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Publication numberUS2024050 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 10, 1935
Filing dateAug 9, 1934
Priority dateAug 9, 1934
Publication numberUS 2024050 A, US 2024050A, US-A-2024050, US2024050 A, US2024050A
InventorsWalter H May
Original AssigneeWalter H May
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Comfort retaining device
US 2024050 A
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Dec. 10, 1935. w. H. MAY

COMFORT RETAINING DEVICE Filed Aug. 9, 1934 U) M T m m 1 WW 4, o I, W H

Patented Dec. 10, 1935 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 3 Claims.

My present invention relates to bedding, and more particularly to a yielding device for retaining bed covering devices, such as comforts, in position on a bed or similar article.

Articles of bedding, and particularly comforts,

or other like covering articles, are difllcult to keep in position on a bed or similar article. Particularly is this true when the bed or similar article is occupied, by reason of the tendcncy for the comfort to slide, or slip, out of po sition, and frequently off the bed.

Various devices have been suggested for overcoming this tendency, none of which as far as I am aware are successful, particularly in the circumstance when the bed or similar article is occupied.

In my present invention, I have produced a device which is easily and securely applied; which will positively and yieldingly retain the comfort or like article in position; which is not visible from the exterior; and which is readily manipulated by the occupant of the bed.

Primarily, my device comprises a strap, or a plurality of straps, preferably of woven fabric, each end of which is provided with an extensible yielding member, the ends of the strap, or straps, being provided with means preferably adjustable, for attachment to tabs, or equivalent members, appropriately attached to the under face of the comfort or like article. The intermediate portion of the strap, or straps, occupies a position beneath, and transversely of, the mattress of the bed, and the extensible member or members extend upwardly alongside the side alls of the mattress, the ends being suitably nd removably attached to the aforesaid tabssecured to the under face of the comfort or like article. Each attaching means for the ends of the strap, or straps, may be of any suitable character such as a button and a button hole, or preferably, and as shown in the accompanying drawing, a set of snap fastener devices.

The positioning of the retaining strap, or straps, under the mattress renders the top of the bed clear and unhampered, and no discomfort is experienced by the occupant of the bed, as is usual with former devices of this character.

Therefore, a feature of my present invention resides in an improved position retaining strap for a comfort, and the like, having a substantially inextensible intermediate portion, and an extensible end.

A feature of my invention resides in an improved means of connection between the end of a strap, and the under surface of the comfort, or the like.

Further features and objects of the invention will be more fully understood from the following detail description and the accompanying drawing, in which Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a bed, showing my invention in position relative to a mattress and a comfort;

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of an improved comfort retaining strap, also embraced in my invention;

Fig. 3 is an end elevation of the bed shown in Fig. 1, thefoot board being removed, and illustrating a mode of applying my invention to retain a comfort in position on the mattress;

Fig. 4 is a detail plan view of a comfort, illustrating a mode of applying a tab for attaching one end of a strap in comfort retaining position, and

Fig. 5 is a fragmentary perspective view of a modified form of my invention.

Referring to the drawing, there is shown in Fig. 2 a strap embodying my invention, and designated in its entirety by the reference numeral l0. Such strap may be made tubular, that is, material placed back to back, and sewed, or otherwise secured, together along its edges. The material employed is preferably textile material, and may be relatively inextensible.

The intermediate portion ll of the strap is preferably slightly less inlength than the width of a mattress; both end portions H are preferably extensible. At the free end of each end portion II is secured, by sewing or in any other appropriate manner, a fastening device l3. In the drawing each fastening device I3 is shown as a male snap fastener, however, any other suitable form of fastening device may be employed. The unextended length of each extensible portion II is preferably less than the thickness of a mattress.

Enclosed within each extensible end II of the strap, is a strip of elastic webbing l4, secured at its ends to the strap, the length of the elastic webbing l4 being less than the extended length of the end portion ll. With this construction, therefore, it appears that when the strap I0 is not in use, the material of the strap I0 is puckered. When the elastic webbing I4 is stretched, as it is in use, the puckering of the material of the end 5 portion ll disappears to more or less extent.

Associated with the free end of each end portion II is a tab l5, which may be sewn, or otherwise secured, at its one end to an appropriate location on the "under face of the comfort; adjacent the opposite end of each tab is sewn or otherwise secured a fastening device l6 which is complementary to the fastening device l3, above described, in the illustrated instance a female fastening device.

The strap above-described is utilized to hold a comfort, or like article, in position on a bed. The adaptation of the strap for the purpose intended is clearly shown in the drawing, where I! designates a bed including the head board I 8 and a I foot board ll, these members may be connected to one another by the usual side boards 20. On the inner face of theside boards 20 may be ledges 2| which serve to support the usual slats 22 that bridge the space between the Sideboards. 'The slats 22 support the box spring 23, and on top of the box spring is placed the mattress 24. The component parts of the bed proper may be of any approved arrangement, since my invention is similarly applicable.

