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Publication numberUS2005094 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 18, 1935
Filing dateJan 20, 1933
Priority dateJan 25, 1932
Publication numberUS 2005094 A, US 2005094A, US-A-2005094, US2005094 A, US2005094A
InventorsOlof Lindgren Hans
Original AssigneeLaval Separator Co De
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Centrifugal separator
US 2005094 A
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June 18, 1935.

H. o. LINDGREN 2,005,094

CENTRIFUGAL SEPARATOR Filed Jan. 20; 1933 RetentedJunel8,1935 I 2,005,094. I


canmmoear. SEPARATOR Hans Olof Lindren, Appelvlken, Sweden, as-

signor to The De Laval Separator Company,

New York, N. Y., a corporation of New Jersey Application January 20, 1933, Serial No. 652,745

In Sweden January 25 1932 4 7 Claims. (01. 23mm In centrifuges having inlets and'outlets at the is sufficiently large and arranged in such a mantop of the bowl which are tightly connected with ner that the supply and discharge pipes which fixed pipe lines, the packing boxes effecting atight are connected with the bowl are left free when Joint with theme of the bowl must be accurately the cover is tilted up. v

5 fixed relative to the bowl. Such centrifuges are The ompanyi dr wi i a ver ic l sec- 5 hereinafter described as of the closed type. tional view of a closed centrifuge embodying While it is generally necessary that these packmy invention. ing boxes be removable from the bowl, for the Neck 2 of the bowl l extends into the packing purpose of cleaning both the bowl and packing box Syst m- This Sy Comprises a C v p boxes proper, they must also, during the operacarrying the packing bOXeS 3 and fittinglin 10 tion of the machine, be so connected to the frame the pp p of the-Cover The p is e that they cannot be brought into a faulty position fi d y o t ov bym e of a ltable bale relative to the how] by outer forces 01' any kind. or the like 5, which carries a screw 6 which is The connection between thepacking boxes and c ew d egeiust'the heed ll of e p At the frame must therefore be rigid. For practical one side the cover is fixed to the sel r em 1 reasons this connection is effected through the y a hinge l fi d o t housing 8 of e frame. intermediary of a cover or the like positioned The COVE! iS 8150 provided With a handle 9,18,- over the bowl and forming, 'with the casing 01- cilitating the tilting of the cover. Theconstruchousing to which it is applied, a, chamber ntion of the hinge is such that it does not allow the closing the rotating bowl and separating it from cover to be tilted to more thana certain anglafor 0 40 of covers is then provided with a handle on the contained in the chamber to evaporate the'liquid 45 trifugal separator of the first described type, cooled by a stream of air coming from the outthe outer atmosphere; and it is therefore also instance, a little morenecessary to make the cover rigid. For. cene pac box System p ses at ts lower trifu f t t an a ize th cover ha end an annular collecting vessel 10 for leakage large dimensions, and as the thickness of its liQuiCLWhiChC0mmuI1iCeteS,bYe0heIme1,With

walls must be considerable owing to the required the pa e de t e bowl en osure 80 that the 25 rigidity, the amount of material in the cover beleakage liquid can discharge In a centrifuge comes very important. If it is made of iron or a a tightly connected Outlets a Certain q similar material it is so heavy that it is very tity of liquid may ee p the Da S- f this difficult or quite impossible to lift it off the frame pp n etthe w rm t packing box the leakof the centrifugal by hand. By making the cover age liquid Will be thrown y the w a a t 30 of a light metal, its weight can be considerably the bowl enclosure. If the liquid thus thrown reduced, but this involves an increased cost of out is milk, experience has shown that a rather material, and for large centrifuges the weight is solid annular deposit is formed on the inside of still too heavy. the enclosure at the height of the edge of the It is known in the art, in connection with cenbowl which throws out the liquid. The reason 35 trifuges of another type than the one described, why the skim milk which is thrown out in a finely to make the set of covers corresponding to the divided state passes into solid form is that the cover mentioned above tiltable on a horizontal temperature is so high and the amount of leak-- pin positioned at the side of the frame. The set age liquid is so small that there is enough air side which is opposite to the said pin. A set of constituents of the skim milk. Since the high covers of this type is of course much more coritemperature is a condition of conversion of the venlent to handlev than a set of the usual type 'milk from-a liquid to a solid state, the vessel III which must be lifted off the frame. For a cenis so arranged that its walls become effectively however, it is not possible simply to make the side and directed toward the bowl. Between the cover tiltable, because the packing boxes are polower wall of the channel l0 and the chamber I2 sitioned in its top, and these cannot be removed is provided an air chamber l3, the lower side of from the centrifuge otherwise than by being liftwhich is bounded by a wall It extending near to ed 011 in the axial direction of the bowl. It is the bowl. The chamber l3 communicates with r therefore necessary to connect the packing boxes the outside air by wide openings IS. A partial with the cover in such a manner that theycan be vacuum, generated by the rotation of the bowl, easily disconnected from it and can be separately prevails in the chamber l3, it being necessary to' removed from the centrifuge. The cover must provide, in the housing of the frame, at a suitalso be provided with an opening at its top which able place, an outlet, such as l8, for the air. A

