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Publication numberUS2008949 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 23, 1935
Filing dateMay 25, 1933
Priority dateMay 25, 1933
Publication numberUS 2008949 A, US 2008949A, US-A-2008949, US2008949 A, US2008949A
InventorsEllsworth Charles K
Original AssigneeHinde And Dauch Paper Company
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US 2008949 A
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C'. K. ELLSWORTH July 23, 1935,

CARTON Filed May 25, 1933 1 l I I I I l/ I I I I I \|l E Y: K Wr/ V T ...IIII ||llIlIIIil .l|1 .l\ d un -1 --.141. D n N TL TMA l0, C u

@M afp y ATTORNEY@ y Patented July-23, 1935 UNITED STAT CARTON charla Ix. minerai, smanm, om,

. to The Binde and Dauch Paper Company.

dusk?, Ohio,v a corporation of (')hio Application May r 25, '1932, 'SerialfNm 672,779 y. 4 Claims. (c1. za-ss) My invention relates '.ton aeartQpLbQx, or like container/,andi for its objfe'ct 'to provide s'uc'h containerfth'at vwill'hold its contents firmly in place and `will 'not require stuing or packing 5 with tissue orV waste paper to filll inside space not occupied by the article packed, so as to`hold such article in place, nor require the article to be tied within the container to prevent shifting. Other important objects ofy the inventionrare to provide a container which can be quickly and easily assembled when packed, which will be selflocking without tying or the use of adhesives or other means of fastening, yetvwill remain securely closed, hold its rigid shape and provide safe carriage for the contents. -Such a container is particularly adapted -for use by retail stores in packing garments, such as lingerie, hosiery and similar merchandise which must be kept fiat so that it will no t bunch or wrinkle, but which therefore must be held firmly but not so tightly as to be crushed or creased. As further adapting my container for retail trade means may be included for enhancingv the ornamentalappearance of the package. l v l To the accomplishment of the foregoing and related ends, said invention, then, consists of the means hereinafter fully described `and particularly pointed out in the claims.

The annexed drawing and the followingdescription set forth in detail certain structure embodying the invention,v such. disclosed means constituting, however, but one of various structural forms in which the principle of the invention may be used. In said annexed drawing Fig. 1 illustrates a transverse cross section of the assembled carton; Fig. 3 is a perspective View of one end of the .assembled carton as formed from the blank of Fig. 1; Fig. 4 is the same section as Fig. 2, with the parts in a modified arrangement; and Fig. 5 is a, longitudinal section through the assembled carton on the line .5--5, Fig. 2.

'I'he carton may be made of any suitable material, such as corrugated board, solid ber board, 'or the like. Although corrugated board is illustrated, it is tobe understood that I do not restrict myself thereto but `may use any material having characteristics suitable for the purpose.

In the preferred form of blank herein illustrated, which is subject-to modification in details, within the scope of the invention, the scores for folding are illustrated by various dotted lines described in detail below, and a supplemental fastening means is also shown.

' blank for my improved carton; Fig. 2 is a medianV :Thecartoncomprises a `bottom I having end dla'psII and I2, and joined by sides I3 and I4 to the top I' and any inner flap I6 respectively. End aps II and -I8 and a side extension I9 are attached to the top I5. l

The bottom is defined by scored folding lines or creases A, B, C and'D as shown and the top vis similarly 'detlned .by folding lines E, F, G and H. yThe side pieces I3 and Il have end tabs 20 hinged along. folding lines J, 'these tabs being slightly narrower than the width of the sides to permit the carton to be folded for assembly.

The flap I9 is separated from the side elementA I4 by a creased folding line K. 'I'he flap I9 is creased as at L parallel to the side creases, so that-the outermost area 2I can be folded back over I9 as shown in Fig.2.`

Greases M, N, O and P parallel to the ends of the carton permit the respective end flaps II, I2, I1 and I8 to be folded at the-box height, so as ya. to divide these' ilaps into lupstanding end-por-V tions and reversible tongues for tucking under when assembling the carton, asis customary inthis art. 'I'he natural resiliency of materials generally usedin. this artrcauses the flapsfl'l and I8, when tuckedin, to tendsomewhat away from the surface I5.- Thus the flaps Il andHI8 bear against the top surfaceof the extension surface yI9in the assembled box and thus add to the downward spring of that extension. y

` A' reenforcing strip 24, which will preferably be a-paper or cloth tape, is indicated by dotted lines in Fig. 1 and is shown in its relation 'to the closed carton in Fig. 3.

As will be apparent from Figs. 1 and 2, when thev carton is folded the bottom I 0, top I5 and 'sides I3 and -II are brought into regular box formation. The naps I6 and I9 are directed inside the box withv the ap I9 overlapping. Previous to such assembly the edge 2I of the flap I9 is turned back as shown and suitably fastened in position, thus forming a rounded edge at L which will not injure any merchandise with which it cornes in contact.

The flap I6 is of such width as to underlie that portion of I9 between the outer edge of 2I and the fold line G. 'I'he natural resiliency of the material forces the ap assembly down on the merchandise in the bottom of the box. It will be understood that the merchandise is laid inv the bottom of the box before the box is closed and thus is positioned beneath the flap.

The end formations of the box are of customary character and are folded anditucked in as usual in closing the container, except that the naps' I1 The flaps I1 and It mayaiso be bent linesOandPifitisdesiredtogive resiliency.

The engagement of the ilaps Ii and i2 above the inner nap il and within the* angle at the; folding line G eilectively locks the carton Iin taut and is, in effect, tucked in between the edges G and K. This affords an additional reenforcing means whereby any tendency of the carton to bulge is counteracted. One or morey tapes 2l may be used, positioned as desired. A further advantage of the tape is that where the box surface is of a material on which printing cannot readily be done, the tape may also be used as a printing surface. f

In Fig. 4 a modiilcation of the inner ilap is shown in which the area beyond the folding line L, designated in the modiiled form as 2i', is turned upwards instead oi." under and is allowed to stand out on an upward 'inclination from the main portion I9' of the modiiled tongue. In this modification the edge or bearing surface, indicated as L', is thus smooth, so as not to injure fabrics against which it bears. Y

It will be seen from the foregoing that I have invented' a container which is particularly suitable for the purposes hereinbefore indicated, which is readily formed by the usual stamping processes from corrugated board or other suitable sheet material, which may readily be packaged and transported in the fiat condition and assembled expeditiously and without the need or any machinery when required for use. Fur- I therefore particularly point out and distinctly claim as my invention:

l. A container comprising, in combination,

-two overlapping naps fastened to the container wards a side of the container ,remote from said attaching edge,l and side flaps engageable in the angle between said ioprand said ilap.

3. In combination, a container adapted to be pre-formed as a flat blank and comprising a plurality of inter-hinged surfaces, flaps adjacent two of said surfaces adapted in the assembled container to overlap and to be hinged along a common edge, and tongues adapted to be tuckedv in the container ends to interlock with said flaps.

4. In combination, a container adapted to be pre-formed as a tlat blank and comprising a plurality of inter-hinged surfaces, flaps adjacent two of said surfaces adapted in the assembled containerto overlap and to be hinged along a common edge. and a flexible member closely disposed across the entire ultimate outer surface of said blank, the intermediate length of said flexible member being free from said blank, whereby when said container is assembled said flexible member is stretched closely therearound and its ends caught between said overlapping flaps.


f equivalent of such stated means be employed. `l

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U.S. Classification206/278, 206/293, 229/120.12
International ClassificationB65D5/50
Cooperative ClassificationB65D5/5016
European ClassificationB65D5/50A4