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Publication numberUS2012513 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 27, 1935
Filing dateJul 31, 1934
Priority dateJul 31, 1934
Publication numberUS 2012513 A, US 2012513A, US-A-2012513, US2012513 A, US2012513A
InventorsMaze Ralph
Original AssigneeMaze Ralph
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Tool sharpening device
US 2012513 A
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Aug. 27, 1935. R. MAZE TOOL SHARPENING DEVICE Filed July 31, 1934 2 Sheets-Sheetl IINVENTOR ydiz Aug. 27, 1935. R. MAZE 2,012,513

TOOL SHARPENING DEVICE Filed July 51, 1934 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 I N IE/V TOR Patented Aug. 27, 1935 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE TOOL SHARPENING DEVICE I Ralph Maze, Hollister, Calif. Application July 31, 1934, Serial'No. 737,758 2 Claims. (01. 76-82) It is one object of the present invention to provide a device whereby'a tool may be immovably supported at a desired angle for the sharpening operation.

It is another object to provide a device capable of providing rigid support for various tools such as axes, hoes, chisels and knives.

It is still another object to provide a device wherein the tool may befixedly supported at the I!) desired angle for sharpening, and also wherein a file may be slidably supported in operative relation to the cutting edge of the said tool.

It is still a further object to provide means whereby the cutting angle of the file may be quickly and easily adjusted to the edge of the tool.

Finally it is an object of the invention to provide means of the character indicated that will be economical to manufacture, simple in form and construction, that consists of few parts, that will be strong and durable, and highly eflicient in its practical application.

In the drawings: a

Figure 1 is a perspective view of one form of a hand axe.

Figure 2 is a perspective View showing the manner in which a file is mounted for use in connection with a tool holder such as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a perspective view of the holder provided with adaptors to be used in sharpening tools such as a chisel and garden ho'e, parts being broken away.

Figure 4 is a perspective view of a portion of the hoe sharpening adapter shown in Figure 3.

Figure 5 is a perspective View of an adaptor for use in sharpening a knife such as a carving knife, a part being broken away.

In the particular embodiment of the invention herein disclosed I show at l a plate having one end bent back upon itself as at 2 to form a channel 3, and having its opposite, or front, end turned upwardly as at 4. The part 4 has a recess 5 formed in the center of its upper edge, and has an upwardly and inwardly extending socket as 6 formed in each side edge. Mounted on each side edge of the plate and intermediate its ends are upstanding arms as 1 carrying an upstanding plate as 8, the lower edge of the plate, as 9, being spaced from the plate I as shown. At II] are shown a series of holes formed in plate 8 and disposed in a line midway between arms I and extending from its bottom edge 9 to its top.

At Hll are two wires twisted together at.

one end as at l2 and bent into a U shape so that the invention as adapted for use in sharpening.

when the twisted end is inserted in a hole I 0 the free end portions will straddle the part 4 'and' be readily brought into engagement with the sockets 6, the wire being resilient. A strap is shown at l3 bent around one wire part I l to slidably engage the same and extending across the device and under the other wire portionllQ If, now, an ordinary hand ax is to be sharpened the head, shown partially at I4, is placed on plate I with its cutting edge overlying the top edge of part 4 and the other end seated on part I and against part 8. The holder H-l2- -l3 is now placed thereon with the end l2 inserted in a hole In and the free end portions I ll l sprung into sockets 6.

With the holder mounted as described the strap l3 contacts the full width of the axe head yet the wire ends may be readily spread to engage the sockets.

At l5is a small U shaped element'having a set-screw l6 mounted therein, thereby forming a clamp to fasten on the blunt end of a file ll as shown. Extending from the clamp and in axial alignment with the file is a rod I8. Mounted on the clamp and held in place by the screw I6 is a plate l9, this plate having a flange 20 provided with a hole 2| through which the rod l8 passes. The flange 20 serves to reinforce the plate l9.

When the axe is placed and secured as above described the rod 18 is'inserted in one of the holes l0 and the file brought into contact with the edge of the axe. The file may now be swung along the full length of the edge of the axe,

swinging about its engagement with hole H] as a pivot. The dotted line 22 indicates the center line of the rod I8 and the file l1, and the arc 23 indicates the direction of movement of the file when in operation. While the file is being manipulated as above described by one hand, the other hand of the operator may be brought to bear upon plate IS in order to secure the desired cutting pressure.

If a chisel is to be sharpened, then an adapter is used. One form of adapter is shown in Figure 3 where an L shaped member 24 is seated on plate I andagainst plate 8. A socket 25 is formed on the front of member 24 and disposed to receive the butt end of the chisel which is then placed with its cutting edge in the recess 5 and held and sharpened in the manner hereinbefore described.

To sharpen a hoe, a supporting member as 26 is provided, this member having end portions as 21 bent back upon itself to form channels as 28 the knifeiblade.

adapted to slidably engage the side edges of part 4. The member 26 is provided with two symmetrically disposed ears 29, spaced as shown and disposed to form a seat for the blade of the hoe. The blade is supported by fingers 39 forming sockets as 3| and mounted on the rear face of the ears as shown. For supporting the handle of the hoe I provide an extension 32 projecting forwardly and downwardly from the front of the plate I, and having a block 33 disposed on its forwardend, the said block having a recess 34 formed therein to receive the hoe handle. At 35 is shown a hook mounted on extension 32 by means of a strong spring 36 and so disposed that when the hoe is in position the hook may be moved into engagement with the handle and cooperate with the ears 29 and block 33 to hold the hoe immovably in position. When so. held the hoe may be sharpened in the manner hereinbefore described. V A knife may be sharpened in the manner described by providing a special holder such as shown in Figure 5. 'Ihis holder comprises a plate or member 31 having channelsas 38 formed on its side edges to slidably engage the side edges of part 4. The upper portion of the member is inclined forwardly as shown at 39, each end having a strap as bent back to overlie part 39 and formed into a socket as! to receive and support It is to be understood, of course, that while I have herein shown and described certain specific embodiments of the invention, changes in form, construction, and method of assembly and application, changes may be made within the scope of the appended claims.

I claim:

1. A tool holder comprising a plate, a fixed upstanding member thereon provided with upward- 1y spaced holes, an upstanding flange formed thereon in spaced and parallel relation to the fixed member, and having notches formed in its side edges, a U shaped wire member engageable with one of saidholes at its closed end and having its open endengageable" with said notches, a plate disposed transversely of said wire member, said plate being mounted on one wire portion and passing under the other, and a file holding device engageable with one of the holes in the first mentioned fixed upstanding member and swingable over the upstanding flange.

2. A device of the character described comprising, a pair of fixed upstanding spaced and parallel members, one member being disposed to engage and support the cutting edge of an ax head and having stops disposed at either 1 side edge thereof, and the second member extending above the first and having vertically spaced means associated therewith for slidably engaging a file holder, a U shaped resilient member having means on its closed end to engage the second member and having its side portions disposed to engage said stops, an element disposed transversely of said side portions to receive the downward thrust thereof, and a file holding device engageable with the second upstanding'member and swingable over the first member.


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