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Publication numberUS2023007 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 3, 1935
Filing dateMar 17, 1934
Priority dateMar 17, 1934
Publication numberUS 2023007 A, US 2023007A, US-A-2023007, US2023007 A, US2023007A
InventorsJames K Delano
Original AssigneeJames K Delano
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Adjustable support for cleaners
US 2023007 A
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@m 3s, J. K. DELAN@ @m ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT FOR CLEANERS Filed March 17, 1934- 2 Sheets-Sheet l 5 b Em 7 a f w w .w d 4 4 y m n@ A e a. w um 7 0L A f 2 n M www? nU Wvg @we 39 E35.. J, 1K, DELANQ 2,@2390937 ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT FOR CLEANERS F'1.].8C MICh 17, 1934 2 SlleSS-Shee 2 dames M.1]e!ano.

lmventor Patented Dec. 3, 1935 UNI'IEDA STATES PATENT OFFICE 3 Claims..

Thisl invention relates tof a combination adjustable stand and' support for use with cleaning and flushing machines of that class which are employed for cleaningand ilushingf the gear cases and differentials` of automobiles andi the like.

In the operation of such a device it is customary to place the automobile over a pit or to raise it upon a lift so that access may be had to the parts to be treated; and it is therefore essential that a stand or support loe-employed that can` be varied in height to accommodatel the varying distance from the ground tothe drain hole off the gear casing, for the purpose of entering the service hose of the cleaningl device into the gear casing through the drain hole, and at the same time to catch the old lubricant and' cleaning liquid that is discharged from the gear casing through the drain hole.

Also in some cases where a funnel ismounted upon theupper'end of a pipe which isJ attached to a refuse can, there is no provisionl made for adjusting the height of the funneland when such a device is used, the service pipe for injecting the cleansing liquid has to be carriedup and over the vedge of the funnel, thus preventing the funnel from being placed in close proximity tothe drain hole where it should be placedi for the best results.

While I have here shown and; described the in 301` vention as relating to both injectors and! drainers, it is understood that such a stand or support may be used with either an injecting or draining means or forsupporting any other device.

The object of the present invention is to pro-l vide an adjustable standv or support for cleaners and flushers whereby the same may be quickly and easily adjusted to the height of the'drainhole of the gear casing with respect to the ground level to bring theinjecting means in properrelation and the funnel in close proximity" to the drain hole of the casing.

Another object of the invention is to provide anv adjustable stand whereby the-injecting'means is mounted within the drain funnel".

? Another object being to provide an adjustable stand whereinboth the' injecting means and the drain may be brought into close relation with the drain hole of the gear casing and secured in such position.

A further object of the invention being to provide an adjustable stand that may be readily moved from place to place and which will be compact when in a closed position.

Another object of the invention being to provide a drip pan of large surface that Will catch all drainage from the gear casing and deliver the same to the drain funnel, and which may also be adjusted to accommodate side as well asloot-` tom drain holes in the casings.

Another object of the invention being to pro- 5- v'de means whereby injection nozzles of different shapes and types may be interchanged at will'.

With these and other objects in View, myf invention consists in certain novel construction and combination of parts as will hereinafter be fully l0 described and claimed, and further illustrated in the accompanying drawings, which form a part hereof? and in which like gures of reference refer to corresponding parts in a-ll of the Views, and it is understood that slight changes maybe-made l5 without departing from the spirit of the inven- II.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 shows a front elevation or' the device, partly in section, and with the injection nozzle 20 entered' through the drain hole of the gear casing.

Figure 2 is atop plan view of the drip pan.

Figure 3l shows a. detail sectional view of one form of nozzle member.

Figure 4 shows an end view of the same. 25!

Figure 5 shows another form of nozzle in sectional detail.

Figure 6 shows an end: View' of the same.

Figure '7 shows another type of nozzle member which maybeinterchanged either with the noz- 30` zle member 3l, doingaway with the drip pan 33, or with the elbow' 32.

Figure 8 shows a cross sectional view of the partv 42, showing; the construction` of the guide pin 41 and the stem 45. 35

Figure 9 is a frontelevation, of a modication of the device showing the same with the fitting I6 providedA with an adjustable bracket whereby the device may be suspended from an automobile.

Figure 10 isa similar view of the device, but 405 with the bracket arranged for supporting the device upon the edges of a pit, and in dotted lines, the. device is shown as being suspended from the edges of the pit.

Figure 11- isa top plan view of. the bracket, 455 shown partly in section.

Figure 12 is a side elevation of the bracket.

