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Publication numberUS2005 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 16, 1841
Publication numberUS 2005 A, US 2005A, US-A-2005, US2005 A, US2005A
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Improvement in the manner of constructing molds for casting butt-hinges
US 2005 A
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KUNITED Sfrlvrns PATnNrOrnicn. i



Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 2,005, dated March 16, 1841.

To all; vwhom, t may concern:

Be it known that we, THoMAs SHEPHERD and THOMAS LORING, of the District of Southwark, in the county of Philadelphia and State of Pennsylvania, have invented a new and useful improvement in the manner of manufacturing butt-hinges by casting them in combined metallic molds of a particular construction; and we do hereby declare that the following is a full and exact description thereof.

Ve construct our molds of iron, placing one mold upon another so as to form tiers, one above th'e other, and in each mold at each pouring we cast a half-hinge, the molds containing` in the first pouring a pattern which occupies one-half thereof, and which is so constructed that it can be readily removed, leaving the half-hinge iirst cast still in the mold, and we then, by a second pouring, cast the second halves ofthe hinges. Instead of a joint-pin we usually cast the knuckles of one half the hinge with conical depressions or countersinks, which are to receive conical projections on the knuckles of the other half; but, if preferred, joint-wires may be inserted in the ordinary way, the respective halves being cast without conical projections.

In the accompanying drawings we have shown a combined mold for casting six halfhinges only at each pouring; but we intend 'usually to cast from twelve to eighteen, the number being limited only by what may be i'ound practically convenient, the particular construction not varying with the numbercast at one operation.

Figure l is a perspective View ofthe mold, A being the gate through which the metal is poured, which gate slidesin betweentwo tiers of molds, B B, which are held together by a band, B', and this may be tightened by a cam at C. The screws D D press and hold the respective tiers of molds together, said molds being surrounded by a casing, E E, for keeping themin place at the time of casting.

Fig. 2 shows the upper part of one of theindividua-l molds, having upon it the pattern of a half-hinge of ve knuckles as divided into parts forthe purpose of removing it from the mold after a half-hinge has been cast against it, the knuckles being furnished with conical protuberances and depressions in lieu of the ordinary joint-pin. F is the body ofthe mold, the lower side of which has a plain surface,

y place.

.and forms the top of the mold next belowy it, against which the back of the hinge is cast. The upper surface of the mold has four-or anyother desired number of protuberances, a a a a, which i'orm the countersinks for screwheads, and it also has a flute o'r concavity, b, for forming the knuckles or barrels oi' the hinge'. The pattern half-hinge c c is shown as divided into tive parts by sections across it, leaving the middle piece,- c, wedge formed, so that it may easily be slipped out, when c c may be readily removed. In the half-hinge, Fig. 3, d d are the conical projections and the dotted lines e e the conical depressions. Vhere there are but three knuckles to the hinge, the

pattern will admit of a more simple division. In Fig. 4 it is shown las divided into three parts only, the remoual of wedge-piece c admitting .of the delivery of thc conical protuberances dd,- or if the'half Fig. 4L becast iirst, the pattern which occupies the other half of the mold should be divided into two parts only by a section across its middle. By making the section obliquely instead of vertically through a pattern like Fig. 4, it may be made `to deliver when divided into two parts only.

Such a'sectipn is shown at f f, Fig. 5.

f The gate A is made in two parts, and has through each of its sides slots or openings opposite to the space in each mold, into which the metal is to be poured, as shown atg g g, Fig. 6, which is a view of the gate lremoved from its place between the tiers of molds.

When this compound moldis to beused,the patterns are placed on the side opposite to that in which the metal is to be poured, and the first halves of the hinges are then cast.

Vhen these have cooled the patterns are to be removed, the cast half-hinge remaining in The molds arethen to be put together, as beforefexcepting that the sides which contained the patterns are to coincide with the openings in the gates for the purpose of casting theremaining'half-hinges. When the casting has been thus completed and the hinges removed from the mold, they are to be annealed in the manner well known to ironfounders.

Having thus fully described the nature of our invention and shown how the same is to be carried into operation, what we claim therein, and desire to. secure by Letters Patent, is-

l. The manner in which We have construct` ed and combined the respective parts of our combined metallic mold for casting butt hinges, as above set forth-that is to say, the constructing of metallic molds so as to arrange them in tiers one above the other on each side of a metallic gate, and so as thatthe said molds shall contain at the time of the rst casting the patterns in the form of a half-hinge divided so as to deliver readily from the cast half, as herein described.

2. The manner of combining these molds so as that the lower sides of the pieces F shall constitute the half-,mold for each hingein the series, and likewise the so forming and arranging them as to render them capable of being reversed for the purpose of casting the second half of the hinge, the whole4 being formed, constructed, and operating substantially as herein fully made knowm THOS. SHEPHERD.


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