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Publication numberUS2007235 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 9, 1935
Filing dateApr 20, 1934
Priority dateApr 20, 1934
Publication numberUS 2007235 A, US 2007235A, US-A-2007235, US2007235 A, US2007235A
InventorsRoy Woodside Elberta
Original AssigneeRoy Woodside Elberta
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Combined hat and shopping bag
US 2007235 A
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July 9, 1935. E. R. WOODSIDE COMBINED HAT AND SHOPPING BAG Filed April 20, 1934 Patented July 9, i 1935 n CoMemnn HnrAND SHOPPING BAG I 7 Elberta Roy woodsidabhicago, n1, Application April 2:0, 1934, Serial No. 721,444

havinga freely removable crown, which latter, when removed from the brimwill serve the purpose of a shoppingbagf At thesameitime the remaining portion of the hat may be worn .as a crownless hat, means being provided, if desired, for securing the hat upon the head against acci- "dental' displacement.

A further object-is to provide an improved article of this character in which the detachable crown may be worn by itself, independently offthe brim, or'employed; as a; shopping bag;

s A further object is to provideimproved means for detachablysecuring-the crown and brim of the hat together.

To the attainment of these ends and the accomplishment of other new and useful objects as will appear, the invention consists in the features of novelty in substantially the construction, combination and arrangement of the several parts hereinafter more fully described and claimed and shown in the accompanying drawing illustrating this invention and in which Figure 1 is a perspective view of a hat of this character constructed in accordance with the principles of this invention.

Figure 2 is a view similar to Figure 1, showing the crown removed.

Figure 3 is a detail view in elevation, on an enlarged scale, showing the detachable crown and the bag formation.

Figure 4 is a top plan view, partly broken away and on an enlarged scale, of one, form of the invention.

Referring more particularly to the drawing and to the form of the invention shown in Figures 1 to 4, the numeral llldesignates an annular hat brim member constructed of any suitable material, but

preferably a sheet of flexible material such as fabric and the same may, if desired, be reinforced and maintained in shape by a rim member Ii constructed of any suitable pliable material housed within the brim. g

This brim member is provided with an opening for the head, and which opening may be of any desired size and encompassing the opening is a flange member preferably in the form of an upright wall of'appreciable extent, so as to impart a certain amount of rigidity or stiffness to the portion of the hat brim which encompasses the head.

Secured to the wall of the opening, preferably to the upright portion l2 and arranged so as to l A V 3 claims; (o1. 2-175) This invention relates to impro veme'nt's in combinedjhat and'shopping bag} and one ofthejf objects of the same is to provide animproved hat:

cross each other, are flexible strips or members l3, any number of which may be provided but are preferably arranged in the form of. across, and if desired, these strips may be secured together at their crossingpoint as indicated at M.

The strips are of a length substantially greater than the diameter of the opening iii'the brim and constitute the solemeans of support for the brim upon the head. If desired flexible members or" tapes it may be secured tolthebrimso. as to pass; beneath the chin of the wearer to' holdthe hat brim against accidental displacement.

' The numeral l6 designates generally a crown .7

memberwhich is of any desired configuration and is constructed. of any suitable flexible inate rialysuch as fabric "and the like, and 'the'crown" member is preferably formed of two pieces of material l'l-l 8, each of which may be provided with a binding Ill-2d around the edges thereof.

The two elements ll-IS are superposed and are secured together along their edges in any desired or suitable manner, such as by means of stitching 2|, and portions of the elements are separate from each other so as to provide flaps on each side of the entrance opening between the elerlnents I7 and It so as to form a bag or receptac e.

Separable fastening members 22-23, any number of which may be provided, are arranged along the edges of the flaps so as to constitute closures for securing the bag in a closed position.

The numeral 24 designates a handle, which may be formed of any suitable flexible material and the 7 ends of the handle are secured as at 25 to one of the elements ll--l8, and by means of which handle the bag or receptacle may be transported.

When the element It is employed as a crown for the hat, the handle 2d is inserted into the bag between the elements I7 and I8 through the open portion thereof, after which the flaps 81-48 are secured in a closed position by means of. the fasteners 22 -23.

Secured also to the crown member are additional fastening elements 26, any number of which may be provided, and which fastening elements 26 co-operate with fastening elements 2'! that are secured to the brim member l0 so that when the crown member is placed in position upon the brim member the fastening elements 25 and one of the fastening elements 23 will engage and co-operate with the fastening elements 21 on the brim member In for detachably securing the crown member IE to the brim. The crown memher when in position will pass over and rest upon the flexible members l3 when the hat is on the head of the wearer.

With this construction it will be manifest that when it is desired to wear the article as a hat with a crown, the crown member I6 is secured to the brim member in the manner just described, and the parts will appear as shown in Figure 1.

When, however, it is desired to employ a crownless hat, the crown may be detached and the brim member then may be worn as a head covering, as shown in Figure 2. The crown may also be employed as a bag or receptacle when employed in the manner shown in Figure 3.

It will thus be manifest that the parts will be firmly secured together in this manner, and the crown may be employed as a head covering, and the brim member may also be worn as a head covering, each independently with respect to the other or, if desired, the crown may be secured to the brim to form a complete hat. 1

Obviously, any suitable or desired material may be employed, and the material may be of a waterproof. nature and'of a character that the device will be light in weight.

While the preferred forms of the invention have been herein shown and described, it is to be understood that various changes may be made in the details of construction and in the combination and arrangement of the several parts, within the scope oi 'the claims, without departing from the spirit of this invention.

- What'is'claimed as new is:-

1. An article of the character described comprising abrim member having ahead opening ,therethrough, one or more flexible straps of a length'greater'than the diameter of the opening and having portions thereof secured to the brim member, said straps extending across said opening whereby the brim member will be supported, when in use, entirely by the strap members engaging and resting upon the head of the wearer, a normally substantially flat crown member extending across the said head opening and resting upon said straps, and means for detachably securing the edge of said crown member to said brim, at points intermediate but spaced from the edges of the brim.

2. A combined hat and shopping bag comprising a brim member having a head opening therethrough, means other than the edge of said opening for supporting the brim upon the head, a separate and normally substantially flat bag constructed of flexible material and having an entrance opening between its walls, said bag being adapted to extend substantially fiat across the said opening in the brim so as to rest upon the said means to constitute a crown for the hat and to form a closure for the said head opening, and

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