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Publication numberUS2011889 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 20, 1935
Filing dateDec 21, 1933
Priority dateNov 16, 1933
Publication numberUS 2011889 A, US 2011889A, US-A-2011889, US2011889 A, US2011889A
InventorsMarc Birkigt
Original AssigneeMarc Birkigt
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Magazine for the automatic feeding of objects
US 2011889 A
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20, 1935. M. BIRKIGT MAGAZINE FOR THEXAUTOMATIC FEDING OF OBJECTS Filed Dec. 21, 1935 A ..1 lllk.: L: i- -L E NQ NN Q lnllhlslhl'hla a m m 1 w n .j E,

' Patented-Aug. zo, 1935 'PATENT orf-ica mesma ron 'ma Ao'roMa'rrc FEEDING Y or omc'rs Marc BirkigtBois-Colombes, France Application December 21, 1933, serial No. '103,496

A In Belgium November 16, 1933 6 Claims.

10 magazines have been previously lled.

The object of my invention is to provide a magazine of the type above referred to which is both more reliable and more eicient in working than the similar mechanisms -that have been used up to the present time. To this eilect, the magazine according to my invention includes a spiral-shaped slideway or guide in which the objects are stored, one behind the other, and an arm slidably carried by a shaft subjected to the action of elastic means tending to rotate it, the end of said arm being caused to move along said slideway and bearing against the last of these objects so asto push it along this slideway. With this arrangement, the whole of the objects present in the magazine is urged towardv the outlet thereof, which coincides with the outer end of said spiral-shaped slideway.

Other featuresv of my invention will appear from the following detailed description thereof.

tion will be hereinafter described withreference to the accompanying drawing, given merelyby way of example, and inwhich:

' Fig. l is a sectional view, on the line i-I of Fig. 2, of a magazine for the feeding of pins according to the present invention;

Fig. 2 is a sectional view of thesame magazine on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1.

It will-be assumed, in the following description,

' t that the magazine is intended te feedv substantially cylindrical pins to an automatic machinetool capable of machining them, but this assumption is made merely in order to facilitate ex-l planations and it should be well understood that A preferred 'embodiment-of the present invenorifice, which win be hereinafter referred to, for

the outlet of said pins.

I provide, within this casing, spiral-shaped slideways or guides.

Theseslideways advantageously consist of two portions d1 and d2 respectively xed to said side plates. These slideways are arranged in such manner that they can guide each one of the ends of the` pins to be fed by the magazine, the spiral- 'sh'apd giiideway ending on theoutside of the ori- 10 nce' above referred to,

1. ...These guideways may-for instance consist of al metallic band fixed at right angles to the corresponding side plate of the casing along a spiral line, such that the successive spires are at a disl5 tance from one another only slightly greater than th'e diameter of the pins to-be f ed by the magazine.

The side plates are provided, irtheir central portions, with bearings; e1, e2 adapted to support a shaft f adapted to turn. freely therein.

In order to push the p'ins with which the magazine is filled toward the outlet oriiice, I provide along a spiral corresponding to that of guideways d1, d2, said active end of the arm being prefy erably guided by said slideways.

To this eiect, shaft f may be provided with a sleeve h laterally carrying a guide in which arm 35 g .can slide, this, arm and this-guide being preferably of rectangular cross section, with its greater dimension lying in the direction of the axis of shaft f. 40

The dimensions of slideways d1, d2, on the one hand, and of arm g, on the other hand, are so chosen that, when the active end of said arm is located opposite the inner ends of said slideways, the other end of said arm is located at a 45 Adistance as small as possible from the pins that are present in the rst inner spire of the slideways (position shown in dotted lines in Fig. 1).

Elastic meansv are provided for causing' shaft f to rotate in ythe direction that corresponds to 50 the pins being driven by the active end of arm g toward the outlet orifice of the casing.

These elastic means may for instance consist of a spiral spring :i the outer end of which is fixed to a drum lc rigidly carried by thecasing and the inner end of which 1s nxed a5 shaft f itself.

It' will be readily Y understood that, after :shaft f has been rotated in the direction that winds spring y', when said spring is allowed to unwind, itcauses the shaft/to rotatein the opposite direction. Arm u therforerotates to gether with the shaft while sliding with respect',4

- thereto within guide i, vso that -its active end but it will be simpler to provide a device through' 'which it will be possible to direct y turn shaft f.

Sucha device may for instance c` nsist of a prolonged part of shaft f, said prolonged part being provided withy holes i into which it is possible to insert a spindle for turning the shaft.

'Ihe outer end of the spiral-shaped slideways is advantageously so arranged that the pins coming from the slideways are guided toward an outlet conduit m, for instance at right angles to wall c.'V

. To this effect, I provide curved walls such that the pinsfed by the magazine may movealong them when theyare pushed by the-active end of arm g.

