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Publication numberUS2007685 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 9, 1935
Filing dateJun 4, 1934
Priority dateJun 4, 1934
Publication numberUS 2007685 A, US 2007685A, US-A-2007685, US2007685 A, US2007685A
InventorsBlake Lyle George
Original AssigneeBlake Lyle George
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US 2007685 A
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July 9, 1935. G. B. LYLE Z,0@7,685

CONTAINER Filed June 4, 1934 FIEI 3 4 INVENTOR FIG 9 GEORGE BLAKE LYLE ATTORN EY Patented July 9, 1935 I 2,007,685

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE CONTAINER George Blake Lyle, San Mateo, Calif. Application June 4, 1934, Serial No. 728,921 4 Claims. (01. 40-4) This invention relates to containers and parand that said shoulder includes a portion I9 ticularly to improvements therein to the end which is at a right angle, or nearly so, to the that they can be labelled not only more quickly longitudinal axis of the bottle so that the straps but also in a more attractive manner. I4 lie flat and do not buckle. The shoulder por- Certain types of containers, such as those emtion I9 can be confined to the width of the strap 5 ployed for packaging hard liquors, usually are (Figures 1 and 4) or wider than the strap and labelled on the front and back face, that on the can either be at an angle to each face, as in front face to identify the origin of the liquor and Figuresl, 2, and 4, or it can be rounded and that on the back face to comply with certain curve into'the faces, as in Figures 7 andr9,

revenue requirements. Thus two labelling operafu her feature is that by providin he eon- 0 tions are necessary, not to mention a double press amer and label as described, it is possible to cost in printing. work out many novel and very desirable design In accordance with this invention I provide a features in the container and label to the end single label for both faces of the container and t xeitingly new container designs can be so fashion the container that the label is ac- Created. 35

curately centered as it is applied so that the I claim: a container is labelled in a single operation. It is In b t a b ttle hav a lon itudigenerally the broad object of the present innal axis running parallel to a neck on said bottle vention to improve containers and labels to the and perpendicular to shoulder portions on said end that not only is the cost Of th l bel nd bottle, andalabel apertured to slip over said neck 20 the labelling operation materially reduced but and having strap portions to pass over said that the appearance and attractiveness of the Shoulder portions, d label a ng front and package s enhanced. back portions adhesively secured to said bottle.

In the specification and drawing other features I11 Combination, a bottle having a i und objects 111 app hereaiten In id dinal axis running parallel to a neck on said 25 drawing; bottle and perpendicular to shoulder portions on Figure 1 is aside elevation of acontainer, while d bottle, and a label having front and back 7 Figures 2 and 3 are respectively views showportions respectively v ly secured to a ing a label being applied to the container and front face anda back face on said bottle, said plan of t l; front and back portions being connected by strap 30 Figure 4 illustrates application of the label portions passing O Said Shoulder p on shown in plan in Figure 5; 3. A bottle having a neck and opposite sides, Figures 6 and 8 are plan views of labels shown t Shoulder portion c t g said neck and on cgntainers in Figures 7 and 9; and sides and including a P01171011 substantially at a Figure 10 is plan View of another 1 3 1, 7 right angle'to the longitudinal axis of the bottle, 35

In accordance with this invention, I provide a a a label for Saidbottle Consisting of a Single label II with a front portion I2 and a rear por- Sheet apertured to D said neck and to p de tion I3 connected by straps I4. Each label can Connected label p ns fora front face and a be cut from a sheet so that the'legends for the rear face of s bottle, e of d lab l por- 0 f om; nd back n b printed together h tions being adhesively secured to said front bot- 40 straps I4 are formed by cutting an aperture I6 tle face and the other label p o being adin the sheet. This aperture can have any desired heSiVelY Secured to sa d rear bottle face.

configuration and in Figures 3, 5, 6, 8, and 10 I In Combination; a bottle having a e k, a

have illustrated a few of these. Generally the front face, a reel face, and d r portions nfig tio f the aperture is Such that it connecting said neck to sides of said bottle; a 45 operates with neck H of the home, when it is sheet label for said bottle apertured to pass said neck and provide a label portion for securing to ig ggfigafii hi 3532233 333522??? 22 5 said front face and another label portion for securing to said rear face, said portions being are then i i ii 'i i i Sg J 2 connected by straps forming said neck aperture, 50 f F er 6 a y eswe a f each of said straps fitting against that shoulder 1 bemg Fompletedf one operatlon wlth over which it passes, and means securing each the labels m exact P05111011 on the bottleof said label portions to a face of said bottle.

It is a feature of my invention that each bottle has a shoulder between a side I8 and neckl'l GEORGE BLAKE LYLE. 55

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U.S. Classification40/310, 40/672, 40/638, 40/673
International ClassificationG09F3/04
Cooperative ClassificationG09F3/04
European ClassificationG09F3/04