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Publication numberUS20070131699 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberUS 11/294,612
Publication dateJun 14, 2007
Filing dateDec 3, 2005
Priority dateDec 3, 2005
Publication number11294612, 294612, US 2007/0131699 A1, US 2007/131699 A1, US 20070131699 A1, US 20070131699A1, US 2007131699 A1, US 2007131699A1, US-A1-20070131699, US-A1-2007131699, US2007/0131699A1, US2007/131699A1, US20070131699 A1, US20070131699A1, US2007131699 A1, US2007131699A1
InventorsPatrick Pellegrino
Original AssigneePatrick Pellegrino
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Big ring
US 20070131699 A1
The device slips securely over the neck of the bottle or container preventing liquids that are being poured from a container and traveling down the outside of the container causing staining to the material below the container. The ring collar is lined with an absorbent material that absorbs the liquid and traps it inside the ring collar. The ring collaring tool is comprised of a main body with a removable absorbent material, which can be replaceable at a later date if necessary.
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1. A liquid or wine stain-preventing device in the form of a self-contained enclosure allowing for absorption of any excess liquids which are poured from a container and preventing damage to the surface in which the container rest upon. A solid main body in the shape of a ring collar with an inner layer of liquid absorbing material.

The present invention responds to the problems created and fills a need not addressed in the prior by providing an device that decoratively and functionally stops the stains created by the wine flowing down the sides of the bottle. The device is round in shape and approximately a diameter of forty (40) millimeters (mm) and sixteen (16) millimeters (mm) in height. The wine stain preventer (ring collar) described in the drawings is sufficiently to show the device as it will be manufactured.

Many liquids that are available in a wine bottle type container may also be prone to produce a stain when the liquid is poured and the bottle place down on a resting surface. The ring collar could be used to prevent stain in these cases also. The subject invention is a round ring that has the ability of preventing liquids from running down the sides of the container causing stains to occur. The ring collar will prevent stain(s), which at least will cause a decrease in laundering of linens and or requiring replacement of the linen(s) resulting in overall facility savings.


This invention relates to a device, which will prevent stains occurring from excess wine or other liquids from traveling down the outside of the container and preventing damage to the material below the surface in which the container rests upon.

Wine bottles have been in existence for a long period of time. When wine is poured from the bottle and then placed on a surface, which may result in a stained being produced.

Wine drinking is becoming more popular as people now believe that they can have health benefits from drinking wine in moderate amounts. Since the wine bottle is in greater use there are more stains being produced. These stains occur due to the small amount of wine that run down the side of the bottle due to the adhesive properties of the wine which creates stains that need to be removed from the surfaces that the wine bottle rests on. This is especially costly for restaurants and eating establishments that serve wines or other liquids that may stain the linen or surfaces that are below the bottle. There are many liquids that may stain the table linens.


The present invention relates generally to preventing stains resulting from liquids reaching the surface underneath the container that the ring had been placed on; particular, stains occurring from wine and other various materials.


The big ring may be made from almost any type of material. It appears that the best looking and most reasonable material to make it from is a plastic material. The inner absorbent material can be made from any material that will absorb a liquid easily and efficiently.


Outer and inner surfaces of the BIG RING

Outer Surface

FIG. 1 Top view of Big Ring

FIG. 2 Side View of Big Ring and circumference dimensions

FIG. 3 Top View of Big Ring and cross section at midpoint

FIG. 4 Side View of Big Ring and outside dimensions

FIG. 5 Side View of Big Ring

FIG. 6 Side view of Big Ring's dimensions of outside and inside which includes the absorbent material Absorbent Material located inside the Big Ring

FIG. 7 Top view of Big Ring and absorbent material

FIG. 8 Cross section view Big Ring and absorbent material

FIG. 9 Top view of absorbent material's length and width

FIG. 10 Top view of absorbent material thickness and length

FIG. 11 Cross section view of absorbent material thickness and width

U.S. Classification220/737
International ClassificationB65D25/00
Cooperative ClassificationB65D23/065
European ClassificationB65D23/06B