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Publication numberUS2018328 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 22, 1935
Filing dateJun 24, 1933
Priority dateJun 24, 1933
Publication numberUS 2018328 A, US 2018328A, US-A-2018328, US2018328 A, US2018328A
InventorsSmith Lawrence M
Original AssigneeSmith Lawrence M
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Surgical appliance
US 2018328 A
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' Oct. 22, 1935.

1 M. SMITH SURGICAL APPLIANCE 1 Filed June 24, 1955 Jazz/rem? 6'6 9mg Patented Oct. 22, 1935 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2,018,328 suitolcllr. APPLIANCE Lawrence M. Smith, Chicago, Ill.

Application June 24, 1933, Serial No. 677,399

3 Claims. (Cl. 128-1) This invention relates to improvements in sur- It is also an object of this invention to provide gical appliances, and more particularly to surgia surgical appliance capable of eliminating at cal appliances of the character used as an aid least one of the main causes of psychical impoto the male organ of generation inthe natural ency.

5 performance of its generative function. Still another object of this invention is the I The present invention is highly desirable for P o is on of a surgical app e for association use in intimate association with the male organ w th the male organ of generation to p of generation during the natural performance of Sate for a misfit of male and female en a the sexual act, and contributes in no mean manwithout discomfort to either party.

1o ner to the general health and well being of both It is still a further bj t f this invention to the male and female, provide a surgical appliance attachable to the While the sexual act itself. and mechanical deale r an f n rat n for us du in ti vices to aid in the proper performance of this designed o aus ad qua e massaging 0f act, are not infrequently frowned upon by some most sensitive parts of the female genitalia, thus for various reasons, nevertheless it is indisputbl ng the production of mutually Satisfactory 15 able that the leading physicians, psychiatrists, ex itation and culmination. and sexologists are unanimous in their assertion While some of .the more salient features, charthat the proper and natural performance of the acteristics and advantages of the Present inVen sexual act, especiall when cons mmated ith tion have been above pointed out, others will go mutual satisfaction, is not only highly beneficial, become apparent from the following disclosures: 2 but in some cases essential, to the general health The invention includes these and t er e and well being of the individuals concerned, The tures of construction hereinafter described, and converse is equally true, namely that sexual exci- Shown in a preferred form in the drawin and tation at frequent intervals without culmination more particu y indicated by the claimsis injurious to the human being, often times re- 0!! the drawing! 25 sulting in neurotic, neurasthenic or even, in some Figure 1 is a de elevatio al Vi w Of a dev ce cases, in psychiatrical or paranoiacal disorders. embodying p c p of the Present invention Frequently, coition results in excitation or overshown appli in p p position t t e ma excitation without proper culmination to one of O ga o eratio e m e Organ being dithe parties, and in most instances this party is cated y dotted lines- 30 the female, the cause of which is, in normal Figure 2 S a p P V w Of the d v S ow cases, lack of knowledge or regard on the part in Figure of the male, which can only be compensated for F e 3 i a verti l ectional view of the deby the use of the present invention in the absence vi t ken s n lly as indicated by he lin of proper education, or a natural incongruity III-J11 of F a5 residing in a misfit of the male and female gen- F re 4 i a v rti al e tional view of the deitalia, which can be cured by mechanical mean .vice taken substantially as indicated by the line such as the present invention, except in those IVIV of Fi rare instances where the female genitalia is too As shown on the drawing:

- 40 small to accommodate that of the male. In the illustrated embodiment of this inven- 40 With the foregoing in mind, it is accordingly tion, there is shown a tapering wedge-shaped an object of this invention to provide a surgical member 5, fo of y desirable Suitable appliance which, while capable of aiding greatly terial, but preferably of live rubber of a conin the sustainment of an enfeebled congested sistency and resiliency Very Closely pp x organ, is also capable and highly desirable for ing that of a distended male organ of generation. 45 use as an aid to normal and healthy male organs This member may be molded or formed in any in performing the act of coition with the proper other desirable manner. In the preferable form culmination. of the member, as the same is illustrated, it will Another object of this invention is the provibe noted that the member gradually increases sion of a surgical appliance applicable to the in size from front to rear both in ahorizontal and 50 male organ of generation, and which will comvertical plane, the vertical taper being preferably pensate for ignorance or inability of the male greater than the lateral taper. As indicated in and enable the production of proper excitation Figure 1, the appliance is preferably disposed on and culmination on the part of the female in or attachedto the male organ of generationfinear coition. the exterior posterior portion of the organ ad- 65 jacent the body 1 of the user, the member 5 being on the upper or dorsal surface of the organ and the organ extending forwardly beyondthe appliance.

