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Publication numberUS20050040592 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberUS 10/641,346
Publication dateFeb 24, 2005
Filing dateAug 14, 2003
Priority dateAug 14, 2003
Also published asUS7677571, US20060038343
Publication number10641346, 641346, US 2005/0040592 A1, US 2005/040592 A1, US 20050040592 A1, US 20050040592A1, US 2005040592 A1, US 2005040592A1, US-A1-20050040592, US-A1-2005040592, US2005/0040592A1, US2005/040592A1, US20050040592 A1, US20050040592A1, US2005040592 A1, US2005040592A1
InventorsBobbie Adams
Original AssigneeAdams Bobbie Lee
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One card poker with the jokers pokey wheel
US 20050040592 A1
Pokey wheel, one card poker with the jokers, is a unique poker game wherein the (54) cards used—standard deck—two jokers—are on an upright spinning wheel of (54) equal parts, with three stoppers. One at the top (12:00), one at the bottom (6;00) and one at the middle left, (9:00). The top stopper representing the winning card for bets made concerning the (54) cards laid out as the deck board. The bottom stopper represents the bottom card and the middle card represents the Dealer's Card. These two stoppers are used to determine the outcome of (18) different types of bets that can be made on the betting board. Pokey Wheel is based on the best hand of the worst hand of poker
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  1. I) That it is a new and unique version of an old game—poker, because of its spinning wheel, betting board and huge number of possible bets that can be placed at one time.
  2. II) The fact it's a one card poker game based on the best of the worst hand in poker;
    a) having cards spun
    b) betting done on a marked table upon which you could probably make at least (78) different bets. There is no poker game like it.
  3. III) That the wheel is mathematically set up to give a player a somewhat equal chance of winning almost as many times as they can lose.
    a) at the same time gives the house an edge making it a worthwhile casino board game, a desirable slot machine game, as well as an adult home game.
    Dealer's Up-Top Bottom Suit Card Card Card Won Lost Diamonds A 4S Big Jack U D Spades 6 Qd Kh U/D Hearts 5 2c 2s U/D Pay Pair Spades 7 Jd 4h D U Diamonds K 9s 5s U/D Clubs Q Lil Joker 10h  D U Hearts J 8h 3s U/D Clubs 10  Jc 6d D U Diamonds 9 Ah Ac U/D Spades 8 Sc 3h U/D Hearts 7 7d 7c Trip Win/Any Pair Win Clubs 6 4c 9h U D D5 Sd Js U/D S4 Ks Ad U/D DQ 10d  6s U/D C2 As 5h U/D DJ 3d 7s U/D S9 Qs Kd U/D Lil Joker 6h Qc U/D H8 9c Jh U/D CJ 2h 10c  U/D HA Kc 9d U/D C5 4d 8s U D D7 8c 7h Pay Top 11 Pair Bottom Bet Stay C4 2d 6c U D SK Qh 4s U/D D10  3c QD U D D8 10s  5d U/D SA Big Joker 2c D U D3 Kh Jd U/D SQ 2s 9s U/D H6 4h Lil Joker U D C9 5s 8h U/D H2 10b  Jc U/D CK 3s Ah U D D4 6d 5c U/D C8 Ac 7d D U D2 3h 4c U/D S10  7c 8d U/D HQ 8h Ks U D C3 Js 10d  U/D Big Joker Ad As U/D Pay High Pair Any Pair HK 6s 3d U/D S2 5h Qs U/D H4 7s 6h U/D S5 Kd 9c U/D H10  Qc 2h D U S3 Jh Kc U/D D6 10c  4d D U CA 9d 8c U/D H3 8s 2d D U C7 7h 10s  stay D middle any H9 6c Qh U D SJ 5d 3c U/D Ups Won 26 Lost 26 Down Won 26 Lost 26
    Deuces comes out once, dealer 5 hearts
    Aces come out twice, dealer 9d/Big Joker
    Trips come out once, dealer pays 777, pair, 7d
    Sevens come out twice, dealer pays up, pays down
    Because of all the (78) bets, the dealer has an advantage.
    The dealer card will win 26 times against the top card and 26 times against the bottom card, it will also lose 26 times against either.
    See Table showing: Wheel Position
    Dealer's Won Lost Suit Card Up-Top Card Bottom Card for dealer for dealer Diamonds A 4s Big Joker U D
    means suit of dealer's ace is Diamonds, the top card is the four of spades, which the dealer beat The down card is the Big Joker, which beat the dealer's ace, and the win/lost tally shows such.
    The wheel is mathematically placed so that win/lost are about equal, but when such happens is very mixed up.

One card poker with the joker—Pokey Wheel, is a new way of playing and betting the game of poker.

The game is played with (54) cards i.e., a standard deck of (52) cards and the (2) jokers.

The principle of the game is based on the worst hand of poker i.e., the high card wins, herein the joker is the highest card, followed by the ace, king, etc.

Called Pokey Wheel because the (54) cards have been placed on a spinning wheel which allows for (3) cards to be in (3) positions, A) Dealer's Card; B) top card and C) bottom card.

