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Publication numberUS2018367 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 22, 1935
Filing dateAug 25, 1932
Priority dateAug 25, 1932
Publication numberUS 2018367 A, US 2018367A, US-A-2018367, US2018367 A, US2018367A
InventorsLackenbach Armand E
Original AssigneeLackenbach Armand E
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Permanent waving device
US 2018367 A
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0ct. 22, 1935. A E' LACKENBACH PERMANENT WAVING DBVICE F1ed Aug, 25 1932 3 Sheets-Sheet 3

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U.S. Classification132/220, 44/251, 126/263.5
International ClassificationC09K5/16, C09K5/00, A45D7/00, A45D7/06
Cooperative ClassificationA45D7/065, C09K5/16
European ClassificationC09K5/16, A45D7/06W