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Publication numberUS2010342 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 6, 1935
Filing dateApr 28, 1934
Priority dateMay 3, 1933
Publication numberUS 2010342 A, US 2010342A, US-A-2010342, US2010342 A, US2010342A
InventorsWoods William
Original AssigneeWoods William
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Foldable table
US 2010342 A
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Aug. 6, 1935. .w. WOODS FOLDABLE TABLE Filed April 28, 1934 I fvwerator lfli'lha'm fiends a J/WZQM 4 tier-we,

Patented Aug. 6,1935

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE Application April 28, 1934, Serial No. 722,823 In Canada May 3, 1933 2 Claims.

The invention relates to improvements in tables as described in the present specification and shown in the accompanying drawing that forms part of the same. a

The invention appertains in particular to a folding table in which the legs collapse against each other and the top is removable in order that the table may occupy but little space when not required. It is admirably suited for use as a card table or for serving cofi'ee and for many other occasional uses.

The invention consists essentially in setting the top in notches in the legs and providing one of the legs with a hinged upper end, spring urged to its normal position, the legs being swivelly connected together in pair so as to fold. This hinged upper end of one of the legs enables the top to be inserted in the notches of the other three legs when the leg structure is unfolded. The hinged part is swung clear by the provision of the hinge which allows insertion of the top and when this part is returned to its normal position the spring applies suflicient pressure to secure the top firmly in place.

Referring to the accompanying drawing: Figure 1 is a perspective view of the table in which view a second position of the hinged part of one of the legs is indicated in dot and dash lines.

Figure 2 is a perspective view of the top.

Figure 3 is a side elevation of the leg structure when folded.

Figure 4 is a detail of the upper portion of the leg with the hinged top.

Like numerals of reference indicate corresponding parts in each of the figures throughout the drawing of the invention.

In the drawing the reference numeral 5 denotes the top of the table which is preferably of a circular shape as shown. The legs, four in number, are divided into pairs. The diametrically opposite legs 6 and I are rigidly secured to each other by means of the cross pieces 8 and 9, while the legs in and H are similarly secured together by means of the cross pieces 12 and I3. The cross pieces of one pair of legs intersect those of the other pair of legs and the point of intersection lies at the centre of the table where the crossing members are swivelly connected together by pins M in order to allow of the leg sections folding and unfolding.

The top end of each leg is notched as at [5 5 in order that the margin of the top may fit there in. One of the legs, say number I0, is divided near its top end at l6 so as to form a separate top piece [6 bearing the notch. This is hinged at its outer face as at IT to swing away from the top 5. Upon the inner side of the hinge the top piece 16 is held to its normal position by one or more tension coil springs I8. v

Accordingly, to assemble the table it is merely necessary to unfold the legs and pull outwardly on the top piece l6 of the leg Ill, which swings on its hinge and when past dead centre is held by the spring or springs. The top 5 is inserted in the notches [5 of the other legs and then the top piece I6 is reverted to its normal position in order 20 that its notch may engage the edge of the top and tightly secure it by means of the tension of the spring pressure.

It will be manifest that this construction enables the table to be readily folded and unfolded, and moreover is inexpensive to manufacture and is serviceable in use.

What I claim is:-

1. A table comprising a top, and a detachable leg structure, said top and said leg structure being interfitted by means of notches, one of the legs of the structure being divided in the vicinity of its upper end and the upper part thereof being pivoted to the lower part, and a tension coil spring attached to both the upper and the lower parts of this leg to one side of the pivot so as to hold the upper part in its normal position.

2. A table comprising a top, a pair of legs rigidly connected by cross pieces, a pair of legs likewise connected by cross pieces and swivelly attached to 40 said cross pieces so as to compose foldable sections, one of the aforesaid legs comprising an upper and a lower portion, a hinge connecting the two portions, and a spring on said one leg to urge the upper portion to its normal position.


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