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Publication numberUS2007626 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 9, 1935
Filing dateApr 14, 1933
Priority dateApr 14, 1933
Publication numberUS 2007626 A, US 2007626A, US-A-2007626, US2007626 A, US2007626A
InventorsWaring Olaf I
Original AssigneeVadsco Salcs Corp
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Capsule applicator
US 2007626 A
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July 9, 1935. o. l. WARING CAPSULE APPLICATOR Filed April 14, 1933 TOR;

` .ATTORNEY- @faf- Patented July 9, 1935 UN-i-.r Ep stare-sf eAr E nr ortica Y Y 2,007,626..` Y i CAPSULE APPLICATORE-V olafY I. WaringF1ushing,N.,Y-., assieme to Vadsco. Sales. Corporation; Long: Island i City, N; YI, a corporation of New ,York Application Aprili 14, .1933;v Serial No.` 666,090

v 3 Claims.

5 tainers. i

In the application of capsules of the indicated character itfiseSSential-that the capsule be insertedfthrough'a body orifice and deposited `some distancel from the mouth of' the oriiflcefin order Vmanner as is evident vfrom my specification' and* accompanying drawing.

In the accompanying drawingv illustrating. the deviceof mysinvention, similar parts are designated by similarnumerals.

Figure 1 isafpartially-vertical. sectionzof one. form of my device with a suppository. carried;

Figure 2 is a broken enlarged vertical section, illustrating a modied form of hygienic fabric material.

Figure 3 is an enlarged vertical section of the hand operating end of the device of Figure 1.

Figure 4 is a perspective view of a cover cap for my device.

Figure 5 is a partially vertical section of a modified form of my device.

Figure 6 is a vertical section of the head of a modified form of my device.

The device of my invention illustrated in Figures l. to 4 inclusive, consists of a body portion l0, having a conduit II extending therethrough, the upper portion I?. of said body conduit II is slightly greater in diameter than the remaining portion. The upper portion, or head, I3 of the body I0 is somewhat enlarged and has a shoulder It for purposes described later, and is extended into the reduced portion I5. The lower portion' of the body It is extended into the anlnular ange I6 for purposes of easy manipulation of the device.

The capsule depositing device, which is capable of longitudinal movement through the opening or conduit I I-I2 of the body member consists of a flexible rod, or wire, II, one end of whichis attached to the rigid rod I8, the latter extending beyond the body Il), carrying the annular flangeshaped member I9 which is spaced from the ilange I6 by means of the coil spring 2Il.

In the drawing the flexible rod I'I is affixed to My invention relates-to capsule applicators andv refersparticularly to Vdevices'vof.A this character. adapted for the insertion anddeposition'of capY the-rigidrOd 'ISJ by means oi athreaded end'2l` ofthecrod Il threaded in an opening 22ofthe rod'IS-' and soldered therein, but'other fastening means may be employed.

j TherodI lll'is affixed to the, annular flange- 5'* sliapedmemberby lmeans of the screw 23".

The ,other end of the flexible rod I'I issoldered'i to' thev annular' member 2t, the latter being threaded `toithe rigid ejector member, or plunger, 25"." l

The diameter of the body conduit II is enlarged toaccommodate the larger ejector 25, thus forming an annular shoulder 26.

annular capsule'holderZl has an annular' opening 28 and an extended annular ange '4.29,v the 15 capsule holder being so proportioned that it will t down voverthe body head it' andjbe frictionally heldin position.

Positionedover the outward face 3'is' asheet ofepliablematerial, or elastic material, said sheet 201 being .maintained in position between the ejector` 2l and -the'body head I'by means of the flange 29 abutting upon the shoulder I4.

The said sheet of pliable, or elastic, material acts as a closure for the head end o'f the body conduit, thus preventing the entrance of foreign substance from said conduit into the capsule chamber and into contact with a capsule therein without interfering with the operation of the ejector.

This said sheet of material may be large enough to allow of the movement of the ejector 25 without stretching the material as shown at 3| in Figure 1, or it may be of rubber as shown at 32 in Figure 2, 35 allowing of its stretching during the ejecting operation.

A protective cap 33 has a number of slots 34, 34, and is capable of being place-d over the capsule member 2l and held frictionally thereon, in order 40 to prevent the admission of foreign substances into the capsule chamber when the device is not in use.

The distance between the flanges I6 and I9 is the distance which the plunger 25 must move in 45 order to eject the capsule. These two flanges limit the forward movement of the plunger and the abutment of the member 25 upon the shoulder 26 limits its movement in the other direction. 5o

The operation of the device is as follows:-

The cap 33 is removed, a capsule 35 is placed within the capsule chamber 28, the device is inserted through the opening of` the body recess, or organ, until the capsule is in the desired position, 55

the flange I9 is moved in the direction of the flange I6 until they abut, this movement forcing the capsule outwardly from the capsule chamber 28 and the device is th-en withdrawn, and the cap 33 is replaced upon the capsule member 21.

The modified form of my device shown in Figure 5, is similar to that previously described, except that the body 36 is straight and the movable member 31 may be rigid throughout its entire length.

The modified form of my device shown in Figure 6 consists of a one-piece head 36 having an annular chamber 31 therein. An annular flexible cover member 38, preferably of rubber is maintained upon the head by means of the flange 3S. The cover member 38 is of such size that it will t Within the chamber 31 and can be extended outwardly by means of the plunger 25, as 38', thus allowing the ejection of the capsule 35. It Will be noted that the flexible cover member 38 prevents dust and other substances from entering the tubular member I0, and further it can be readily removed and cleaned before use, thus possessing hygienic properties.

While I have shown my device as being of an nular formation, it is evident that it may be of angular formation if so desired.

My invention, therefore, presents an effective and hygienic device for the internal application of capsules, suppositories and other similar containers.

I do not limit myself to the particular size, shape number, arran-gementsfor materials of parts as shown and described as these are given simply as a means for clearly explaining the device of my invention.

What I claim isi- 1. In a capsule applicator, in combination, a tubular body member, a head member to said tubular body member having an opening therein, a plunger movable longitudinally Within said body member and said head member, a separable an nular capsule container capable of attachment to said head member and having a capsule chamber therein in alignment with the opening in' said head member, a separable pliable closure member free from said plunger removably interposed in sealing relation between and held in place by the inner end of said capsule container and said head member and forming a seal between said head member opening and said capsule chamoer outwardly of said closure member, and means whereby said plunger may be moved freely against the inn-er face of said closure member for thereby causing a capsule within said capsule chamber to be ejected therefrom.

2. In a capsule applicator, in combination, a head, a chamber adapted to hold a capsule Within said head, a cap-shaped separately detachable sheet rubber cover member removably carried by said head extending over the entire outer face of the outer portion of said head and over said chamber therein and capable of placement within said chamber, an ejector capable of free abutment upon the inner face of said sheet rubber cover member and the outward movement of which is adapted to eject a capsule from Within sai-d chamber.

3. In a capsule applicator, in combination, a tubular body member, a rigid tubular capsule chamber` carried by an end of said body member in alignment therewith and into which the latter opens, a plunger slidable in said body member and adapted to enter said chamber, a pliable sealing member free from said plunger adapted to extend across said chamber and adapted for movement Within said chamber, and means whereby said plunger may be moved freely against the inner face of said sealing member for thereby causing a capsule Within said chamber outwardly from said sealing member to be ejected from said chamber.


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U.S. Classification604/59, 604/275, 604/218
International ClassificationA61M31/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61M31/00
European ClassificationA61M31/00