strong air stream is thus drawn through theopenings l and the chamber ll, cooling the walls of the trough Ill so that the milk thrown into the trough is kept inviiuid state and can discharge through the channel II, which is also cooled by the air.

From the above description, the operation will be readily understood. After the screw 8 has been unscrewed, the bale 5 is turned down so that the packing box system can be drawn ofi the neck of the bowl. The pipe lines" (not shown) connected with the packing bones and referred to in the foregoing description as fixed must of course be provided, as is known in the art, with a turnable or sliding joint, or a portion of it must previously be removed from the rest of the system. After the packing boxes have been removed the cover 4 is tilted overso that the centrifugal bowl becomes accessible for cleaning in the usual manner.

What I claim and desire to protect by Letters Patent is:

1. In a centrifuge of the closed type, the combination with the bowl and its neck, of a bowl housing, a cover pivotally mounted about a horizontal axis on thehousing, a packing box engageable with the bowl neck, a cover top in which the packing box is seated, and means removably securing the cover top in operative position when the cover is swung into closed position.

2. In a centrifuge of the closed type, the combination with the bowl and its neck, of a bowl housing, a cover pivotally mounted about a horizontal axis on the housing, a packing box engageable with the bowl neck, a cover top in which the packing box is seated, and means comprising a bale swingable on the cover from a position adapted to permit free vertical movement of the cover top to a position in which it is adapted to fixedly secure the cover top on and in fixed relation to the cover.

3. In a centrifuge of the closed type, the combination with the bowl and its neck, of a bowl housing, a cover pivotally mounted about a horizontal axis on the housing, a packing box movable in the direction of the axis of the bowl and thereby engageable with the bowl neck, a cover top in which the packing box is seated, a bale swingable on the cover, and a screw carried by the bale and adapted to be turned to press down the cover top against the cover.

, 4. In a centrifuge of the "closed type, the combination with the bowl and its neck, of a packing box engageable with the bowl neck, an enclosure for the bowl, a collecting trough completely surrounding the bowl neck and carried by said enclosure and positioned below the packing box and adapted to receive leaking liquid and provided with a liquid outlet, an air chamber carried by the'enclosure, the upper wall of which forms the lower wall of the collecting trough, said air chambe! having an air inlet communicating with the atmosphere outside the enclosure and an air outlet communicatir 2 with the main chamber formed by the enclosure surrounding the bowl.

5. In a centrifuge of the fclosed type, the combination with the bowland its neck, ofan enclosure for the bowl; said enclosure comprising a lower housing, an open top cover pivotally mounted on the housing, and a packing box mount adapted to close the open top of the cover but removable therefrom; packing carried by the mount and engaging the bowlneck when the mount is in closed operative position, said mount being provided below the packing with a trough adapted to receive leaking liquid and with an air inlet below the trough adapted to supply a current of air to cool the trough wall.

6. In a centrifuge of the closed type, the combination with a bowl and its neck, a packing box engageable with the bowl neck and subject to leakage and an enclosure for the bowl, of a leak collecting trough, liable to be heated by conduction from the bowl neck, spaced from it and completely surrounding it below the packing box and provided with -a liquid outlet and means providing fora flow of cooling air in contact with the bottom of said trough.

7. Ina centrifuge of the closed" type, the combination with the bowl and its neck, of a bowl housing, a cover pivotally mounted on the housing, a cover top, a packing-box seated in the cover top and engageable with the bowl neck, the cover top being movable in the direction of the axis of the-bowl to engage the packing-box with and disengage it from the bowl neck, and means operable to confine the cover top against the cover, thereby maintaining the packing box in operative position, and to release the cover top to permit it to be lifted in said axial direction and thereby draw the packing box from the bowl neck, the cover being then swingableinto position to allow access to the bowl.


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