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Publication numberUS2009899 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 30, 1935
Filing dateMar 15, 1934
Priority dateMar 15, 1934
Publication numberUS 2009899 A, US 2009899A, US-A-2009899, US2009899 A, US2009899A
InventorsCarl J Nagl, Bart E Scanlon
Original AssigneeNortham Warren Corp
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US 2009899 A
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y 9 c. J. NAGL El" AL 2,009,899

BRUSH- Filed March 15, 1934 PM M ENTORS BY )jLm/MQ.

ATTORNEYS Patented July so, 1935 2 009,399

UNITED STATES PATENT, OFFICE BRUSH Carl J. Nagl and Bart E. Scanlon, Omaha, N8b1., assignors to Northam Warren Corporation, New York, N. Y., a corporation of New York Application March 15, 1934, Serial No. 715,602

6 Claims. (01. 91-672) This invention relates to improvements in firmly hold the bristles of the brush as shown brushes and more particularly to a combination in Fig. 9. brush and bottle cap ailixed thereto. The diameter of the washer I4 is carefully A particular object of this invention is the procalculated so that when it is passed over the 5 vision of an improved brush of the small camels shaft; I1 at its upper end where it is held upon 5 hair type with a shaft made of aluminum or simithe nib I 9, the washer l4- contracts the shaft II lar metal which can be economically manufacupon the nib I9 so as to compress it against the tured and which can be readily and permanently nib and at the same time the upper surface of afilxed to the cap of the bottle in which it is the washer I5 exercises considerable pressure 10 used. upon the gasket 20 so as to permanently hold 10 Further objects of the invention will be apthe gasket 20 in place. parent from the specification and drawing in The result of. this is, that when the cap is unwhich: screwed from the bottle, there is no tendency Fig. 1 is a perspective external view of a conexhibited for the gasket 20 to loosen itself from tainer with a bottle cap containing my improved the cap 18, which in the case of other construc- 5 brush. tions, often happens, because normally when the Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the bottle cap cap I8 is in place upon the bottle, the gasket and brush removed from the bottle. abuts the upper edge of the bottle and the cap Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the metal blank is adherent thereto. 20 from which the shaft of the brush is manufac- By the foregoing construction we have made 20 tured. an economical form of combination cap and Fig. 4 is a perspective View of the metal blank brush. after the first operation on same. It is apparent that modifications may be made Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the metal blank in the form of this cap and brush without deafter being formed into a tube. parting from the spirit of our invention. 25

Fig. 6 is a front elevation of the washer em- What we claim is: ployed and which will be hereinafter described. 1. In combination, a threaded bottle cap of Fig.7 is a crosssection of the washer. composition material, said bottle cap having a Fig. 8 is a perspective view of the assembly of nib thereon in the center thereof, a gasket on the brush shaft with the washer. the inside of said bottle cap, a brush having a 30 Fig. 9 is a longitudinal section along the line shaft located on said nib and a, washer applied 9-9 of Fig. 2, showing all the parts of the brush, to the upper end of said brush shaft and simulwasher, and cap. taneously compressing the handle of the brush l0 designates the blank from which the shaft 1 against the nib and the gasket against the cap.

formed; I the U-ShfiIJEd form which it assumes In combination, a, threaded bottle cap hav- 35 in Fig. 4; I2 the circular form which it assumes ing a nib in the center thereof, a washer on the in Fig. 5; I3 is the overlap shown in Fig. 5; I4 is inside of said cap fitting over said nib, a camel's the washer having he body 5 and t e Collar l6; hair brush having the handle thereof fitting I'I designates the completed shaft of the brush; over said nib, and a metal washer with a collar 40 I8 is the cap; I8 is the threaded portion of the thereon, the body of said washer compressing the 40 cap; IS, the nib of the cap, and 20 thegasket'or gasket against the cap and the 'collar of said lining in the inside of the ca 2|, are the bristles Washer compressing hehand against th ni constituting the brush; 22 designates the upper In c0mbinati011, p av a 11110 i he end of the brush members; 23 is the m center thereof, a hollow brush shafthaving its In practice it has been found a highly ecouppe? end sxtending over said i gasket on 45 nomical method of forming the shafts of these P slde of Sand Z covermg the base of brushes by using a sheet aluminum blank of the said nib, and a washer simultaneously compress- I n brush shaf n the asket. type Shown m 3 and successlvely formmg 1 3?: combinatio n a cap o f composition matesame into the shape shown in Figs. 4 and 5, in-

r. na t t f, stead of using a seamless tubing for this purpose. m1 havmg a 1b m he m enor thereo hol low brush handle having its open end covering After the shaft of the brush assumes the shape Said nib and supported thereby, a gasket on the show In the brush element 15 then inner side of said cap and a metal washer simulserted into the narrow end of the shaft and the t usly compressing the end of the brush 55 end of the shaft is swaged or contracted so as to handle and said gasket. 55

5. In combination, a cap having a nib in the center thereof and integral therewith, a hollow brush shaft having its upper end extending over said nib, a gasket on the inner side of said cap adjacent the base of said nib, and a washer simultaneously compressing the end of the brush shaft and the under surface of the gasket so as to hold both shaft and gasket permanently in place.

6. In combination, a cap having a nib in the center thereof and integral therewith, a hollow brush shaft having its upper end extending over said nib and its opposite end contracted to permanently hold a brush in place, a gasket on the inner side of said cap adjacent the base of said nib, and a washer simultaneously compressing the end ofthe brush shaft and the under surface of the gasket to hold both shaft and gasket permanently on said cap.



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U.S. Classification401/129
International ClassificationA46B11/08
Cooperative ClassificationA46B11/08
European ClassificationA46B11/08