In 'order to'suitably push out the last pin present in the magazine, the active end of arm g is made asshown in the drawing, that is to say is provided with a kind of link n articulated thereto and the free end of which carrlesa transversal element o capable of pushing along the pinwith which it is to come in contact. l

In order' to reduce the frictional stresses as much as possible, the-articulation of link n with arm y and element o are both fitted with rollers of a diameter substantially equal to that of the pins to be fed bythe'magazine'and capable of engaging at. least one of the slideways.

Athe foregoing description the principle of my invention as Link n is made of a lengthsuch that it may pass through the bend connecting the outer end of the spiral shaped slideway with the outlet conduit m. On the other hand this link must be of such a length that, when the. articulation of saidlink. with arm a reaches the end of the slideway., element o is fully engaged in said out- 4let conduit.

Am g is then preferably mounted in a slightly oblique position with respect toshaft f, but anyway the axis'about which link n is articulated t'o arm o is advantageously inclined withl respect .to-the axi's of shaft f. This inclination is, for instance equall to the mean value of the angles that the various objects` present inthe slideways make with this axis.

v The working and advantages of the'magazine according to my invention result clearly from explained.

lOf course, arm o is not necessarily made of a single piece and it might be given a telescopic structure so as to permit the spiral-shaped guideways to extend farther toward the inside o'f the casing for a given outer diameter-of saidveasing.`

While I .have described what'I deem to be a practical and emcient'embodiment of my invention, it should be well understoodthat I do .1 notwishtobelimited theretoas theremightbe changes made in'the arrangement, disposition' and form of the parts without withinthescopeof the and need not be further What I claim ist" 1. A-magazineg'for the automatic feeding of a plurality of objects all ofthe same shape Nid size, which comprises in combination, a/casing including two side plates and a substantially cylindrical wall connecting said plates to each other,

two spiral shapedv slideways fixed w said sideplates respectivelyand facing each other, said slideways being adapted to receive the respective v ends of said objects side by side therein, so that said objects extend from one slideway to the other, a shaft journalled in said `side plates centrally with respect to said slideways, an element slidably carried by said shaft on an arm `extending in a direction substantially at right angles to v objects being pushed toward the outer end of said slideways by said end of the arm, said cylindrical wall of the casing bein'g provided with an outlet orifice opposite said outer ends of the slideways.

2. A magazine according to claim 1 further comprising an outlet conduit substantially at right angles to saidcylindrlcal wall of the casing,-

located opposite said outer ends of the slideways, and bent wallsconnecting said outer ends of the slideways with said outlet conduit, the curvature of said bent walls being such that said transverse element is capable of .pushing the last objec into said outlet conduit.

to said shaft. means for causing said element to.

move along said slideway, a link pivoted to said element, a transverse element carried by the free end of sai link adapted tomove along said slideway and t push the last object in the slideway, said link having its fre'e end on the same iside, relatively to said slidable element, as said shaft, and elastic means for'causing said shaft to turn in the direction that corresponds to the objects being pushed toward the outer end of saidl -slideway by said end of the arm.

4. A magazine'for the automatic feeding of 'objects au of the man and shape. which comprises, at least one'spiral shaped slideway adapted to receive said objects side by side there- `right angles to the axis of the shaft,4 a member ontheendofsaidarmengaginginandguided by said slideway, a li'nkpivoted on the end of said arm,andasecondmembermo|mtedonthefree said shaft,jsaid element being located to one aouse n I 5. A magazine for the automatic feeding of objects all of the same shape and size, which comprises, at least one spiral shaped slideway adapted. to receive said objects side by side therein, a shaft disposed within said slideway, an arm carried by said shaft at one side thereof and rotatable therewith, said arm being slidable with respect to said shaft at right angles to the axis of the shaft, a link pivoted on the end of said arm,

.10 said link having its free end on the same side relatively to said arm, as said shaft, said free end engaging and pushing the last object in the slideway, and elastic means for causing said shaft to turn in such a direction as to push the objects out oi' the slideway.

6. A magazine for the automatic feeding of objects all of the same sizeand shape, which comprises, at least one spiral shaped slideway adapted to receive said objects side side therein, a shaft disposed within said slideway, an arm carried by said shaft at one side thereof and rotatable therewith, said arm being slidable with respect to said shaft at right angles to the axis of the shaft, a member on the end of said arm engaging in a guide by said slideway. a link pivoted on the end of said arm, said link having its free end on the same side, relatively to said arm. as said shaft, and a second member mounted on the free end of said link engaging in and guided by said slideway, said last member engaging and pushing the last object in the slideway. and elastic'means for causing said shaft to turn in such a direction as to push the objects out of the slide'way.


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