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Publication numberUS2016558 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 8, 1935
Filing dateApr 29, 1933
Priority dateApr 29, 1933
Publication numberUS 2016558 A, US 2016558A, US-A-2016558, US2016558 A, US2016558A
InventorsRedrup Will D
Original AssigneeRedrup Will D
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Buried receptacle and cover construction
US 2016558 A
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Oct. 8, 1935. w, D REDRUP 2,016,558


Patented Oct. 8, 1935 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE BURIED RECEPTACLE AND COVER CONSTRUCTION This invention relates to an underground garbage receiver construction.

I-Ieretofore there has been utilized in the industry an underground garbage receiver having a "5 chamber forming wall, a top edge supported rim hingedly connected thereto, and a cover for a relatively large opening in, the rim, the cover being hingedly supported on the rim and mounting a foot pedal lever for'tilting the cover on the rim to permit discharge of garbage and the like, into a garbage receptacle or can included within the chamber.

The present invention is directed toward the simplification of the aforesaid, and the invention consists in the elimination of the rim and the pivotal connection of an all inclusive cover to the chamber forming member and associating therewith a foot pedal lever so arranged that when the cover is closed it is adapted to overlie the cover and which is furthermore adapted to be readily moved into cover engaging position so that upon subsequent additional movement the cover is tilted to expose the garbage can in the container to receive garbage and the like.

The chief feature of the invention consists in the unitary connection of the foot pedal lever, the cover and the receptacle, whereby the aforesaid object is accomplished.

The full nature of the invention will be more fully understood from the accompanying drawing and the following description and claims:-

In the drawing, Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the invention showing the cover tilted to its full open position, parts being broken away to show other parts in detail.

Fig. 2 is a top plan view of a portion of the cover, the hinge construction and foot lever, the latter being collapsed upon the cover.

Fig. 3 is a sectional view of the same and is taken on line 3-3 of Fig. 2 and in the direction of the arrows.

Fig. 4 is a view similar to Fig. 3 but with the cover at the beginning of the opening movement.

Fig. 5 is a similar view with the cover in the full open position.

Fig. 6 is an elevational View of the parts shown in Fig. 3 and in the same position.

In the drawing it indicates a cylindrical receptacle having a reenforced or beaded upper end I l. The lower end of the receptacle is open and a plurality of angular intersecting U-shaped memhere 52 having the upstanding portions l3 are suitably secured at diametrically opposite ends as at M to the receptacle l and may, if desired, be secured at their intersecting portions as at l5.

The members l2 constitute a base upon-which is supported the usual garbage can or the like, the receptacle 10 being sunk in the ground so that the beaded edge I l is positioned just slightly above the level of the ground.

A cover 5 having the peripheral depending skirt l I is adapted to form a complete closure for the top of the receptacle. Integral with the cover and at one side and projecting in parallel relation therefrom is a pair of ears I8 which in their 10 free ends have aligned openings H]. The ears [8 are extensions of the reenforcing ribs 20. The ears l8 are angle or L-shaped and the openings l9 are positioned at the angle, the extension 2 I having the end 22 constituting a stop. There is provide'd between the pair of spaced ears I8 a pair of steps 23.

Near the upper end of the receptacle l0 there is secured, as at 24, a standard 25 having two upstanding spaced ears 26 apertured as at 21. The ears with the openings 21, which are aligned, project above the level of the top of the receptacle and the openings 21 are spaced a slight distance from the side of the receptacle I0. Between the pair of spaced ears 26 is a pair of stops 28 and these stops 28 are adapted to be engaged by the end, stop forming portions 22 of the ears l8.

A single pivot forming member 29 extends through the registering openings 21 and I9 and the ears l8 lie within the ears 26. 30

An angle shaped lever is indicated generally by the numeral 30 and includes .a toe piece 3| suitably ribbed as at 32 and including a reenforcing portion 33. The lever 30 terminates in a pair of spaced ears 34 which are provided with a pair of 35 aligned apertures 35. The shaft or single pivot member 29 also extends through the spaced and aligned openings '34.

Each ear 34 of the lever 30 is provided with a stop portion 36 and said stop portion is adapted 40 to engage the stop portion 23 of the cover.

As shown clearly in the drawing, the foot pedal lever 30 is adapted, when the cover is in normal closing position, to overlie the cover. When garbage is to be deposited into the garbage can enclosed within the receptacle, the toe of the depositor engages the rib face 3| of the lever 30 and elevates the lever or pedal until it just passes overcenter, in which position the stops 36 engage the stops 23. Thereafter the foot of the depositor is placed upon the ribs 3! and further tilting movement of the foot pedal lever is obtained. This further movement, however, is transmitted by means of the two cooperating stop portions, before mentioned. so that the cover I6 is elevated. The depositor moves the lever approximately 90 in. this subsequent movement which elevates the cover substantially 90 or into full open position. Continued depression or foot pedal lever movement is prevented so that the cover will not pass over center and this prevention is obtained by means of the stop portions 22 engaging the stop-portions 28 of the standard. As soon as the garbage, or the like, has been deposited in the garbage can in receptacle H], the foot is elevated and the cover returns by gravity to its closed position and the foot pedal is also carried over the same and the portion 3| will lie in overlapping relation with respect to said cover and immediately adjacent thereto, rather than in upstanding relation and thus constitute an obstruction that might result in its breakage.

The invention claimed is:-

1. A foot operable collapsible pedal structure in combination with a metal receptacle having a relatively wide, open mouth at its upper end for vessel passage therethrough and a single relatively imperforate cover adapted to normally rest upon the mouth and close same, including a standard member secured to the container near the mouth thereof and having a pair of spaced ears with aligned perforations therein, said ears extending outwardly from and beyond the outline of the receptacle, the perforations lying in a plane substantially adjacent the plane of the mouth, a pair of ears projecting outwardly from the cover and similarly apertured and having a spacing different from the first mentioned ear spacing for side by side positioning relative the first mentioned ears, a pedal member having an elongated bearing support arrangement, pivot means coaxially and hingedly uniting the pedal member and each cooperative pair of ears, stop means rigid with the base member and. engageable by an extended portion of the cover adjacent the ears thereof for limiting cover tilting movement, other stop means rigid with the cover and in juXta-position to said ears, and projecting means rigid with the pedal in juxta-position to the bearingportion for cooperation With the cover abutment means for cover tilting.

2. A device as defined by claim 1 characterized by the pedal bearing support comprising a bifurcated portion terminating in a pair of spaced ears.

3. A device as defined by claim 1 characterized by the pivot means constituting a single shaft.

4. A device as defined by claim 1 characterized by the pedal member having a bifurcated portion terminating in a pair of spaced ears providing the elongated bearing support and said pivot means comprising a single shaft.


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