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Publication numberUS2008215 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 16, 1935
Filing dateApr 17, 1934
Priority dateApr 17, 1934
Publication numberUS 2008215 A, US 2008215A, US-A-2008215, US2008215 A, US2008215A
InventorsKennedy Robert D
Original AssigneeKennedy Robert D
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Display rack
US 2008215 A
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' y 1935.. Q R. D. KENNEDY 2,008,215

DISPLAY RACK Filed April 17, 1954 Robert Kennedy IN VEN TOR.


Patented July 16,1935 7 V r 2,008,215


DISPLAY RACK Robert D. Kennedy, Wichita. Falls, Tex. Application April 17, 1934, Serial No. 721,025 2 Claims. (01. 211-27) This invention relates-to exhibitors primarily Legs 8 and a foot 1 support the rack. The legs] designed for displaying merchandise, such as card 8 are attached to the back 6 and depend theretables, and aims to provide a rack for receiving from. The foot 1 is disposed at the front of the and holding a number of articles in convenient base and in line with the valley'formed by the form and exposing the salient features for ready oppositely inclined side portions thereof.

observation and comparison. Two sets of spacing strips are provided for The invention consists of a rack which is portthe base, one set for each side portion thereof. able and adapted to occupy a small space for stor- The strips 5 are spaced apart a distance to receive age and display and which, while sturdy, is light, the articles 9 to be supported therebetween.

. 10 compact and durable. Note Figure 2 of the drawing. The strips 5 pro- 10 The rack embodies a back, a base and sepa-' ject a distance beyond the upper outer edges rating strips arranged to support articles in of the base 4 to give ample support to the articles 7 upright position for ready and convenient in- 9. The strips 5 are attached to the base 4 and spection to facilitate selection and easy removal serve to stiffen and brace the same and prevent and replacement of the articles. warping even though the base consists of thin The invention provides a rack of small size material. capable of supporting a large number of articles The forward and downward inclination of the for advantageous display and storage in a limited base 4 results in articles 9 of uniform size receivspace. ing a stepped arrangement when placed in the While the drawing illustrates a preferred emrack. The opposite inclination of the side por- 20 bodiment of the invention, it is to be understood tions of the base prevent lateral displacement of that in adapting the means to meet specific needs the articles 9 and center them in the rack. The and requirements, the design may be varied and base is synclinal and maintains the articles 9 changes in the minor details of construction may in predetermined position. The strips 5 form be resorted to within the scope of'the invention pockets in which the articles to be stored are as claimed without departing fromthe spirit received. The simple,'light and compact structhereof. ture of the rack enables its ready handling and For a full understanding of the invention and use in limited spaces for purposes of display the merits thereof, reference is to be had to the and storage. following description and the drawing hereto Having thus described the invention, what I attached, in which: claim is: v

Figure l is a top plan view of a rack illustrative 1. A display rack comprising a forwardly and of an embodiment of the invention. downwardly inclined base having its side portions Figure 2 is a vertical transverse sectional view laterally and upwardly inclined from a medial of the rack on theline 2-4 of Figure'3, showing longitudinal line, and combined reinforcing and 35 articles in position. spacing strips attached to the top side of the base Figure 3 is a front view of the rack, partly filled, and projecting beyond the upper outer side edges and with parts of the spacing strips broken away. thereof.

Corresponding and like partsare referred to 2. A rack comprising an up back, a base in the followingdescription and designated in the projecting forwardly and downwardly from the 40 several views of the drawing by like reference back and having its side portions laterally and characters. upwardly inclined from a medial longitudinal line, The rack comprises a back 6, a base 4, and legs attached to the back and depending there spacing strips 5. The back 6 normally occupies from, a foot depending from the front of the base a vertical position to support flat articles, such in line with the valley formed between the oppo-. 45 as card tables, in upright position, as indicated in sitely inclined side portions thereof, and combined Figure 2. The base 4 inclines forwardly and reinforcing and spacing strips attached to the top downwardly from the back and inclines laterally side of the base and projecting beyond the upper and upwardly from a medial line, as indicated outer side edges thereof. most clearly in Figure 3. ROBT. D. KENNEDY. 50

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U.S. Classification211/27, 211/41.1
International ClassificationA47F7/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47F7/0042
European ClassificationA47F7/00D