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Publication numberUS20060152116 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberUS 10/905,498
Publication dateJul 13, 2006
Filing dateJan 7, 2005
Priority dateJan 7, 2005
Publication number10905498, 905498, US 2006/0152116 A1, US 2006/152116 A1, US 20060152116 A1, US 20060152116A1, US 2006152116 A1, US 2006152116A1, US-A1-20060152116, US-A1-2006152116, US2006/0152116A1, US2006/152116A1, US20060152116 A1, US20060152116A1, US2006152116 A1, US2006152116A1
InventorsRhonda Shevrin
Original AssigneeRhonda Shevrin
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Jammed Drawers No More
US 20060152116 A1
This device would save time and wasted energy. It would also prevent drawers from jamming and eventually becoming broken. It would save the integrity of many useful kitchen utensils. This product will be easy to install and easy to keep clean. Because it is a clear material it makes it easy to see what's in the back of your drawers. Placing things in your drawer worry free offers peace of mind every time you put away your utensils and it will make opening your drawers easy every time. This will also prevent other things from falling behind drawers. This invention “Jammed Drawers No More” will work with or without drawer utility organizers. “Jammed Drawers No More” will enable cutlery drawers, flatware drawers, the “junk drawer” or just about any other drawer free from jamming and losing things out the back. This is my original idea and is not being sold in any stores and is not being offered as part of a cabinet accessory in any kitchen store that I have researched.
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1. My claim is that this product does not exist. This can be installed directly by drawer manufacturers and/or sold by stores such as Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, and other similar stores. The claim is that people would use this device in their drawers to store utensils in a certain position that would prevent the utensils from popping up and causing drawers to jam. This device would allow all types of utensils to be placed in drawers with out the hassles of getting the utensils stuck up in the drawer. The large awkward ends of the utensils would be placed into the drawer so that they would rest underneath this clear roof in the back, the utensil handles will be towards the front with easy access to use. I would produce these in different sizes so that they can be used in all sized drawers. I am also claiming that this product prevents papers and other objects from falling behind drawers. This product I am claiming is my original idea and it is not available anywhere. The claim is that it will prevent items from getting stuck up in the back of drawers and it will also prevent things from falling behind the drawers and into the cabinet base. This device I claim can be either screwed in place or secured by a fixing using Velcro.

This product would be made of Plastic/Lucite that is clear to look through. It is in the shape of an “L” with the long side extending out over the drawer. The short back strip would be attached to the back of the drawer. The back strip will be 1 inches in width with three screw holes across. See figure B for a view of the back strip that gets screwed into the drawer. The length across the whole device would be made to fit standard and custom size drawers. The part extending over the drawer (see figures A and C) acting like a roof, would have an overhang. The over hang would extend outwards towards the front of the drawer. This length would be 3 to 6 inches depending on the length of the drawer. The over hang would act as a roof for the back part of the drawer. This device would be made to fit all size drawers. This product could also be a fixed using Velcro as an alternative to using the screws.

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U.S. Classification312/348.3
International ClassificationA47B88/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47B88/20, A47B97/00
European ClassificationA47B97/00, A47B88/20