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Publication numberUS2012063 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 20, 1935
Filing dateOct 20, 1933
Priority dateOct 20, 1933
Publication numberUS 2012063 A, US 2012063A, US-A-2012063, US2012063 A, US2012063A
InventorsUnger Samuel L
Original AssigneeUnger Samuel L
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Savings bank carton
US 2012063 A
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Aug- 20, 1935. s. l.. UNGER 2,012,063

SAVINGS BANK CARTON Filed Oct. 20, 1955 50 L@ /e/ Z7 ATTORNEY I UNITE VSTT .inexpensive material.

Patented Aug. 20, `19.35

i SAVINGSBAN'KCARTON y `*Samuel L. Unger, ew York,`, Y; l n. n K' Application vOctoberZ, 1933, Serial N 694,399 y i y p, f 2 claims. (o1. 229-85) 1 'Ihis'invention'relates to devices such as portable savings banks.

One object of the invention is to'provide adevice of the character described which. yshall be in the nature of a cartonof paper or other pliable Another object of. the `invention'nisA the. provision of a device of thenatureset forth which shall be simple'inconstruction, inexpensiveto manu,-

facture, durable, reliable, and eificientin use,

`neat-in appearance, light in weight,1and which the same reference characters throughout the` several views.

In the drawing:

Figure l is a Viewv in front elevation of a device embodying the invention.l

Fig. 2 is a side viewthereof.

Fig. 3 is anenlarged vertical sectional View thereof taken on line 3--3v of Fig. 2,- showing in dotted lines a coin in course of being inserted into the carton.

Fig. 4 is a horizontal sectional View taken on line 4-4 of Fig. 3, but withthe coin slot flap in normally closed position.

Fig. 5 is a vertical sectional View taken on line 5'5 of Fig. 3..

Fig. 6 is a plan View of a blank embodying lthe invention.

The advantages of the invention as here outlined are best realized when all of kits features and instrumentalities are combined in one and the same structure, but, useful devices may be produced embodying less than the whole.

It will be obvious .to those skilled in the art to which the inventionl appertains, that the same may be incorporated in several different constructions. The accompanying drawing, therefore, is submitted merely as showing the preferred exemplicationof `the invention.

Referring in detail to the drawing, a device embodying the invention. The same may be of suitable or isosceles triangular form, having corresponding front and rear rparallel walls I2 and I3, and rectangular side walls I4,

. tive proximity to Illy denotes i5, and arectangular bottom wall I6. In-oneof slot opening yI1 fora coin I8 shown `in dot dash lines, 'and a flapV I9 Vwhich constitutes a closure for the slot. they slot Yand isnormally-v covered. by edge portions thereof vfor the purpose of supporting and protecting the flap and to prevent picking thereof Without distorting or creasing the ap'or slot so. that an.unauthorizedremovalof Va coin from though the device Ill be made of ay pliable mate'- rial such as paper, it will readily answerf many purposes in regard to safety. IoI the contents thereoffzf l 1-'1 Preferablyxthe deviceV4 IIJA is'fink the' nature of a carton constructed of a one piece blank, and in order to explain how this is done as well as Saidv ilap is arranged to'underlie ll .the.wa1ls,.such as they sidewall I5,.isprovided a l the slot mayibe'indicated. f Iny thisy manner, even to describe morefully the construction of the f device, reference will now be had to the blank 253 embodying the invention. The same may include the isosceles triangle sections I2, I3 and the `rectangular section i4 correspondingto the similarlyy designated Walls of the carton. Each section I2 and I3 has marginal fold' lines 20,

2i of equal length, -the fold lines 2l joining the section I4 with the sections I2 and I3, and the f latter also having marginal base fold lines 22 of lless length than the fold lines 20, 2|."

The wall structure I5 consists of rectangular flaps 23, 24 and25, the flaps 23, 24 being joined to the sections I2, I3 along the fold lines 2) and being of substantially the ksame `length as the latter, while the ap 25 is alined with the section I4 and is joined thereto by theffold line26. The

23 .is provided with the coin slot Il in relaan end thereof and intermediate of the sideedges of the ap, andthe flap 24 is provided with the slotclosing tongue I9 arranged in correspondence withy the slot I'l and for cooperation therewith as will be-more particularly described hereinafter.

f The wall structure I6 consists of elongatedrectangular flaps 21, 25 joined to the sections I2, I3 along the base fold linesl 22, and of equal length therewith; and also the flaps 29, 33 joined to the ilap 23 and the section Ill respectively by fold flap ` lines 3|, 32.

lwith adhesive as shown at 33, 34; edge portions of the flaps 25, 32 are provided with adhesive at4 35, 36; and edge portions of the .flap 29 are provided with adhesive at 31, 38. It is noted that allthe adhesive is applied to the samev side of the blank 2o, and that all the aps'referred to are of substantially equal width, the same as that of the completed device I0.

In assembling the device I0, the sectionsk I 2 and I3 are swung into parallel planes about the fold lines 2|, and the flaps 23, 24 and 21, 28 folded toward each other, with the fiap 23 overlying the flap 24, and the flaps 29, 30 folded toward each other and disposed vbetween the flaps 21, 28, with the latter overlying the ap 21. Then the flap 25 is folded over the adjacent portion of the flap 23.' The several parts are of course adhesively secured together so that relatively strong rigid wall structures I5 and I6 are provided.

It is noted that the tongue I9 normally lies in the plane of the flap 24 and the surrounding portions of the tongue are supported and reenfcrced by the adhesive connection at 33.

It will be particularly observed that the tongue I9 is oflarger extent and area than the slot II so that an edge portion thereof such as 40 overlies `the long edge 4I of thetcngue, and other edge portions 42 overlie` the endsv 43 of the tongue. In this manner the tongue I9 is protected. against tampering, and if the tongue ispicked, it Will be so distorted, or the slot I'I broken, so as to clearly indicate that thedevice has been tampered with. When a coin I8 is inserted, the tongue I9 is bent inward and then springs back into pla-ce, being reenforcingly supported by the adjacent line of adhesive 33, while the tongue carrying ap 24 is also secured by the adhesive and by reenforcement at the apex of the carton. To remove the contents of the carton, the latterA may be broken in any convenient manner.

The outside faces of the carton may carry suit-l able printed advertising or other legends.

It will be appreciated that various changes and modificationsl may bemade in the device as shown in the drawing, and that the same is submitted in an illustrative and not in a limiting sense, the scope of the invention being defined in the following claims.

I claim:

1. A savings bank consisting of a carton having sections interconnected by fold lines, certain of said sections' being in overlying relation and continuously adhesively secured to each other, one of said sections having a coin slot, and the section thereunder having a single closure ap for the cc-in slot, the latter section extending coinpletely around the closure flap for uniformly reenforcing the other secion at the slot thereof,

said closure ap having its free end extending longitudinally of the slot and the closure flap projecting across and beyond the slot and being adapted to bey inwardly flexed.

2. A. savings bank consisting of a carton having flaps foldably interconnected so that certain of the flaps flatwise overlie each other, one of the flaps having a coin slot, the flap thereunder having a single closure tongue for the coin. slot, the underlying ap extending around the closure tongue for uniformly reenforcing the other section at the slot thereof, the closure tongue projecting across the slot and being adapted to be inwardly exed, and the said underlying ap having a narrow portion along its otherwise free edge fl-atvvise securedto a corresponding portion of the other nap `along theslot and` tongue.


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