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Publication numberUS20070289602 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberUS 11/598,271
Publication dateDec 20, 2007
Filing dateNov 13, 2006
Priority dateJun 16, 2006
Publication number11598271, 598271, US 2007/0289602 A1, US 2007/289602 A1, US 20070289602 A1, US 20070289602A1, US 2007289602 A1, US 2007289602A1, US-A1-20070289602, US-A1-2007289602, US2007/0289602A1, US2007/289602A1, US20070289602 A1, US20070289602A1, US2007289602 A1, US2007289602A1
InventorsJoan Lillian Simmons
Original AssigneeJoan Lillian Simmons
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Rotating mascara applicator
US 20070289602 A1
This invention is in the field of cosmetics and pertains to the application of mascara onto the eyes. The new mascara brush invention allows mascara to be applied using a motorized applicator to impart the mascara on the eyelashes. This new motorized applicator can rotate and vibrate to allow maximum effect of application with far greater ease.
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1. I claim as my invention a “motorized” mascara applicator. Currently, the only means of applying mascara is with a manual brush. I wish to claim patent protection for a mechanical brush applicator with the ability to rotate and vibrate, allowing for ease of application of the mascara make-up.

This invention is in the field of cosmetics. The invention will improve the application of Make-Up, specifically the application of mascara onto the eyes, and take it from a manual operation into a motorized operation, thus allowing greater ease with far greater results.


This invention it aimed at advancing the application of make-up. Until now applying mascara is a manual operation. It requires some time to impart mascara onto every eyelash for the desired powerful effect—to obtain long full eyelashes. It also requires the dexterity to grip an applicator and turn it continuously, both above and below the lash, for often a period of 10 minutes or more to complete. The advantage of my motorized applicator is that the machine does the work of applying the make-up by simultaneously slowly rotating the brush head while vibrating it to allow make up to get onto and between each and every lash, without having to manual move the applicator around or back and forth slightly to get fabulous lashes. This is something that was impossible for me, having Rheumatoid Arthritis, a disease which has taken away my ability to grip and turn anything smaller.


There is only one drawing which is sufficient to show the mechanics of a motorized mascara applicator, detailing a power source in the head (handle area) of the applicator.


Currently, all mascara applicators in the market today are manually operated, meaning the person applying the make-up to the eyes has to manually turn and/or jiggle the brush in order to achieve the effect. Deposits of make up onto the eyes is a time consuming and somewhat cumbersome task especially for anyone with dexterity problems.

My mascara applicator has a power source in the head (handle), a battery, that will enable the wand and brush of the applicator to slowly turn and vibrate simultaneously, so that a person applying mascara need simply hold the brush up to their lashes, the machine does the work of applying the product, reaching every lash, getting fullness in between and creating one powerful effect in little time.

The head (handle) has a small switch to turn on/off the applicator, as well as a cover or cap in the top of the applicator to allow for the replacement of a battery, which is stored inside the handle that you hold for application. The handle also holds the tip of the wand that is rotated and vibrated by battery power. These are the key improvements to the manual mascaras, currently on the market today. The mascara itself is the same as is the storage well which hold the mascara liquid and the wand.

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U.S. Classification132/218
International ClassificationA45D40/26
Cooperative ClassificationA46B2200/1053, A46B13/02, A45D40/265, A45D2200/207
European ClassificationA46B13/02, A45D40/26C2