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Publication numberUS2008539 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 16, 1935
Filing dateFeb 6, 1934
Priority dateFeb 6, 1934
Publication numberUS 2008539 A, US 2008539A, US-A-2008539, US2008539 A, US2008539A
InventorsBegle Ned G
Original AssigneeBerst Forster Dixfield Company
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Clothespin package
US 2008539 A
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Patented July 16,v 1935 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE CLOTHESPIN PACKAGE Ned G. Begle, Greenwich, Conn., assignor to Berst Forster Dixiield Company,

The object of this invention is to provide a simple, inexpensive and attractive package wherein the clothespins of commerce are compactly assembled and detachably maintained in parallel relation and wherein the assembly is covered and protected by a transparent wrapper, the clothespins thus wrapped being visible to the purchaser and also, when the wrapper is ruptured, being individually removable for use without disturbance of the remaining clothespins of the assembly.

According to my invention a series of corresponding clothespins are arranged in a row with their bifurcated portions extending in the same direction and rmly, yet detachably, straddling a supporting rod co-extensive in length with that of the row, and which row, or a plurality of similar rows, is or are covered with and encased byfa wrapper of transparent material, such, for example, as Cellophane, as will be hereinafter described; the scope of the invention being expressed in the appended claims.

In the drawing- Figure 1 is a perspective view of a clothespin package embodying the principle of my invention. 2 Fig. 2 is a transverse vertical section through the package.

Fig. 3 is a perspective View of a retaining and stiffening rod for a row of the clothespins.

The package illustrated in the drawing, as a form of embodiment of my invention, comprises two parallel rows A and B of clothespins 5, whereof one row is superposed atwise on the other. The bifurcated 'clamping portions 6 between the legs of the clothespins of each row extend in the same direction, and the assembled articles are firmly, yet detachably, held in close lateral relation by means of a retaining and stiffening rod, 1, which extends from end to end of the row, and is clamped by and between the legs or clamping portions of the clothespins.

The heads, 8, or handle portions of the connected clothespins of one row are oppositely-disposed with respect to the heads or handle portions of the clothespins of the other row to-enlar material, thereby providing a relatively rigidv package of convenient and neat form in which the clothespins are firmly maintained in close parallel relation and are individually visually ex- 5 and the appearance of the clothespins can be sure a compact and uniform disposition of the posed to the purchaser or user so that the number readily observed; thus contributing to the distinctiveness and the saleability of the packaged merchandise.

Since each individual clothespin of the package is securely held by the common retaining and stiiemng rod, the accidental endwise displacement of one or more clothespins with consequent liability ofv puncturing the wrapper, is obviated.

In addition, the described clothespin package possessesdistinct practical advantages in that 1 in the operation of packing the clothespins the counting and assembly of a predetermined number for a. package can be accomplished with accuracy and facility, and also .in that by opening one end of the wrapper either row of clothespins can be bodily extracted from the package and .each individual clothespin readily removed from the row without displacement of the remaining clothespins on the rod. Likewise when onev end of the wrapper is opened the clothespins can be individually removed from either or both rows without displacement of the enclosed remaining clothespins, and the wrapper can then be reclosed to protect the contents of the package.

It is to be noted that in the described plural row package of clothespins the retaining and stiening rods of the respective rows are in substantial parallelism and are oppositely spaced from the median longitudinal line of the package, thus providing throughout the length of the package plural supports which co-operate with the clothespins to provide a unitary package of pleasing form and appearance possessing increased strength and rigidity.

If desired the package may contain a single row of the detachably connected clothespins instead of a plurality of rows of the articles.

My invention is not limited to the particular form of clothespin herein illustrated, as, obviously, it is equally applicable to use in connection with any type of clothespins having clamping members.

I claim- 1. A clothespin package comprising a plurality of clothespins each having a pair of clamping legs arranged in a row and having their bifurcated clamping portions extending in the same direction, a rigid rod co-extensive in length with that of the row and clamped by and between the legs of the clothespins, said rod rmly, .yet detachably, holding thereon the clothespins in close lateral relation, and a protective wrapper 'of transparent material for said .clothespin assembly. 2. A clothespin package comprising a plurality of corresponding rows of eothespins whereof one row is superposed atwise on the other row with the bifurcated ends of one'row reversed with respect to those of the other row, rods ocr-extensive in length with that of the respective rows,l and clamped by and between the legs of the c1othes v aooeeo pins of the respective rows, said rods rmly, yet detachably, holding the clothespins of the respective rows n close lateral relation, and a protective wrapper of transparent material for said clothespin assembly.


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U.S. Classification206/342
International ClassificationB65D75/08, B65D75/54, B65D75/52, B65D75/04
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