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Publication numberUS2013481 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 3, 1935
Filing dateMar 27, 1934
Priority dateMar 27, 1934
Publication numberUS 2013481 A, US 2013481A, US-A-2013481, US2013481 A, US2013481A
InventorsStonehill Winaloe U
Original AssigneeStonehill Winaloe U
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Convertible cushion
US 2013481 A
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Sept. 3, 1935. w. u. STONEHILL CONVERTIBLE CUSHION Filed March 27, 1934 Patented 3,' 1935 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE couvsa'ifizfbnsmon l 2 Claims.

Many articles of furniture, such as sofas, lounges and arm chairs are often uncomfortable for many persons because of the depth of the seat, the angle of back to seat, the arrangement -5 of side arms, etc., and this must be so because of the great diversityv in height, bulk and proportions of human beings. It is an object of my invention to provide a remedy for this inevitable condition that will be simple and inexpensive and though in the form of a. separate instrumentality such as a cushion, will not from the standpoint of looks or for any other reason, be objectionable. And particularly an object of my invention'is to provide such an attachment or accessory that may be adapted to a great variety of uses or positions so that, by simple adjustment, it may be made to serve as a supplemental back rest, a head rest, an arm rest and a hassock or foot-stool.

My invention consists in whatever is described by or is included within the terms or scope of the appended claims.

In the drawing:

The figure is a perspective view of a lounge or sofa and the application thereto, or for use therewith in various positions to serve different uses, of cushions embodying my invention.

Although many applications are shown in the drawing, it, of course, is not necessary to have as many separate pillows as the number illustratedin the drawing, as a single pillow may be made to occupy all of the various positions and uses illustrated in the drawing.

The structural characteristics of my pillow arefound in two duplicate cushion members each with a plane or substantially plane or flat surface and a bulging and preferably oonvexly rounded surface or bulging side, the opposite edges of which meet the opposite edges of the plane or flat surface so that in cross-section, it is a body or member with one plane or flat side and 'a bulging side that tapers to an edge; and the two members are hinged together along the line where their flat and bulging sides meet atthe thin edge.

Speaking in a loose or general sense, each such member I0, is semi-cylindrical so that when the plane or flat surfaces are brought together on what in effect is a diametrical line, the article may be spoken of as cylindrical. Each member Iii, of course, has a casing or cover of suitable fabric and a stufilng or filling ,of some suitable soft cushion-forming material and the two members may be secured together as by sewing or stitching at the two edges where the hinge l i is located, or by continuingthe cover across such edges.

As indicated in the drawing, the two members may be placed in various angular positions with reference to one another between one where the planefaces or surfaces are in contact to one where the latter are at an acute angle or a right angle or an angle greater than a right angle. Such a pillow may thus be suspended over the back of a lounge or divan or an arm chair with one member on the forward side of the back and the other at the rear thereof so as to make an admirable head rest, the convex or bulging formation being outward comfortably conforming to the back of the neck while allowing the back of the looking or unsightly object when the pillow is hung over the back or arm of the chair or other seatforming article of furniture. v

Also as shown in the drawing, the two members may be opened out from one another to a right angle or more than a right angle so that the fiat side oi. one will rest against the seat of the chair or sofa and the flat side of the other rest against the back of the chair or sofa and thus provide a very comfortable sitting arrangement for a person whose stature is short and who cannot for that reason, comfortably seat himself upon a deep-back chair or sofa.

Also as shown in the drawing, the completely 1' closed-up pillow may be placed upon the floor and serve as a foot-stool or hassock, or placed on the sofa seat at the am.

When not in use, the article when the flat sides of the two members are in contact, is very compact and so can be stored or placed away without requiring much room for storage. And again just as a convenient disposition of it when its is assured asthey automatically, so to speak,

tend to move towards one another and against an 0! course, the bulging side of each member need not be cylindrically curved, or curved on the arc of a circle, so that variations in the configuration or contour may be resorted to without departing from the scope of my invention so long as the edge formation is preserved and the hinging is directly between the two members on such an edge line.

Preferably convenient means are provided for tying or securing together the pillow in its folded or closed position such as strings or ribbons ii, at opposite corners thereof. This makes for convenient handling of the closed-pillow. The cords or ribbons are also useful in securing together a number of opened out or partially opened out pillows for the purpose of making an extended cushion support as for use in deck chairs, and utilized as seat cushions and back and head rests.

What I claim is:

1. An article fitted for use supplementary to chairs and other seatproviding articles of fumiture, composed wholly of two cushion-form members each having two opposite sides,- one side being flat and the other bulging, the bulging side tapering to a comparatively thin edge where the two sides meet, said edges being straight throughout i substantially the length of the members from end to end, such members being substantial duplicates the flat side directly contacts with the surface of an article of furniture or with the opposing flat side of the duplicate member and such cushions being directly joined by a hinge connection at such comparatively thin edges thereof said members being movable relative to one another on said hinge connection to and from a relative position in which their flatter sides are directly opposite and in contact with their bulging sides turned outwards and to place said members at a variety of angles from acute to obtuse with one or both bulging sides exposed in all such positions for supporting contact for a portionof the human body.

2. An article as in claim 1 in which each member is substantially semi-cylindrical in form.


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