Referring to the drawings, and particularly to Figures l to 6 inclusive, I have here shown an adjustable stand or support composed of the 50 base plate I0 of suitable material and of any desired shape and size, and which is formed with a boss Il within which is threaded or otherwise secured the lower end of a stand pipe I2, which is provided at its upper end with a 55 reducing tting I3 within which is slidably and adjustably mounted a pipe I4 which is retained inposition by a thumb screw I5 which is threaded into the tting I3; while upon the pipe I4 is secured a T-tting I6 to which is attached by the tting I1 and nipples I8 and I9, a fitting 26, to which is detachably secured the feed pipe 2l by the hand-nut 22. Y

'I'o the upper end of the pipe I4 is secured the lower end of the drain funnel 23 which is formed with a bottom drain hole 24 which is supplied with a ntting 25, to which is secured the drain hose 26 lea-ding to the pail 21, which is supported upon the adjustable arm 28 secured on the pipe I2 by the thumb screw 29.

The pipe I4 projects upward within the funnel 23 and is threaded for a nut 30 by which is attached thereto the pipe 3| which terminates in the elbow tting 32; while adjustably mounted upon said pipe 3i is a drip pan 33 secured by the thumb screw 34, and formed with a drain hole 35 in the bottom thereof and located over the funnel 23, in any position in which the drip pan 33 may be in.

To the litting 32 is secured a pipe 36 and a coupling 31, to which is secured the lower end of a flexible nozzle member 38, having a nozzle 39 which is adapted to enter through the drain hole 48 in the gear casing 4I.

Referring to Figures 3, 4, 5, and 6,- I have shown two forms of nozzles, but many more may be used, and I `do not confine myself to the designs herewith shown, as many good types of nozzle may be used that will break up the flow ofv the liquid into a number of jets or streams.

The type shown in Figures 3 and 4, comprises a body 42 which is bored to receive the iiexible cable 38, and which has one closed end 43 ,formed with a series of holes or ports 44 placed at an angle with respect to its axis; and this closed end is also provided with a central bearing within which is mounted the stem 45 which carries the spinner disk46; the inner end of the stem 45 being guided and retained by a cross pin 41 mounted in the member 42; the stem 45 having mounted thereon in Contact with the pin 41 a spring 48 which is held by the nut 49 to normally retain the spinner 46 in close relation with the ports 44. Y In Figures 5 and 6, the nozzle is shown as comprising a similar body member 42 having the cable`38 secured therein, and a closed end 43 which has the ports 44; and the stem 45 is mounted in a similar manner in the closed end 43, but the spinner 50 is inthe form of a head and does not rotate.

In Figure 7 is shown another form of straight nozzle member 5I, that may be interchanged with either the nozzle member 38, or the tting 32, or the pipe 3l, as desired; and this nozzle member 5I is provided with a nozzle end 52 of the cross-slot type.

Referring to Figures 9 to 12 inclusive, I have shown means for mounting the device either directly on the automobile, or supporting the same from the edges of the pit, and without the use of the stand I0 and stand pipe I2, and I have accomplished this by substituting for the tting I3, a bracket member 60, which is threaded upon the pipe I4 between the lower part of the funnel 23 and the fitting I6; this bracket 5 member 66 being formed with the two arms 6I to which are adjustably secured by the bolts 68 which extend through the slots formed in the arms and which are retained by the nuts 69, the short arms 62 which are formed with the bifurl0 cated ends 63 within which are adjustably mounted the eyes 65 of the arms 62 by the bolts 68 vand nuts 61 in such a manner that the arms 64 may be swung into any position desired and secured.

It will thus be seen that the adjustable arms 6I and 62 may be adjusted in a longitudinal manner to vary their length depending upon the width of the frame or other part of the automobile to which the device is to be attached, or the width of the pit edges, or distance apart.

The swinging arms composed of the hinged part 64 and the adjustable part 15 are slidably secured together by the bolts 1I in the slots 13, which are held by the nuts 12, to vary the length of said arms.

The ends of the adjustable parts 15 are formed with the straight end 80, and the two angular prongs BI and 82, which are used as shown to engage either the automobile frame 83, or the edges 84 of the pit, or any other part of the automobile, or they may also be directeddownward and used to support the device upon the ground under the automobile.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters A Patent, is:

l. In an adjustable support for a gear case cleaning apparatus, the combination of a bracket member adapted to support a pipe, and a pair of supporting arms adjustably secured to said bracket member, said arms having hooks formed `on the ends thereof and adapted to engage with the edges of a pit.

2. In an adjustable support for a gear case cleaning apparatus, Ithe combination of a bracket member, extension arms adjustably secured thereto, a pair of supporting arms adjustably secured to said extension arms, and ends formed thereon for engaging the frame of a vehicle or the side of a pit.

3. An adjustable support for a gear-case cleaning apparatus, comprising a bracket member adapted to hold a tubular connection, radial arms integral therewith and extending therefrom and JAMES K. DELANO.

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