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Publication numberUS2010867 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 13, 1935
Filing dateMar 13, 1934
Priority dateMar 13, 1934
Publication numberUS 2010867 A, US 2010867A, US-A-2010867, US2010867 A, US2010867A
InventorsKubo Hisaji
Original AssigneeKubo Hisaji
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Postcard for phonographic recording
US 2010867 A
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Aug. 13, 1935.


Filed March 15, 1934 Vg, KUB@ 2,010,867


Hisaji Kubo, Shiba-Ku,

13, 1934, Serial No. 715,288

Application March 1 Claim.

This invention relates toa postcard for phonographic recording, which is made by pasting to the ground paper of postcard size a thin aiuminum oxide sheet obtained by oxidizing the surface of a thin aluminum sheet by so-cailed anode treatment. The object thereof is to obtain a postcard for phonographic recording which enables a correspondent to record his voice or a piece o! music on it besides writing his business.

The known phonograph record of postcard type is made by pasting a celluloid sheet with a sound previously recorded to the ground paper, so it is impossible to use it for a communication purpose by recording a message. Now, this invention is postcard for phonographic recording made by pasting to the ground paper oi postcard size a thin aluminurnoxide sheet obtained by oxidizing the surface of a thin aluminum sheet by so-called anode treatment. According to this invention unlike the knownpostcard of this type, it is possible to record ones own voice and also write amessage.

Referring to the accompanying drawing,

' Figure 1 is a plan of the postcard for phonographic recording according to this invention, partly broken away, and

Tokyo, Japan Figure 2, an enlarged sectional view of the same.

In the drawing, a thin aluminum oxide sheet i obtained by oxidizing the surface oi a thin aluminum sheet by so-cailed anode treatment is pasted 2 oi postcard size and then is pierced with a round hole 3 in which to insert the rotatable shaft of a phonograph. In this invention, if letters are written in ink on the aluminum oxide sheet pasted to the ground paper, beautiful lustre and will not be wiped out even with a wet cloth, Moreover, as an aluminum oxide sheet has very ideal hardness for recording a sound with a needle which has diamond at its point and also for reproducing such a sound with a steel needle, it has the practical advantage oi enabling a correspondent to record his voice or a. piece oi music on it besides writing his business.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is:

A postcard for phonographic recording, comprising a paper base of postcard size and thickness, and a thin aluminum sheet secured on said y base and having an aluminum oxide iilm on its surface.


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U.S. Classification369/273, 206/309, 229/92.8, 281/38, D19/6, 369/286, 369/288, D14/478
International ClassificationB65D8/04
Cooperative ClassificationG11B7/24