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Publication numberUS20110108550 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberUS 12/615,884
Publication dateMay 12, 2011
Filing dateNov 10, 2009
Priority dateNov 10, 2009
Publication number12615884, 615884, US 2011/0108550 A1, US 2011/108550 A1, US 20110108550 A1, US 20110108550A1, US 2011108550 A1, US 2011108550A1, US-A1-20110108550, US-A1-2011108550, US2011/0108550A1, US2011/108550A1, US20110108550 A1, US20110108550A1, US2011108550 A1, US2011108550A1
InventorsMarilyn Vines
Original AssigneeMarilyn Vines
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Connecting Pouch with Magnets
US 20110108550 A1
A zipper pouch—that can be of any size—featuring magnets that are embedded within the interior lining of the pouch. The polarity direction of each magnet is equal on the pouch, thereby facilitating the attachment of mating profile pouches. This synthesized magnetic polarity enables multiple connection configurations of mating profile pouches: the attachment of one mating profile pouch directly on top of another mating profile pouch, and the attachment of a mating profile pouch's upper panel to the lower panel of another mating pouch. The magnets are positioned to each upper and lower panel and equal in number and positioning per pouch; however, the total number of magnets per pouch can vary, depending upon the scale and weight capacity requirements of the pouch. The illustration shows the established mirror positioning of the magnets along the top and lower panels of the pouch. The upper magnets are adhered to and placed in-between the pouch's back interior lining and modesty fabric panel. The lower magnets are adhered to and placed in-between the pouch's lower front panel and modesty fabric panel. Each modesty fabric panel conceals the magnet from the pouch's interior view.
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1. The case of claim 1, wherein the male and female polarity directions of each magnet being equal on the pouch facilitates the attachment of mating profile pouches.
2. The case of claim 2, wherein this synthesized magnetic polarity enables a mating profile pouch to be placed directly on top of another mating profile pouch to vertically stack and connect one or more pouches.
3. The case of claim 3, wherein this synthesized polarity enables the pouch's lower panel to attach to a mating profile pouch's upper panel to connect one or more pouches in a hanging, and tiered suspension.

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The present invention relates to organizational storage (for travel, garment and grooming products) making it easier to meet each end-user's unique requirements.

Traditional storage bags and pouches used for travel and home (including garment, personal grooming product, cosmetics and jewelry bags) offered a wide variety of shapes, styles, and internal arrangements. In general these bags were distinctively designed for each article category's specifications, which resulted in a style that restricted the use, design, and storage capacity of the bag. This was found to be inconvenient and limiting for the user since it prevented the flexibility to customize and adapt the storage bag specifically for his or her intended usage and content type. The result was the user was often required to have several different types of storage bags to accommodate various articles for home and travel organization.

An additional inconvenience resulting from traditional organizer bags and pouches was the transference of contents from the user's home storage location into a bag or pouch suitable for transport. Therefore, it is an object of the invention that the home and travel organizational storage pouch remain equally as relevant and functional, regardless of the user's environment.

It is a primary object of the invention to provide a modular home and travel organizational storage system that will neatly carry and arrange articles of any size and shape through a simple pouch design that can be added to with as many mating profile pouches that the end-user requires, thus holding no restrictions on storage capacity.

The final object of the invention is to provide further modular functionality by enabling flat and hanging storage usage.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent upon reading the following detailed description and upon reference to the drawings. Throughout the drawings, like reference numerals refer to like parts of the invention.


It is the principle object of the present invention to provide an improved pouch for home and travel storage.

A further object is to provide a pouch that can be constructed in varying sizes and capacity without necessitating design or structure variations to deliver the distinguishing performance characteristics of the present invention.

A still further object is to provide a pouch that can adapt to the user's unique and variable storage capacity requirements for travel and home through providing integrated connection means within the pouch's infrastructure which enables multiple mating profile pouches to attach to one another, and therefore adding further storage for the user as required.

A final object is to provide such a storage pouch system that delivers multiple layout potential when mating profile pouches are attached. Such layouts are: vertical stack and hanging tiered suspension.

The above and other objects and advantages are attained in accordance with the present invention by providing a pouch having magnets affixed to the interior lining of the pouch's upper and lower panels. Due to the magnetic polarity of each magnet being equally directed, mating profile pouches can be attached to another mating profile pouch through the magnetic pull force. When all magnets from one pouch are directly positioned over a mating profile pouch, the multiple pouches layer over each other and securely connect. When the lower magnets of one pouch connects with the upper magnets of a mating profile pouch, the lower pouch suspends from the lower panel of the other pouch, thereby facilitating a hanging display of the pouches.


FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing the pouch embodying the present invention in its front exterior appearance and indicating the positioning of each magnet within the pouch's interior.

FIG. 2 is a perspective view of the pouch shown in FIG. 1 showing the pouch from a direct left view point, thereby exposing the pouch's exterior and interior fabric layers, closure and magnetic components and configuration.

FIG. 3 is a fragmentary sectional view to expose the fixation and concealment system of the magnetic components.

FIG. 4 is a left perspective view of the pouch shown in FIG. 2 with a mate profile pouch in a vertical stack configuration, showing the magnetic attachment points of multiple pouches.

FIG. 5 is a perspective view of two mate profile pouches shown in FIG. 1 in a tiered configuration, showing the magnetic attachment points for hanging usage.

FIG. 6 is a left perspective view of two mate profile pouches as shown in FIG. 5, exposing the magnetic attachment points.

FIG. 7 is a left perspective view of two mate profile pouches in vertical stack position, when the top panel magnetic attachments are released and the bottom magnetic attachments are in place, exposing the ability of a mate profile pouch to fold back and reveal the underlying pouch.


While the invention will be described in connection with a preferred embodiment, it will be understood that it is not intended to limit the invention to this embodiment. On the contrary, it is intended to cover all alternatives, modifications and equivalents as may be included within the spirit and scope of the invention as defined by the appended claims.

Reference is now made to FIG. 1, there is shown the magnetic pouch arranged and fitted in accordance with the present invention. It will be understood that the magnetic pouch can take any convenient shape, can be made of any combination of suitable flexible or rigid outer materials, and can be provided within a suitably attractive outer appearance. For example, the pouch can have a rigid plastic back exterior and clear vinyl sheet front exterior for additional durability and support.

The magnetic pouch illustrated in FIG. 1 wherein a pouch formed of fabric, sheet vinyl or any combination of both materials and utilizing magnets in accordance with the present invention is depicted. The pouch comprises of a back wall 1, front wall 6 with zipper closure 7, top and bottom front wall panels 2,3, magnets positioned to the interior side of the bottom front panel 4 a, 4 b, magnets positioned to the interior side of the upper back wall 5 a, 5 b, two eyelets pierced through the top panel 9 a, 9 b, and cord or elastic threaded through the two eyelets on the upper panel 8.

As shown in FIG. 2 the upper magnets 5 are affixed directly to the interior facing side of the top portion of the back wall 1, and the lower magnets 4 are affixed directly to the interior facing side of the bottom front wall panel 3. The magnetic polarity direction of each magnet is equal; for the purpose of this description, all magnets have north poles facing towards the front wall of the pouch.

As shown in FIG. 3 a the magnets 2 are directly affixed to the relative surfaces 1 and covered with a piece of fabric 10 to conceal the magnets from the interior view. FIG. 3 b shows the fabric piece 10 layered over the magnets and encompassing the complete width of the pouch, and equal height of the top and bottom panels.

As shown in FIG. 4 the pouch as referenced in FIG. 1 (for reference in this description is titled as “pouch 1”) has a mating profile pouch (will title as “pouch 2”) placed directly on top of pouch 1. This drawing exposes the magnetic polarity match of pouches 1 and 2 4,5,14,15 which therefore mates and connects the two pouches. Since the polarity direction of the pouch described in this invention is consistent, this diagram illustrates that any number of pouches when placed directly on top of another mating profile pouch will always connect.

As shown in FIG. 5 is a front facing perspective of pouch 1 and pouch 2 in a vertical tiered position. When pouch 1 lower panel magnets 4 a, 4 b are mated with pouch 2 upper magnets 15 a, 15 b the lower pouch suspends from pouch 1 through the mating magnetic polarity to hold pouch 2. This suspension is further supported by a cord or elastic 8 which is threaded through eyelets 9 a, 9 b along the upper panel, thus enabling the two pouches to be suspended from a hook, doorknob or garment hanger. FIG. 6 is a supportive illustration of FIG. 5 that exposes the magnetic connection points of pouch 1 and 2 from a side view.

FIG. 7 offers a side perspective view that shows when pouches 1 and 2 are in a stacked position as referenced in FIG. 4, pouch 2 can retain magnetic connection with pouch 1 along the bottom panel 4, 15, while releasing the upper magnetic connections 5, 14. The release of the upper magnetic connections 5, 14 therefore enables the upper pouch, to fold back and reveal the front wall of pouch 1 6, and therefore access to and view of its contents.

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