of ample extent to com- I prehend all the openings IS in the frontal plate 5, the individualembossments u ging relatively 5 small and of shelling pyramidal configuration with triangular sides capable of effectively reflecting light projected upon them. Theelement l0 and sheet II are permanently incorporat- 1 ed with the emblem 5 by means of a sheet metal 10 backing plate I5 whereof the edge is rolled or flanged over upon the peripheral edge of the main or body portion 6 of the frontal plate as 'atI6inFigs.IandIIl.

With the parts assembled, it will be seen that portions of the reflector element i0 and transparent sheet II are exposed through the stencil openings, it of .the body portion 6 of the. frontal plate 6. Accordingly, when light from any source these materials. The emblem or sign of .my invention isthus simple and inexpensive in its construction, as well as resistive to breakage under hard 118586.

Having thus described my invention, I claim:

1. An emblem or sign of the characterfleig scribed, comprising a stenciled frontal plate of backing plate of sheet metal for permanent retainment of'the reflecting element, said backing 40 sheet having its edge overlapping the periphery of the frontal plate,

2. An emblem or sign of the character decomprising' a stenciled frontal plate of relatively stout sheet metal; a sheet metal .re-

flecting element atthe rear of said plate having pyramidal embossments;- a sheet of colored celluloid interposed between the stenciled frontal plate and the reflecting element; and a metallic backing plate with its edge overlapping the pe- 0 scribed, comprising a frontal plate of stout sheet I parent material interposed between the frontalmetal with a stenciled body portion and an attaching tongue; an embossed reflecting element plate and the. reflecting surface; and a sheet metal backing plate having its edge overlapping the edge of the body portion of the frontal plate for permanent retainment of the reflecting element and the transparent sheet material.

5. As a new article of manufacture, a sheet metal emblem or sign of the character described having a body portion, a pendant attaching tongue with an outward semi-circular embossment providing a transverse stop shoulder, and an aperture through said attaching tonguebelow the embossment for a securing bolt.

6. As a new article of manufacture, a sheet metal emblem or sign of the character described having a body portion, an integral attaching tongue with an elongated embossment providing a stop shoulder, and an aperture through said ,tongue for the passage of suitable securing means.


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U.S. Classification40/615
International ClassificationG09F7/00
Cooperative ClassificationG09F7/00
European ClassificationG09F7/00