The member 5 preferably terminates at the rear end thereof in a vertical wall 8 which lies adjacent to or against the body I of the user. At the forward portion thereof, the member terminates in a relatively thin lip 9 which intimately contacts the male organ 6. n the underside thereof the member is formed arcuately as indicated at ID to provide an intimate fit over the male organ. Suitable means may be provided for attaching the appliance to the male organ so that the appliance will, in effect, form an integral enlargement of the organ. In this instance, these means are shown in the form of relatively thin straps II and I2, the forward strap ll being preferably disposed a short distance rearwardly of the lip 9, and the rear strap l 2 being preferably wider than the forward strap and having an end thereof in line with the wall 8 of the member 5. These straps II and 12 are preferably formed integrally with the member 5 and of substantially the same material so that the straps may be readily stretched to permit the insertion of the male organ and the attachment of the device over the organ as seen in Figure 1 with the appliance on the exterior posterior portion of the organ. If so desired, only the rear strap. I 2 need be provided.

The straps H and I2 are of suflicient elasticity to hold the appliance firmly in position .on the male organ and preferably exert a slight restriction upon,.the dorsal and other veins through which the blood leaves the male organ, without interfering with the arrival of blood to the organ through the deep seated blood vessels. Consequently, the device will aid in maintaining the organ in a congested condition.

The member 5 is'also preferably provided with variations in the contour thereof, these variations in the present instance being in the form of integral longitudinally extending ridges l3 and I4 adjacent the forward portion of the device and laterally extending ridges l5 and I6 adjacent the rear portion of the device. It will be noted that these variations in contour provide a relatively smooth yet more pronounced increase in the lateral taper of the appliance at the points mentioned. Consequently, when the device is in use, these variations in contour provide a gradual but definite lateral expansion of the vagina, thus causing contact between the upper portion of the member 5 and the more sensitive parts of the female genitalia, such as the clitoris. If not desired for all cases, the variations may be eliminated leaving a straight line lateral taper on each side, as is preferably the case with the vertical taper. It will therefore be apparent that regardless of the ignorance or thoughtlessness of the male, the act of coition will be consummated with the proper excitation and culmination on the part of the female. It will also be apparent that the appliance will automatically compensate for substantially any degree of misfit, from a small to even a very gross one, of the respective male 5 and female genitalia, thus removing any cause for embarrassment of the male and eliminating one .of the predominant causes of psychical impotency.

It may be deemed feasible in some cases to 10 mount the appliance on the underside of the male organ or in inverted position with respect to that shown, or attach the device at any other angle, and the provision of a device for such usage is within the contemplation of this invention.

From the foregoing, it will be apparent that I have provided a surgical appliance capable of eliminating certain disorders of the human body resulting from a lack of fulfillment in sexual matters, benefiting materially the general health and well being of the individuals concerned. It is also to be noted that the device, while aiding to some extent the rehabilitation of enfeebled powers, nevertheless is preferably used and in many cases recommended by physicians for all periods of sexual life. In addition, it is apparent that the device is efiicient in use, economical to manufacture, and very durable.

I am aware that many changes may be made and numerous details of construction may be varied through a wide range without departing from the principles of this invention, and I therefore do not purpose limiting the patent granted hereon otherwise than is necessitated by the prior art. I claim as my invention:

1. In an appliance of the character described,

a yieldable member having a concave recess in its lower surface extending longitudinally thereof, spaced yielding straps extending from the lower 40 opposite edges of said concave recesses, said member sloping upwardly from its forward end and having laterally sloping parts at its rear end.

2. In an appliance of the class described, a yielding member having a concave recess in its lower surface adapted for receiving the upper rear portion of the male organ of generation and having spaced yielding straps cooperating with said concave recess to maintain said member on said organ, said member sloping upwardly and laterally from its forward end and being considerably shorter than said organ.

3. In an appliance for the male organ of generation, a resilient member having a concave recess in its lower surface and yielding straps 00- operating with said recess, said member having a relatively steep upward slope from its front to its rear end and a less lateral slope from its front to its rear end and being designed to extend from the rear to a point slightly forward of the medial point of said organ.


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