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Publication numberUS2007088 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 2, 1935
Filing dateMay 14, 1934
Priority dateMay 14, 1934
Publication numberUS 2007088 A, US 2007088A, US-A-2007088, US2007088 A, US2007088A
InventorsStewart Jones Harry
Original AssigneeStewart Jones Harry
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US 2007088 A
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July 2, 1935. H, s NE 2,007,088

PACKAGE Filed May 14, 19:54


} Patented July 2, 1935 r 2,007,088

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE PACKAGE Harry Stewart Jones, London, Ontario, Canada Application May 14, 1934, Serial No. 725,623

a 2 Claims. (01. 229-87) My invention relates to improvements in as to lie underneath the flap. The effect of the packages which may be used either for the distong y g underneath the flap, as shown in play of goods, or fo c ntain r, for merely Figs. 3 and 4, is to lock the two flaps so that the wrapping the same, same will not rise upwardly. It is. therefore 5 One object of my invention is to provide a evident that the more the packages tend to open 5 combined display card and a k hi h may or spread out the more securely will the tongues be opened or closed quickly, as desired, without adhere to the underside of the p ct v flap the necessity of adding sealing or fastening means, d a s a a y p s u aus d y th resi n y and which when so open ill aff rd a t d of the goods enclosed will enhance this feature.

substantial support and display for the goods. The tongues of one Side and Obviously the 10 Another object is to provide a combined disgrooves in the Same Side y be longer an play card and package, th fastening means for those of the other flap so as to more easily mesh holding the same cl d being i itself an the same by inserting the shorter tongues undermental feature to enhance the attractiveness of Heath the pp a longer p as a fi st 01 the display, eration, and then following with the insertion 15 A further and important object is to provide a of the opposite tongues under the second fl p. It package adapted to be quickly and easily opened 15 also Obvious that, in a smaller package, the and closed by interlocking means constructed in edges of each fl p y be previded With y such a manner that the tendency of the package or a w indentations an tongues to pr vid a to string open, due to the natural spring of the p p closure therefor. I v for a p in 20 board and the pressure of the goods inside, will n a raz l d p k in w h the edge enhance the security thereof. of one flap has only one tongue and the other Other objects as well as many advantages will edge f t Other fl p One Corresponding groove, become apparent in the following description of which pr v s a v ry a i f ry closur in this my invention supplemented by drawing, in which: CaSe- 25 Fig. 1 is an elevation of one package as used W n used as a p y as previeusly S a for display; the goods, such as a pair of ankle supporters Fig. 2 is a plan view of the blank required to Shown as an eXample in may b fastened make up the same; to the central portion of the package and any Fig. 3 is a top plan iew of th same h n suitable printing or illustration may appear 30 closed; around the goods and on the inside of the flaps Fig. 4 is an end view thereof; as well as on the outside, such as represented by Fig. 5 is a view of a portion of each flap showstraig n s in FigS- 1 a d ing the manner in which they are held together. Although shown and described on a flat pack- Similar characters of reference refer to corremy invention may be incorporated in a con- 35 sponding parts in all the views. tainer or package having a number of sides, the The package, as shown, consists of a Wrapper free ends having Corresponding ps p d of stiff or dense material In, such as stiff cardwith ton u s and n or m r v h tongues board, provided with flaps ll adapted to close over underlyin t e ps as a y mentionedthe goods, which goods may be preferably held From the foregoing it is evident that packages 40 to the central part of the wrapper, as shown in so constructed are adapted to numerous uses, are Fig. 1, by stitching, metal fasteners or other quickly and securely closed and opened as often means. The flaps may be spaced from the cenas required without injuring the wrappers and tral portion of the wrapper by integral side walls affording absolu e protection to the C n ents I2 formed by creases I3. thereof. It is also obvious that goods so put 45 The flaps are joined by means of series of inup may be displayed with advantage, returned to dentations and tongues on each edge thereof, stock, and afterwards handed to the purchaser adapted to mesh together, as shown in Figs. 3 in the original neat and compact form. and 4. The tongues are denoted by M, and the What I claim is:

grooves by Hi. It will be noticed that they are 1. A wrapper formed of an imperforate non- 5o alternately set so that when the package is folded metallic thin foldable one-piece web-like body, the tongues of one side of the package will register one side edge of said web being formed centrally with the grooves on the other side thereof. The with an extension, the other side edge of said tongues are preferably made to enter between two web extending in a single plane throughout, said respective tongues of the Other p in S a Way Web having finished end edges, each end edge con- 55 sisting of alternately disposed completely open notches and tongues, the tongues and notches of one end edge being alternately disposed with respect to the tongues and notches of the other end edge, the tongues of one end edge extending through the notches of and bearing against the inner face of said web leading from the other end edge and providing a sole means for connecting the ends of the web together for retaining the web in wrapping position.

2. A wrapper formed of an imperforate nonmetallic thin foldable one-piece web-like body of oblong contour, said web having one of its side edges formed centrally with an exten sion and its other side edge extending in a single plane throughout, said web provided with two spaced pairs of transverse scores, the scores of each pair being arranged in parallel spaced relation, the portion of the web between each pair of scores being of the same width, each pair of scores being located between the transverse median and one end of the web, the part of said web between the scores of each pair of scores forming the side walls of a package when the web is folded, that part of said web between the inner scores of said pairs of scores providing the bottom of a package when the web is folded, the parts of the web between the outer scores of the pair of scores and the ends of the web forming a pair of oppositely foldable front closure flaps for a package when the web is folded, each of said flaps having a finished outer end edge formed with one or more open notches and one or more tongues, the notches and tongues of the outer end edges of said flaps ooacting with each other and the tongues of the outer end edges of one flap coacting with the inner face of the other flap for detachably connecting said flaps together to close the front of a package.


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U.S. Classification229/103.2, 206/756, 229/156, 229/198.2, 229/155
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