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Publication numberUS2005020 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 18, 1935
Filing dateJan 13, 1930
Priority dateDec 22, 1928
Publication numberUS 2005020 A, US 2005020A, US-A-2005020, US2005020 A, US2005020A
InventorsFritz Bossert
Original AssigneeFritz Bossert
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Bookkeeping machine
US 2005020 A
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June 18, 1935 F. BOSSERT BOOKKEEPING MACHINE Filed Jan. 13, 1930 Fig. 4


Patented June 18, 1935 v UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE BOOKKEEPIN G MACHINE Fritz Bossert, Mannheim, Germany Application January 13, 1930, Serial No. 420,610 In Germany December 22, 1928 2 Claims. (Cl. 235-3) This invention relates to bookkeeping machines, ent lines do not form part of the present invencash registers and similar machines and more tion and may be of any known construction and especially to machines automatically printing toare therefore not herein described. tals and subtotals on ledger cards and the like. An arm d is fastened at one end to the shaft f 5 The principal object of the invention is to proand being guided in the guide member e is bent 5 vide means for preventing the fraudulent employso as to extend into the printing casing q, the ment of the impressions of totals and subtotals opposite end of the arm terminating above the as impressions of normally entered amounts. slot s provided for the introduction of the cards.

A further object is to provide means for partly The latter end of the arm d is pivoted at c to the 0 obstructing the slot provided for introducing the pin or obstructing member a which latter is normal ledger cards in total taking operations, mounted to slide vertically in a guide b. the partly obstructed slot being only large enough In operation, when the total control lever l is to permit introduction of a card of smaller size. in its intermediate position, as shown in Fig. 3, The invention is to be used Wit a oo eep the slot 8 is unobstructed as the pin a is held in method for bookkeeping machines which consists position above it and ledger cards of normal 15 n employing ledger Cards, on the One hand, of size, as shown in Fig. 1, may be freely inserted in normal size for printing amounts registered in t l t If th lever l is t in t t 1- the machine and totals Oh the other hand, tion the arm d is swung in a clockwise direction ledger cards of smaller size for printing subtotals. and thus raises the pin a a greater height leav- In the accompanying drawing wherein an ing the slot s unobstructed. If, however, the lever 20 proved embodiment of the invention iS illustrated, is moved t t t t position th arm d is 1 is a Plan View of a ledger card of normal rocked in the reverse direction moving the pin or Size; stop a downwardly to a position in which it partly 2 15 f 1'agmentary plan of a smaller slzed obstructs the slot 1 thereby preventing the intro- Card for prmtmg Subtotalsduction of a. ledger card of normal size. The un- 25 3 is fragmentary elevation of the obstructed portion of the slot lying to the left of machme showtng h Operatmg leve? and the the pin a in Fig. 3 is of sufficient width to permit cPnnectlhg Sald pm or stop" the introduction of a ledger card of smaller size a honzontatsectwn Smwmg h {means than that illustrated in Fig. 2 but with the pin a connectmg the Operatmg lever to the pm m top in its obstructing position it is impossible to introduce a normal card of the width shown in Fig. 1

Fig. 5 is a detail view in elevation of the guide into the machine. member for the connecting means. I clamr A Control lever of the type dlsclosed m thls 1. In a machine of the class described, a kind g2 i3 g g f fifig i iiil g g' of operation lever, a total and subtotal position for said lever an entrance slot for introducing application Serial No. 493,674 corresponding to Said British patent ledger cards of small and of large sizes, printing Referring to the drawing in detail, the total cont stop means P by .Said t of oper- 40 trol lever Z which is common to machines of this anon, and partlany t Sald entrance type is secured to a shaft ,1 and the latter is mount- Slot m ,Sald Subtotal .posmom said stop ed in the Wall w and in a bearing g fixed to the preventing the large size ledger cards from being ing h The level. I in the position shown in Fig 3 introduced, but allowing said ledger cards of is that which it assumes for addition operations m a to be Introduced for common Wlth and it is movable to the two other positions indi- Sald prm mg means cated by the broken lines in Fig. 3, the two latter emachme of the Flags desalted a klnd positions being known as total and subtotal of operatlqn lever, h addmgi a total and a positions The total Control lever is normally in total position for said lever, an entrance slot for the intermediate or addition position. From introducing ledger Cards of Small and of large 5 this position the lever is movable upwardly to the Sizes, Printing means, Stop means for Said Slot subtotal position in order to prepare the maadapted to be raised and to be lowered y Sa d chi t print Subt t l d i1; i moved d kind of operation lever and, in said subtotal posiwardly to the total position to prepare the mation, blocking the Side Of the entrance SlOt PP chine to print a total. The means for printing site to said printing means.

the ledger card and for shifting it in the differ- FRITZ BOSSERT. 55

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U.S. Classification235/3, 235/58.0CF, 235/58.00R
International ClassificationG06C21/04, G06C21/00
Cooperative ClassificationG06C21/04
European ClassificationG06C21/04