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Publication numberUS2020646 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 12, 1935
Filing dateAug 14, 1933
Priority dateAug 14, 1933
Publication numberUS 2020646 A, US 2020646A, US-A-2020646, US2020646 A, US2020646A
InventorsPhilip Hornstein
Original AssigneePhilip Hornstein
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Wrapper paper for cigars, cigarettes, and the like
US 2020646 A
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1 Claim. (Cl. 92-21) This invention relates to Wrapper paper for cigars, cigarettes and the like, and it is primarily an object of the invention to provide a paper or this kind affording efiective means to eliminate the dropping of ashes and embers while smoking or otherwise handling a cigar, cigarette and the like.

It is also an object of the invention to provide a wrapper of this kind produced from constituents whereby the wrapper retains its shape during and after the burning of the filler or content and thereby eliminating the now common annoyance and disadvantage, especially in smoking cigars and cigarettes, of the dropping of ashes and embers.

Another object of the invention is to provide a wrapper which will minimize fire losses as the accidental dropping or blowing-off ,of sparks from the article with which the wrapper is employed will be avoided and, therefore, the wrapper is-of especial advantage to smokers in the prevention of the now common annoyance of clothing being burned, ashes or embers blowing in the eyes and kindred annoyances so well known to smokers.

The invention also has for an object to provide a wrapper provided of material which will not in any way affect or change the taste or odor of the filler or content with which it is employed or in any other way effect any change in such filler or content.

Another and particular object of the invention is to provide a wrapper of this kind which serves to substantially eliminate the passage of nicotine or the like through the wrapper with the resultant staining of the fingers thus making my improved wrapper especially desirable in the manufacture of cigars and cigarettes.

My improved wraper is manufactured in accordance with the methods now commonly known but comprises a composition of asbestos and paper pulp in substantially equal proportions with a slight trace of gum acacia. I find, however, that I do not have to be limited to these exact proportions but, on the contrary, it is only required that sufiicient asbestos be used to pro- 5 vide the desired fireproofing qualities.

The asbestos before being admixed with the paper pulp is finely ground and after the ground asbestos has been applied to the pulp the resultant admixture is thoroughly boiled until it becomes what may be termed a homogeneous mass. During this boiling operation the gum acacia is added to assure the provision of adhesion.

As a result of the presence of asbestos in the finished product the wrapper will retain its original form after the filler or content has been burned and thus the wrapper constitutes a complete retainer for the burned or consumed filler or content and by so doing prevents ashes or embers from dropping out or falling off. This is further assured in the production of a cigar, cigarette or the like to have the outer end of the wrapper folded inwardly as is generally the common practice in hand made cigarettes.

In view of the foregoing it is believed to be readily understood that I am producing a fabric or sheet which comprises as an essential part the use of asbestos to provide what may be rightly called a fireproof wrapper for a cigar, cigarette 0 and the like.

I claim:-

The process of producing a cigarette paper which will retain its shape during and after the burning of the cigarette filler and which is sub- 5 stantially impervious to nicotine, comprising. the steps of adding finely ground asbestos to the pulp and then boiling the same to produce a homogeneous mas and adding during such boiling operation gum acacia.


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U.S. Classification162/139, 162/155, 162/178, 131/349
Cooperative ClassificationD21H5/16
European ClassificationD21H5/16