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Publication numberUS2017319 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 15, 1935
Filing dateJul 23, 1934
Priority dateJul 23, 1934
Publication numberUS 2017319 A, US 2017319A, US-A-2017319, US2017319 A, US2017319A
InventorsMcmullen Ralph W
Original AssigneeMcmullen Ralph W
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Fire extinguisher bracket
US 2017319 A
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@ct. 15, 1935. R. w. M MULLEN fi y FIRE EXTINGUISHER BRACKET Filed July 25, 1954 Patented Oct. 15, 1935 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFHQE 4 Claims.

This invention relates generally to a supporting means and more particularly to a fire extinguisher bracket.

Briefly described, my invention consists of a strip member adapted to be bolted onto a support, a cup shaped member fastened in the bottom of this vertically located strip member, a resilient guide clip positioned intermediate said member and a pivoted hook member at the top thereof, these various attachments receiving a fire extinguisher.

Another advantage resides in the shape of the body strip member of the device, the ofiset portions therein providing clearance means for the heads of the screws which hold the device in position.

Another advantage resides in the simplicity of my construction, such making for eificiency in its manufacture.

Other advantages will become apparent as the description proceeds.

In the drawing:

Fig. 1 is a side view of my bracket attached to a wall, a fire extinguisher being positioned there- Fig. 21s a perspective view of the bracket.

In Fig. 1, numeral I indicates the wall and numeral I I the body of the fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher is cylindrical in shape, as shown, and has a plunger I2 and an operating means I3 located at its upper end as clearly shown in Fig. 1.

Referring now more particularly to Fig. 2, numeral I I indicates the body strip member, holes I5 being formed therein whereby supporting screws I6 may be inserted.

A cup shaped bottom supporting member I! is Welded to the strip member I4 as indicated at l8 and has angularly positioned edges I9 at each side thereof, these edges camming against the bottom of the fire extinguisher during its insertion into its position within the bracket and aiding in such insertion. A block 20 is fastened interiorly of the cup member H, such holding the bottom of the fire extinguisher spaced from the heads of the screws I6.

The strip member I4 is bowed outwardly near its upper end as indicated at 2| and a curved guiding clip 22 is welded thereto as clearly shown in the drawing. A hook member, designated generally by the numeral 23, is pivotally mounted at 24 onto the top end of the bottom strip member l4. This hook member has a laterally extending portion 25, a downwardly extending portion 26 and a finger pull terminal 21. A small clip 28 is welded to the portion 26 near its lower end and encircles the plunger I2 of the extinguisher when the extinguisher is located within the bracket.

The operation The use and operation of my bracket is easily 5 understood. As stated, the body member I4 is mounted in the desired position by means of the screws l6 and the fire extinguisher is inserted therethrough by first inserting the bottom end of the extinguisher into the bottom support I'I, raising the hook member 23, then positioning the upper end of the extinguisher between the ends of the guide clip 22, these ends frictionally engaging the same, and then lowering the hook member 23 to the position shown in Fig. l.

When the hook member 23 is lowered, its top lateral portion 25 rides snugly against the upper end of the plunger I2 and the clip 28 frictionally engages the plunger I2. Thus the hook member is prevented from rotating about its pivot 24 and consequently the plunger I2 is held against upward movement. In this regard, it is desired to. point out that any jarring or impulse which tends to cause the plunger I2 to rise, will have little effect upon the hook member 23 due to the various leverages about the pivot 24.

The finger pull 2! is located in the path of the operating means I3 on the extinguisher body II and thus prevents relative movement between the same. Thus the operating means I3 cannot 30 be operated until the hook member 23 is raised. This raising movement is easily accomplished by the insertion of ones finger underneath the finger pull 21 together with an upward pull. This operation releases the clip 28 from the plunger I2 and permits bodily withdrawal of the extinguisher.

The buffer block 20, as noted, serves to position the bottom of the extinguisher body spaced from the heads of the screws I6 and thus injury to the extinguisher body is prevented. The guide clip 22 firmly grips the upper end of the extinguisher body and prevents accidental release thereof. The hook member 23 aids in holding the upper end of the extinguisher in position, maintains the plunger I2 in its lowered position and prevents inadvertent turning of the operating means I3.

The invention is defined in the appended claims and is to be considered comprehensive of all forms of structure coming within their scope.

I claim:

1. In a construction adapted to support a fire extinguisher, said extinguisher having a plunger extending therefrom and a handle on said plunger, the combination of, a bracket adapted to support said extinguisher, comprising means to support said entinguisher extending upward and terminating at 'a point adjacent the said handle, hooking means pivoted at the upper end of said upwardly extending means, said' hooking means extending over said handle and thence downwardly along said handle, a clip fastened to said downwardly extending portion of the hooking means, said clip projecting toward and partially around said plunger thereby frictionally engaging said plunger and a finger pull extending from the lower end of said pivoted hooking means.

2. A bracket, adapted to support a fire extinguisher having a plunger extending outwardly therefrom, said bracket including supporting means for said extinguisher, a hook member pivotally mounted on said supporting means adjacent the outer end of said plunger, said hook member extending over the outer end of said plunger and thence inwardly along the plunger and a clip fastened to said hook member extending toward and partially around said plunger to frictionally engage the same.

3. A bracket, adapted to support a fire extinguisher having a plunger extending outwardly therefrom, comprising, a body member, hook means pivoted to said body member, said hook means engaging the outer end of the plunger near its pivot, a clip fastened to said hook member frictionally engaging said plunger farther from said pivot, a finger pull at the outer end of said hook member, said finger. pull being farthest from the pivot for the purpose described.

4. A bracket, adapted to support a fire extinguisher naving valve operating means thereon, comprising 'a body member to support said extinguisher, a hook member pivoted to said body member, said hook member in hooked position preventing removal of the extinguisher from the bracket, a finger pull on saidhook member to manually release said hook member, and said 20 finger pull preventing opening of the valve on the extinguisher when the hook member is in hooked position.


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U.S. Classification248/312.1, 222/175
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Cooperative ClassificationA62C13/78
European ClassificationA62C13/78