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Publication numberUS2016053 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 1, 1935
Filing dateJul 24, 1933
Priority dateJul 24, 1933
Publication numberUS 2016053 A, US 2016053A, US-A-2016053, US2016053 A, US2016053A
InventorsSchaeffer William G
Original AssigneeSchaeffer William G
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Pocket purse
US 2016053 A
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W. G. SCHAEFFER POCKET PURSE Filed July 24, 1955 INVENTOR BY www Patented Oct. 1, 1935 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 1 Claim.

This invention relates to improvements in pocket purses and more particularly to a pocket container having a plurality of separate useful and handy compartments.

It is proposed in accordance with the present invention to provide a novel pocket purse suitable for holding money, license papers, calling cards and any other like articles, and to provide such a purse which is compact and still has easy accessibility to the various compartments thereof. It is further proposed to provide a single opening and closing means for the two main compartments whereby a partial operation of the fastening means provides access to one compartment containing the license papers, etc., and the full operation of the fastening means will provide access to the other compartment containing coins, etc. Still further, by attaching a single thickness of material the same shape as the purse or preferably a billfold, to one of the sides of said purse, an open end compartment is formed which is found to be very useful for calling cards, etc.

The above various features of the invention and the construction of the several compartments thereof will be more fully described as the description progresses, during which reference will be made to the accompanying drawing, in which:-

Fig. 1 is a perspective View of the back side of a pocket purse constructed in accordance with the present invention, showing the general shape of the purse with the top fastening means partially opened and showing a billfold attached thereto.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged sectional view taken on the line 2 2 of Figs. 1 and 3, and Viewed in the direction of the arrows, this view mainly showing the various compartments resulting from the combination purse and billfold shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. .3 is a front perspective View of the article shown in the two previous views and more clearly shows the purse and the compartment therein and the complete opening and closing means thereof.

Referring more particularly to Fig. 2 of the drawing, the main body of the purse is formed with two pieces of substantially rectangular shaped leather or other suitable flexible material as I and 2, placed side by side, the bottom end of piece I being turned under and up to meet piece 2 and form a bottom for the purse, the two pieces forming a substantially U-shape when sewed together at the bottom where they meet. A rectangular shaped partition piece 3 is then inserted therebetween. The complete structure is then sewed together as follower-First sew the three pieces together on the left-hand side (see Fig. 3), this procedure closing up the left.side of the U-shaped main body. Next the partition 5 piece 3 is sewed to piece I at the top and piece 2 at the bottom (see Fig. 2). This partition piece El is somewhat longer than pieces I and 2 and this extra length is bent backward and forward at the right-hand end against the main part of piece 3 to form a gusset as shown at 4 (see Fig. 3) and the extreme end is then also sewed to piece 2 at the right-hand end.

We now have a purse structure having two separate compartments of substantially the same size, one compartment 5 having an end opening ii and another compartment 'l having a top opening t. A slide fastener or other suitable fastening means 9 having a slider Ill, is then employed to close the right-hand end and the top of the purse. It should be noted that a partial movement of the slider IU up the right-hand end of the purse (slightly less than shown in Fig.

3) will expose opening 6 and allow entrance into compartment 5 without exposing opening 8 and 25 disturbing the contents of compartment `'I. A further and complete movement across the top of the purse of the slider I0 will expose opening 8 and allow entrance to compartment I without further exposing the contents of compartment 5. It is intended that compartment 5 will be used for license papers, etc., and compartment I will be used for coins, etc., although it should be understood that any other articles could be carried as the owner desires.

The above description pertains strictly to a double compartment pocket purse and could be considered a unit in itself and used as such. However, as shown in the drawing, it is proposed to attach another unit II such as a billfold etc., or a single rectangular shaped piece of leather to the pocket purse, this second unit II to be attached to the back piece 2 of the pocket purse unit by sewing or other suitable means at the bottom and both ends, thereby forming a compartment I2 between the two units which has an opening I3 at the top. This compartment I2 is suitable for calling cards, etc., or for folded currency in case a single piece of leather is used in place of a billfold.

It should be noted at this time that no attempt will be made to claim a combination pocket purse and billfold as it is understood that this art is old.

It is believed that the above description is sufficient to point out the various features of this invention and make it clear to be understood, and it is desired to be understood that various modifications, adaptations and alterations may be made therein without departing from the spirit or scope of the present invention, except as limited by the appended claim.

Having thus'shown and described my invention, what I claim isz- A pocket purse comprising a rectangular shaped Ymain -body portion of flexible material substantially U-shaped in cross section and closed in at one end, a partition piece of flexible material inserted within said body portion and fastened therein in such a wayas to form two substantially equal sized compartments each including but one side of the U-shape'd body portion and each with a single opening, with the openings facing at approximately 90 degrees to each other, a single interlocking fastening means attached to the two open sides of the structure and opera,- ble to completely close the openings of said two compartments.


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U.S. Classification150/149, 383/97, 150/150
International ClassificationA45C1/08, A45C1/00
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