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Publication numberUS2013143 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 3, 1935
Filing dateApr 5, 1935
Priority dateApr 5, 1935
Publication numberUS 2013143 A, US 2013143A, US-A-2013143, US2013143 A, US2013143A
InventorsGetz Vernon C
Original AssigneeGetz Vernon C
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Dental floss applicator
US 2013143 A
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Sept. 3, 1935. v. c. GETZ DENTAL FLOSS APPLICATOR' Filed April 5, 1935 6 1 a 7 a & W 41:, ,1 M 9 v6 W r I w 3 2 d 5 atented Sept. 3, 1935 DENTAL FLOSS APPLICMIUR Vernon O. Getz, Philadelphia, Pa. Application April 5, 1935, Serial No. 14,752 2 Claims. (Cl. 132-92) The invention relates to dental floss applicators upon which a strand of dental floss may be mounted while being applied between the teeth.

The object of this invention is-to provide a simple efiicient fastening means integral with the applicator for the purpose'of securely holding a strand of dental floss while being used for dislodging particles between the teeth in such manner as to remain taut within the natural yield limit of such floss against the pressure applied while being used.

A further object of this invention is to provide an applicator that may be made from urea, molded or cast phenolic plastics so that it will be sanitary and of a single piece construction that may be quickly cleaned and sterilized without difficulty and have a minimum of crevices in which undesirable particles may lodge.

The improvement claimed is hereinafter fully set forth.

Dentalfioss applicators are essential for theproper application of dental floss and render it useful for cleaning between all the teeth. Holders of this character and of various designs have been found inefficient by reason of their failure to securely hold the floss under sufficient tension to enable the user to apply it to the best advantage because of sagging due to slipping through the fastener in addition to the natural yield of the silk strands.

Dental floss is stranded, not roved, and treated 'with wax which makes it difiicult to hold in position under. buttons, catches, and spring devices thereby making the general use of silk floss difficult if not impossible, particularly when cleaning between the back teeth.

The invention claimed is hereinafter fully set forth. 1 Inthe accompanying drawing, Figure 1 is a plan view of the applicator; Fig.v 2, a sectional view in elevation taken on line 0-4: in Figure 1;

Fig. 3, a side elevation of the applicator partly in section showing the silk quill in the handle; Fig. 4, a fragmentary section of a forked member of the applicator; Fig. 5, a sectional view taken on line bb in Fig. 4; Fig. 6 a fragmene tary sectional view of the fastening means showing the silk floss in primary position; and Fig. 7, the same as Fig. 6, showing the floss in tightened position.

In the practice of this invention as herein exemplifled, a A body. portion I provided with a handle portion at one end and a bifurcated or forked member 2 at the other end thereof, has a floss fastening means 3 integrally mounted adof said slots at their root being countersunk 4 10 to prevent chafing and cutting the stranded silk. The handle end of body I may be provided with a space in which to insert a quill of silk floss and a cap I I placed thereon to hold same in confinement and protect it from soiling and damage. A passage I2 provides means for removing the floss from the handle. A cutting means 8 consisting of a non-corrosive metal having a wedge shaped opening 9 may be conveniently placed .on the handle between the fastening 20 means 3 and the thread opening I2 by being molded or inserted therein. I

When threading the applicator for use the thread 6 is pulled from the applicator body I through opening I2 and laid in the thread passage I5, then brought under the edge of the front slot I4 to one side and passed through the opening 5 in one of the forked members 2 and across the space between said members through an identical opening 5 in the other member 2, then placed tightly around the member 3 through the grooves I4 at each end. of the member 3 wedging the thread lying in the passage I5 in the slots Mas shown in Fig. 7. When fastened in this manner the tension on the floss will be increased and held secure against slipping or becoming loose.

What is claimed the invention and desired to be secured by Letters Patent, is:

1. A dental floss applicator comprising; 'abody 40 portion having a thread-suspension forked means at one end thereof, the tines of said means being slotted and the outside edge of said slots being countersunk; a thread fastening means integral with and adjacent to the thread suspension means,

said means havin a longitudinal thread passage above the plane of the body portion and a groove at each end thereof on a plane with said body portion.

2. Same as claim 1, and a space in the handle end for receiving a quill of silk fioss,'a thread passage through the handle, and a cutting means for severing the waste end of said floss.

' vnanonc. cm. as

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U.S. Classification132/324
International ClassificationA61C15/00, A61C15/04
Cooperative ClassificationA61C15/046
European ClassificationA61C15/04E