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Publication numberUS2017088 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 15, 1935
Filing dateJul 20, 1931
Priority dateJul 20, 1931
Publication numberUS 2017088 A, US 2017088A, US-A-2017088, US2017088 A, US2017088A
InventorsHenry Bihler
Original AssigneeHenry Bihler
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Device for holding articles
US 2017088 A
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Get. 15, 1935. H. BIHLER DEVICE FOR HOLDING ARTICLES Filed July 20, 1931 INVENTOR A/EIYR/ BIA/LE? ATTO RNEYS Patented a. 15, 1935 D 2,017,088

PATENT OFFICE DEVICE FOR HOLDING ARTICLES Henry Bihler, Akron, Ohio Application July 20, 1931, Serial No. 551,835

1 Claim. (01. 21170) This invention relates to devices for holding said recesses having access to the latter through articles, and more especially it relates to devices respective slots I8 of narrower width than said for holding a pluraliy of articles for display, or recesses, the slots and recesses of one member I3 for providing convenient access to all the articles. being aligned with those of the other member I 3.


5 The illustrative embodiment of the invention The recesses H are adapted to receive and sup- 5 herein shown consists of a device for holding a port pencils I9 by engaging the latter at two plurality of pencils, and the device may be used points, the pencils being inserted into the recesses as a desk fixture, or it may be used as a means by forcing them through the slots I8, the resilient for displaying pencils or pen holders for sale. It character of the material constituting the disc I6 10 will be understood that the invention is not permitting suflicient flexure of the walls of the 10 limited to the holding of pencils but is adapted for slots to admit the pencils. The recesses I1 need holding a number of difierent articles of similar not be the exact size of the pencils but may be shape, such as pcnholders and cigars. somewhat smaller or larger. If smaller, the

The chief objects of the invention are to propencils will be securely gripped by the material;

T5 vide for individually holding a plurality of artiif larger, the restricted width'of the slots I8 will cles; and to provide convenient access to all the prevent the pencils from falling out. articles. Other objects will be manifest. Each disc I6 is provided, at least on one side,

Of the accompanying drawing; with a hub member or rigid material to which Figure 1 is a side elevation of one embodiment it is secured, as by rivets 2|, 2|. The hub member 20 of the invention consisting of a device for holding 20 is provided with an axial boss 22 and formed 20 pencils, and a plurality of pencils mounted with an axial bore 22" through which the shaft therein; I2 extends, the hub being secured to the shaft Figure 2 is a section on the line 2-2 of Figure l; by means of a pin 23 or any other suitable device. Figure 3 is a section on the line 3-3 of Figure 2. The hub member 20 extends ,nearly to the recesses 25 Referring to Figures 1 to 3 of the drawing, I0 I? of the disc I6 so as to provide lateral support 25 is a base plate of any suitable or appropriate mafor the body portion of the disc. If desired, the terial, II, 'II are journal brackets or standards perimeter of the disc I6 may be formed with V- rising from opposite ends thereof, and I2 is a shaft shaped notches 24, 24 between the slots I8 to supjournaled in the upper portion of said brackets. plement the resilience of the rubber in giving a Mounted in spaced apart relation upon the shaft yielding characterto the walls of said slots. 30

I2 are two disc-like pencil-engaging structures The device is simple, handy, and efficient, and generally designated I3, which structures are may be used for supporting a large number of adapted to engage and hold pencils at two points, different articles. being positioned suificiently close together to en- What is claimed is:

gage relatively short pencils. The pencils are In a device for holding articles, the combina- 35 held in horizontal position, and the brackets II tion of a horizontal rotatable shaft, end supports are positioned far enough apart to clear the ends in which said shaft is journaled, and a. pair of of the longest pencils of standard length. The spaced article supporting structures mounted shaft I2 is rotatable to bring the respective pencils upon said shaft, said structures comprising rubber 40 mounted in the structures I3 into a position of that is formed with aligned article-receiving re- 40 easy accessibility, and preferably one end of the cesses and entrance slots of narrower width exshaft I2 is extended beyond its journal and protending from a margin of said rubber structures vided thereat with a knob I4 to facilitate manual to said recesses, said recesses being of smaller turning of the shaft. The knob I l may be formed size than the articles whereby the latter are yieldwith a peripheral groove I5 to accommodate a ingly gripped by the rubber at spaced points inter- 45 suitable driving belt (not shown) by which the mediate their ends so that longitudinal moveshaft I2 may be power driven as when the device ment of the articles relatively of the article supis used for display purposes. porting structures is prevented, and cut-away Each of the pencil engaging structures I3 comportions between the article-receiving recesses to prises a disc I6 of flexible material such as rubprevent buckling of the rubber structure when 50 ber that has a circumferential series of recesses adjacent recesses hold an article.

I1, I! in its structure adjacent its outer periphery, HENRY BIHLER.

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U.S. Classification211/70, 211/69.8, 211/69.9
International ClassificationA47F5/02, A47F5/03
Cooperative ClassificationA47F5/03
European ClassificationA47F5/03