Drawings and pictures of such included herewith.

All of the betting is done on a table board which consists of a possible (78) bets.

Drawings and pictures of such board are included herewith.


“Not Applicable”


“Not Applicable”


“Not Applicable”


The invention of “Pokey Wheel,” One Card Poker with the Jokers, is based on and derived from one of the (9) nine hands of poker: A) straight flush, B) four of a kind, C) full house, D) flush, E) straight, F) three of a kind, G) two pair, H) one pair, I) and finally the hand this game deals with for the most part, though it has bonus hands of pairs and one three of a kind.

All Possible Wheel Positions

The arrow at the top of the wheel represents the top card, which is also the card used to determine the winning card for each spin concerning the board cards.

That is to say (54) of the possible (79) bets.

The arrow at the side (9 o'clock) represents the dealer's card. It is the only card the dealer can use. This card is used by the dealer to determine if they win or lose bets to the top (12 o'clock) card or the bottom (6 o'clock) card. For instance: if the spin of the wheel shows the dealer's card is Big Joker, then the top card would be the ace of diamonds and bottom card ace of spades. And the possible winners would be as follows:

    • A) a bet on high pair
    • B) a bet on any pair
    • C) a bet on the (54) board of ace of diamonds, or odd
    • D) a bet on color—Red
    • E) a bet on the suit of diamonds

See chart showing “Card position on wheel.”

Like the name of the game, it's poker on a wheel.

The game uses the standard (52) card deck and two jokers. All (54) cards are equally spaced on a stand—up wheel. (See pictures attached to description of drawings.)

The cards being played/involved in each hand are determined by the three stoppers on the wheel. The top stoper will determine the card that controls the (54) cards pictured on the betting board. And the following pages;

    • 1) All Possible Wheel Positions
    • 2) The 78 Bets
    • 3) Picture of betting board . . . (description of drawings), show how simple this poker game is to play. It also shows that the game is marketable as a casino board game, a slot machine, and an adult home game.
      The 78 Bets

The different bets are as follows:

  • 1) A board bet—picking one of the (54) pictured cards. Thus, this equals 54 of the possible bets.
  • 2) Split bet—placing your money on the line of two adjoining cards.
  • 3) Street bet—placing the money to cover three cards.
  • 4) Square bet—placing the money to cover four cards.
  • 5) Line bet—placing money to cover a line of six cards.
  • 6) Double line bet—placing money to cover two lines of six cards.
  • 7) Long line bet—placing money on line of nine cards.
  • 8) Double long line bet—placing money on two adjoining lines of nine cards.
  • 9&10) Against the dealer bet. Top/bottom: on this bet you do not have to pick any certain board card, you are simply betting that “whatever” the top card (and/or bottom card) is will be higher than the dealer's.
  • 11&12) Even Card Bet—betting that either the top or bottom card will be even.
  • 13&14) Odd Card Bet—betting that either the top or bottom card will be odd. On the bets of 11-12-13-14, Joker means money stays. With the joker, you neither win nor lose and can let the bet stay or place it somewhere else or take back the money.
  • 15,16,17&18) Suit bet—betting that top card (a top card only bet) will be a certain suit.
  • 19) Three of a kind bet—betting that the one possible wheel position of 7-7-7 will happen.
  • 20) High pair bet—betting that the possible wheel position of two aces will happen.
  • 21) Low pair bet—betting that the one possible position of two deuces will happen.
  • 22) Any pair bet—betting that one of the following combinations will happen: 777, AA-AA, 2-2, 7-7 or 77.
  • 23&24)Color bet—betting that the top card will be black or red. Big Joker is Black, Lil Joker is red.
  • 25) Tri bet—betting any three lines of six cards. A person may make a number of different bets on any spin.

The first drawing (1A) shows the “Pokey Wheel” wheel and the placement of the (54) cards, from the front view.

The second drawing (2A) shows the card lay-out and bet placements.

The first photo (2A) shows a ⅔ scale bet board.

The second photo shows a full scale Pokey Wheel, complete with 12 volt motor and push button control.


Presently I know of no poker game played from a wheel. There is also no poker game I know of based on the “best of the worst hand” in poker.

Unlike Pai Gow poker, where cards are dealt (7) and the board table allows for two bets, high hand—five card poker and low hand—two card poker. The Pokey Wheel board does not deal cards. Cards are spun to three stationary positions on the Pokey Wheel: Top, Middle, and Bottom positions (or 12:00, 9:00, and 6:00).

The top card determines winning card for types of bets; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Top, 11 Top, 13 Top, 15-18, 23, 25. The bottom card determines winning card for bet types; 9 Bottom, 12 Bottom, 14 Bottom, and 24 Bottom. The middle card (dealer's card) is used to determine winner of any bet also involving the dealer. For some bets, all three positions are used, ex: the three sevens. (See the 78 bets)


The idea is to allow poker to be played on/by a wheel. And to do the bettting on a general board as to allow for (78) different bets to be made at each spin. And to create a marketable casino board game, an exciting slot machine game and adult home game.

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