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Publication numberUS2007432 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 9, 1935
Filing dateJun 12, 1933
Priority dateJun 12, 1933
Publication numberUS 2007432 A, US 2007432A, US-A-2007432, US2007432 A, US2007432A
InventorsEmanuel Mancuso
Original AssigneeEmanuel Mancuso
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Combination screw driver and socket wrench tool
US 2007432 A
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V- Y 1935; E. MANCUSO I 2,007,432

COMBINATION SCREW DRIVER AND SOCKET WRENCH TOOL Filed June 12, 1955 Patented July 9, 1935 OFFICE f coMBnvATroN SCREW DRIVER AND SOCKET WRENCH oot Emanuel Mancuso, Los Angeles; Calif.

Application June 12, 1933, sesame. 675,429

comin 1 (01. 81 -55 7 I This invention relates to improvements in tools and moreparticularly toyautomotive tools.

One of the objects-of this" invention is to pro:

7 .vide a simple? eiiicientcandinexpensive too1= nity -to-usea screw driver" and a socket both at the same time, i f desired. 1

the like, where it is necessary to effect the loos ing of a nut as well as of a screw concentrically associated with the nut, which, at present for the use of a socket wrench in one hand and of a screw driver in another hand, with the, nuisance always present of the operator jamming fingers or injuring his hands.

A further purpose hereof is to provide, in a tool of the'character described the desirable fea-' ture of quick attachment and detachment of socket wrench adjunct from the main body of the tool to enable socket wrenches of difierent sizes to beemployed.

Another important object of the present invention is to provide means for adjusting the'screw driver in the handle of the tool to properly position the working end of the screw driver withrespect to the work.

the nut to be loosened.

3 With the above and other objects in view ment and details of construction disclosed in drawing and specification, and then more particularly pointed ,out in the appended claims.

In the drawingwherein similar reference char- Figure 3 is a fragmental bottom plan view thereof,

Figure 4 is anelevation, partly in section my invention, 7

Figure 5 is a fragmental top plan view of bar handle, the screw tion,

Figure 6 is a fragmental bottom plan view of V the bar handle showing the screw driver and socket wrench holder in section,

signed primarily-to afford the user the opportuwrench Another object of this invention is to provide a tool for, convenientuse in connection with overhead valves of internal combustion engines and A still further object thereof is to provide means permitting play of the screw driver in a direction counter to the work, whilst the socket wrench is in engagement with the work, or with invention consists in the combination, arrangeof my invendriver being shown in sec- Figure '7 is a cross-section taken on line A -A of Figure 4, and j ,11 the screwdriver is designated I2 terminating in its working end l3. Secured in spaced parallel relationwith respect to the outer end of the flat 'bar handle A is a stepped support l4 forming a rest for the ferrule of the screw driver, this support being offset at 15 and terminating in a base portion I 6 which is secured by fasteners l! to the bar handle A.

The screw driver projects rotatably' through a hole formed in the support It, and 'alsoin a hole formed in the flat handle A, in such a manner that the ferrule I l rests upon the support. There is a contractile spring l8 coiled around the portion of the shank 12 of the screw driver which projects between the bar handle and the support his the

interchangeable selective reception of a pin [9, so that this pin may project slightly from the bar handle to prevent downward movement of the screw driver, the spring allowing the screw driver to be retracted in opposition to the spring.

As a means for detachably and releasably holdingany number of tubular socket wrenches of varying sizes and shapes, I provide a polygonal tubular member 2! which is made to fit a corresponding polygonal hole formed in the flat bar handle A. The inner part of this member 2| is flush with the top face of the bar handle A, and this member'has the shank I 2 of the screw driver rotatably mounted in its bore, in such 'a way that the shank projects below the bar handle and below the member 2!. A set screw 23 is employed 1 as ameans for securing the member 2| against displacement from the bar handle.

The tubular socket wrench is of standard construction and may be formed with flutedportions or serrations! upon its inner bore. The inner end of the socket wrench may be slightly increased in diameter and is formed at four circumferenthe the


being designated l I. The main shank or stem of I4, this last-named portion of the shank also having a series of holes 29 formed therein, for the shank of the screw driver and rest upon the fiat tially spaced apart points (two only of such parts being shown) with notches or cavities 29. The

polygonal member 2| is formed externally with a rectilinear groove 21, in which one end of a leaf or sear spring 25 is secured at its inner end, the terminal of this spring being bowed as at 25 so as to extend outside of the groove slightly so that it would require pressing this bowed part of the sear spring inwardly to permit the head of the socket wrench being fitted against the polygonal member 2|.

In use a socket is placed on'the member 2| and releasably secured thereto by its engagement with spring 25. lower serrated portion of the socket wrench onto the nut of a valve pusher rod, and the screw which is on the end of the pusher rod receives the working end of the screw driver. The user now grasps the bar handle and gives same a turn,

thereby loosening the nut, and atthe same time turns the screw driver, thereby loosening the screw, the auxiliary clamp of the tool engaging the pusher rod to steady the parts,'I do not limit myself to the exact details of construction save as pointed out in the appended claims.

What I desire to claim and secure by Letters Patent is: a g 1. A device as described consisting of a screw driver, a bar disposed angularly of the screw driver and receiving slidably the shank thereof, a prop secured at one end to said bar and supporting The operator or user now fits the the shank of said screw driver partially above the bar, a projection below the bar rotatably receiving the shank of the screw driver, means detachably securing a socket wrench upon the projection so as to surround the working end of the shank so as to allow the shank and wrench to work together, a coiled spring enveloping the shank and engaging the prop and a pin projecting fixedly from the shank, said pin resting upon the bar to prevent downward movement of said shank, and said shank being movable backward towards the prop against the tension of said spring.

2. A device as described consisting of a bar having a hole at one end a socket wrench carrier having a part detachably received in said opening, a set screw tapped into said bar and operative to lock the mentioned part to the bar, a screw driver having its shank rotatably projecting into the carrier and carrying a pin midway thereof which rests movably on the bar, a coiled spring enveloping the shank having its lower end resting upon said pin, a handle on the screw driver, andrigid means carriedby said bar engaging said handle to rotatably support it and being engaged by the upper end 01 the spring so that when the screw driver shank is raised the pin may compress the spring against said means.


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