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Publication numberUS2012685 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 27, 1935
Filing dateMar 28, 1932
Priority dateMar 28, 1932
Publication numberUS 2012685 A, US 2012685A, US-A-2012685, US2012685 A, US2012685A
InventorsLa Posea Charlotte W
Original AssigneeLa Posea Charlotte W
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Toothbrush holder
US 2012685 A
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Allg. 27, 1935. C, W v LA .POSEA y 2,012,685

TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER Filed March 28,1952

/fff /9/23) nl Vk/ INVEIYToR. C/zaloie ZM Za. Posee.

72W( j BY @ma vA TToRNEY Patented Aug. 27, 1935 Y i fr ,Y 'l f "fvhfoTnBRUsnfnonDERw'I f* Gharwfawwosewhoever?,

l i Application .March-128, 1932,' Serial iNo.1601i469 solaires. (onzas-e151) V.The linvention relates to a means of -supporting tooth brushes and keeping'them in asani- Anobjeet oi the invention is to--provide a-tooth 'brush holder which will support the lbrush Ain la :completely Aenclosed fmanner-anda,t thesame time subject theFbrush-to a-thoroughsterili-zation and desiccation without contactof any portion rn1' r the brush. Withichemicals-supplying `the `steril- '.Ih. -inventimlf possesses-other objeets. and Lea.;

tures et adrantnseispme of,-wliichn;withV thefgforegoing.;W1'l1 be' Set vforth thefcllowina-descripr non ois-the preferrederm Qi the, inventionwhich is illustrated in the drawingacqompanying and forming part .of the specication`u L 1t` ,l isugto Vbe understqdlowever, v@hetw,Plilftioyns- .in the-show in@ medal by h? S3151 drawing-@11d description may belagdopted Within the scopenoitheinvention as setforthin 'the claimsgj Referring t said dravf'inf-zf o ,"Fi'gure 1 is 'a front View of vholder Aof-my invention; v vith "parts" *brokenV away "to disclose some Vo1 the internal'cnstructio.'

"Figure is lid-removed. Y Y y Figure 4 isja view similar 'to that Figure abut/with the iidinpiac'e.-

a kplan Vievvoi with Shown'. in

Figure 5 is a, fragmentary en d View of the'hold- Aer showing-a modified form of the vcoverfhinfge.

Figure Gisa sectional View -Qffthef'holderas shownin Figure 5, andillustrating the'rhinge con- Asillustrated in thedraw-ing,` theholder'of my invention Acomprises `a contalne'rf preferably formed :of porcelain v'ori-like material and divided into la pluralityiof compartments 6 *bye means of partitions i l TheV latter i extend Aacross the lcon-` tainer from therfrqnt Portion lwmostend'difeetly Overtheoonenings .23,fthe uppersideof the membefl'jM being'jprei: 1 erablgy 'designed so as to coni/'erg'e.towardtheA wall Ato the rear Wall 9 f thereof andvertically` from the open-top 'l2 Aof `the 'container to-a point in spaced relation-tothe closed bottom'IS.' f j Arranged at the lowerl extremity ofthe 'parti- "I, tional-is what vmaybe termed a falsebottom I4 ofthe container,V butsuch bottomas will be clear 'from Figures `1 and '2 provides 5a `bottom injif'act y'for each Aof the compartments. Fromthe foregoingitwill be evident that `there is thusI prO- "'10 vided -under 'the compartments a receptacle I6 the top fof which is formed-by the bottom i4. Each compartment isdesigned to receive a toothbrush -Il Yand .is of*` such depththat when' the brush is contained therein` and resting 'ongthe bottom member I 4, fthe entire brush will dis- `posed Within the compartment.- Aicoverl Bf'pre'fjf .ferably fof porcelain is hinged to the fto'pA of :container adjacent the rear Wall 1\9,'-Wherby the compartments-may vbe completely y"covered and lthe brushes therein fully enclosed. -A`s shwnin Y this .embodiment the hinged connectionfor lthe `cover and 4'container is afforded V*byj means Lof cylindrical enlargements i9 preferably-formed integral Withtl'ie' cover andfarran'ged tofseatIlja' 25 vrecess 20 Afox-medfin the-end Walls l22VV off-they 'conf- "t-ainer. As-wiil-be clear from FigureZ thepper ,edges ofthe 4Wallsanotpartitions defining st he 'corni-V partments are slopeddownwardly rfrornfthe back tothefront offthe container, and the coverfljt-is 3Q arranged Ato `extend correspondingly -When in .closed position.V YBy thus forming theto'p offthe compartments,r access to the brushes inthe corri?- partment's maybe more yreadily *had and at kthe Sametime less vdust is apt to collect. on-thelcrover 3 5 andfit may be more readilyfkept clean. -j `Cornmunication `betweenA thereceptacle I Bjand each `oi" the compartments -is aordedby'mansof openings D23` providedin `the @bottom member M,

and suchreceptacleis arranged-to-serveaspajresL 4g ervoir -for chemicals 'or the likefappropriateffor o generating 'a vaporehaving sterilizing properties. A `chemical -in liquid 1form vis fgenerally most icon?- vement ioruseinfthefholder, and such `liquid may befeasi-ly intrcdiiced into the -reservoirthiouglif (1.5,

inletopening 24eextending from-thefrelar'side of v the iholder. I

nxthe use ofthe vhpldertffthe"izrrulsliles areplaced inA fthe' Jrespective 4cornpari-,nichts Withfthe bristle openings and thereby center thejbrushthereoyer. Circulation V'of `,the vaporjthrough thecompart-g ments--is induced iby the 'opening 24' "andl inlet openings 26 formed in the end walls 22, and outlet openings 21 which as here shown are in the form of notches provided at the upper edge of the front wall of the compartments and arranged to be completely covered but free forthe discharge of vapor in the closed position of the cover ISby an extension 28 thereof. It will be noted that both the inlet openings 24 and 26 lead directly to the reservoir I6, and that therefore the air entering ,the holder for effecting circulation of the sterilizingjvap'or through the compartments must rst come in intimate contact with chemicals in the reservoir and thus' prevent the passage through the compartments, and the contact with Furthermore;