A completed bed, that is, when made", has the usual sheets 25 covered with a spread and/or comfort 2!. In order that the spread or comfort 26 may be retained in position on the mattress 24, the strap l0 constituting the subject matter of the present invention is utilized. Preferably two such straps It, with appurtenant tabs ii, are employed, such straps being arranged transversely of the bed, and in spaced relation, preferably symmetrically with respect to the length of the bed. More than two such straps may be utilized,- if desired; but one may be used if preferred.

it will benoted that the straps Ill lie upon the box spring 22 and under the mattress 24, the free end of each end portion l2 extending upward along the side wall of the mattress 24. The tabs I I being attached at one end to the under surface of the spread or comfort 28 are positioned so that the fastening devices it are readily brought into operative relation to the co-operating fastening devices I! on thetend portions of the straps I 0. The securement of the fastening devices it and it into operative relation to each other effects a distention of the elastic webbing H. The tension of each elastic webbing is preferably sufllcient to stretch the spread or comfort 26 upon the top of the mattress, and to resist any force incident to the use of the. bed, inclusive when occupied, tending to displace the spread or comfort.

With my invention, the entire top of the mattress is free and untrammeled, and the top of the made" bed when unoccupied has a smooth, even appearance. Also, the straps II! when the bed is occupied retain the/ spread or comfort 26 in position without inconvenience to the occupant. Further, the device may be readily manipulated when the occupant is in bed.

The strap l0 may be made in various lengths to conform to different sizes of beds, couches and the like, and to different thicknesses of mattresses employed therewith. Or the strap I0 may be made adjustable as to length, and in the drawing I have shown sucha construction Referring to the drawing the strap I0 is shown in two parts, the end-.21 of one part being attached to one bar of a member 28. The other part of the strap ll passes through a member 29, thence around the other bar of the member 28, and its end is attached to the member 29. By sliding the member 29 along the strap Iii, the effective length of such strap may be varied at will.

Referring to Fig. 5, I have shown therein a modification of my invention. In such modification the strap 30 may be made in one length, or in two lengths, as is the strap Ill. Such strap 30 however is practically inextensible throughout its entire length, and is of a length preferably shorter than the width of the mattress 25. At each end of the strap 30 is provided a fastening device 2| similar to the fastening device on the strap ll.

Associated with the strap 30, and at each end thereofisatabfl. Thistabisadaptedtobo securedto the under surfaceof acomfort 20, or

similarbedcoverinmandisprovidedwithafastening device "for cooperation with the fasteningdevicellonthestrap II. 5

The tab II is preferably made of fabric, and tubular. Also such tab is made of practically inextensible material, and has secured within itself, as by stitching a length of elastic web 38. The length of the elastic web 22 is shorter 10 than the length of the tab 29, between the linm of stitching 21, and therefore the material of tab" in Fig. 1, the strap ll placed under themattress 25, and the fastening devices II and 20 It brought into association with each other, the comfort 2 will be held in position. The position of the tabs as on the comfort at, and the length of strap 30 are so related as to have the comfort 26 held resiliently in position by virtue of the 25 elastic web 22.

Various other forms'of my invention will read- 11? sug est themselves to those skilled in the art, and therefore, I may vary the size, shape, and arrangement of parts comprising my improved so device within relatively wide limits without departing from the spirit of the invenflon.

I claim:

1. Means for securing a comfort in a position on a mattress comprising a strap arranged to extend under the mattress and to have its free ends extend upwardly alongside opposite sides of the mattress, fastening means on the free ends of the straps and fastening means secured to the under face of the comfort cooperating with the 40 fastening means of the free ends of the strap, whereby the comfort is retained in position on the. mattress.

2. Means for securing a comfort in position on a mattress, comprising a strap arranged to extend under the mattress, said strap having an extensible free end, said free end to extend upwardly alongside a side of the mattress, fastening means on the ends of the strap, complementary fastening means on-the under face of the so comfort, said fastening means when in,cooperative relation serving to hold the extensible end of the strap under tension, whereby the comfort is yieldingly retained in position in the mattress.

3. Means for securing a comfort in position on a mattress, comprising a plurality of straps spaced along the length of the mattress, and extending transversely thereof and under the mattress, said straps having extensible ends, said'oo ends extending upwardly alongside opposite sides of the mattress, fastening means on each end of each strap, complementary fastening means on'the under face of the comfort to be retained in position, said fastening means coas operating to removably attach the ends of the strap to the under face of the comfort, said fastening means when in cooperating relation placing the extensible ends of the straps under tension, whereby the comfort is resiliently re- 10 mattress.

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