the brushes, of any impure air. since the air and vapor Vcan enterA the corripartfl ments only through the respective bottom 'open` ings 23, each compartment .will be insur;edofhavrV4 i ing admitted thereto fresh vapor and air directly from the reservoir and thus there will bejno danger ofkthev vapor and air passing from one vcompartment to another and thereby effecting a ,treatment of onebrushnwith the Vsame Vapor and air already used for effecting" the sterilization of another brush.V ,v

Attachment ofthe holder to arwall whereby the .rear side of the`holder mayljsetrthereagainst, is Varfordedrby means of a slotted portion A,29 arranged `to be inserted over `and held locked to a nail o'r the likeprotruding from the wall.

It will now be clear that the holder of my indirt or odors ,in the air will not be imparted to .the brushes. And in addition, since the air and vapor lis permitted Afree i circulationr lthrough the lck)Inpartments, not only ,will the brushes'be sub Jected Ito. an effective sterilizing action, but a thorough drying or desiccating action'will be con.- tinually impressed on the brushes so as to ,render Vth'e'r'n.,more fit for frequent use and longer lasting.

In Figures' 5 and6 I have shown a modified `form of hinge connection for the. cover whereby the latter maycompletely overlie the entire container 'mstead ofy being iittedbetween the end Walls as in the rst embodiment. In themodied form, the ,hinge pin 3l Vvis disposed on the side of one of the inner 'walls or partitionsof the holder and is engaged by Aa bearing portion32 of the cover. tosuchrextent that'with` theA aid oi.' therear wall of the container, raising of the cover above the front wall` ofy the .container will not 'effect displacement :of the, cover from the pin.

indicated in Figure 5, the endvface of thecover may lie over theend wall of the container and ish formed vwith` a {cylindrical} enlargement confcentric to thepin 3 l Y and arranged to seat in arecess vor bearing 34 inthe upper edge of 'said wall.V

With this design v ofY cover, and connection, no breaks will appear across'the top vof the holder, thereby not onlyaffording armost eiiectiveclosure butmakingit easy to keep the cover clean. Fur-'- theij, such connectionvwill permitthernormal raising of` ftheA cover without any portionA thereof moving'back of therear, side of the container; 'jfWhile.-I haveI 'described .the holder as being entirely of porcelain and .ofY but two. parts, it,will be understood thatvit. maybe vmade o fother-materials and more parts, the porcelain being desirable as it enables the holder to be cast and also to be readily washed or cleaned on both inside` or outside when in use.

I claim:

1. In a tooth-brush holder of the character described, a container comprising a receptacle at the bottom thereof, a plurality of separate vertical compartments thereover, a partition separating said compartmentsand receptacle arranged to have a brush 'supported thereon and having an opening adjacent'bth'e bottom of each 1 compartment communicating each compartment with said receptacle, said container having an opening 'adjacent the top of each Ycompartment forthe insertion or withdrawal of the brush, air intake means to" said receptacle opening therefrom directly to' the exterior of the container air outlet vmeans adjacent the top of each compartment, and a common closure for said second openings and said outlet means arranged tooverlie substantially the. entire container.

2. A tooth brush holder comprising, a casing having elongated compartment for housing Ya toothbrush, aV receptacle for antiseptic or the like under said compartment and communicating therewith, and; means for circulating air from vvirrithout the casing and into and through 'said receptacleland compartment including air inlet and discharge openingL-.-11'` said casingV adjacent the Opposite endsj thereof communicating'respectively said receptacle and compartment withsthe atmosphere, said inlet opening being without said brushcompartment and leading from the exterior'of the device directly to said receptacle. ,-3. lIn a holder ofthe character described, a container comprising a receptacle for antiseptics or the like, a brush compartment over said containerY and communication therewith, said compartment having an opening at the top thereof for the insertion and 'withdrawal of a tooth brush, asidewalliof said compartment being formed Vwith a .cutaway portion contiguous with said opening and a closure for said openingv defining with said 'cutaway portion .a discharge vpassage 1 from said compartment, lsaid container being formed with an inlet passage to the atmosphere toze'stablish a circulation of air through said container, 'into said compartment and from said 'dischargev passage. Y

' 4. lnfa'rholder of thecharacter described, a container comprisingV a Areceptacle for antiseptics or the likea brush compartment oversaid conf tainer and in communication therewith, said compartmenthaving an, opening at the top thereof for the insertion andwith'drawal of a. tooth brush, da sidewall offsaid'compartmentbeing formed with a cutaway portion contiguous with f said epening and aclosure for said opening andcover- Y ing 'saidA cutaway portion but'defining therewith a septic receptacle underr said compartment, air

passage means'cormeetingI the top of said receptacle andthe bottom of said compartment, air discharge means for said compartment, and Vair inlet means for v,said receptacle Aand leading exclusively thereto at the top `thereof atV a point spaced; from said lfirst passage whereby the enf 2,012,685 i t v 3 tering air may pass over the antiseptic in the receptacle and into said compartment.

6. In a holder of the character described, a container for antiseptic or the like, -avbrush' compartment positioned over said container and having an opening at the'top thereof for the insertion and withdrawal of a tooth brush, airA passage means connecting said container and compartment, air inlet means for said container, and a closure for said compartment opening and Vproviding with one of the compartment side walls an air discharge passage from said compartment.


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